Europa Universalis

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A medieval wargame played on your computer. It is very popular and several titles have spun off from it. Original has a Grand Campaign starting in 1483. Preceded by Crusader Kings, followed by Victoria and then Hearts of Iron. Build armies, trade, massacre natives, kill peasants, become Emperor. There's even space marines!(Look up Prussian Space Marines.)

Europa Universalis 4 is the latest game of the series. Earliest possible start is in 1444 and the game ends in 1821 (or if you get conquered, try to avoid that). There are many historical start options but the most popular one is of course, "Rise of the Ottomans" (Rise of Kebab). Where you can start as Ottomans and try to conquer Europe, Middle East and North Africa. It is also the strongest nation in the game, officially declared by Paradox as a tip on loading screen bitch no that's Ming as of 1.30, it's Austria. Or you can start as Austria, with whom you spam Personal Unions (making another nation your bitch through diplomatic marriage) and try to unify the Holy Roman Empire. Or you can start as Prussia, where you try to stay low, hope for best that Mama Austria does not realize that you are trying to steal her Reich. Later seize the moment and with the legitimacy of annexed German city-states, establish Germany. You can be Poland and with your mighty bitch Lithuania, try to expand into Eastern Europe or crusade onto Kebab, or be Tengriist Poland separated from Oirat and trample the entire fucking planet. You can be Russia and build a Eurasian Empire straight from Putin's most fervent wet dreams, drowning any enemy in hordes of musket armed peasants as you go. You can be Portugal or Castile who establish the largest overseas colonies. You can be France, after reconquering France cores and have fun with that sweet +%20 morale. Or be England, establish a trade Empire. Be Burgundy because fuck Austria, England and France at the same time.

Every uncultured plebeian can learn a lot of history from this game if they read the writings on the screen while playing. For those that want the most extensive history lesson, AGCEEP Mod for EU2 or DAO (Devlet-Ül-Ali Osmaniyye) "Grand Ottoman Empire" is chock full of history events.

Or be Ulm, because Ulm has the biggest advantage. Now there are lots of achievments to achieve, and they are fun. It is one of the aspects that makes EU4 not boring over time because simple, there is so much to do. I mean you have to conquer all of the world with a tiny Japanese island to get an achievement, which I think is impossible (at least in current patch). Even with mighty Kebab, it is not certain. Anyway Ulm is the greatest even though it is a tiny one province, free-city. You know why? Because aim of the game is to write your country's name biggest on the world map. And Ulm is only 3 letters long therefore Ulm has the greatest font size. Whose name is greater do you think if France or Ulm were to conquer Europe, ofc Ulm.

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