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Death is a cycle, and when people are too toxic, it's these guys job to remove them from it. The Euthanatos mages have what they do in their name: they believe heavily in reincarnation, that life is a big cycle that people jump on and off of all the time. When someone or something dark or evil is around, then they begin to poison and despoil the people around them. And thus, they Euthanatos dispatch them. They're masters of life and death, with their recruits coming from people close to death such as medical professionals or priests.

The first Euthanatoic faction was the Chakravanti from India. The word Chakravanti means "People of the Wheel", as in the cyclic Wheel of Ages fueled by Dynamicism, Stasis, and Entropy. The Chakravanti then adopted like-minded mages from around the world under their banner, and this collective adopted the name Euthanatos, meaning "Good Death". The Chakravanti remain the largest single faction of Euthanatoi.

The Idran faction of Chakravanti mages formed the Tal'mahe'Ra alliance with Enochian vampires, and a subset of those Idran used their necromantic magick to transform themselves into the Nagaraja vampires.

Whereas Euthanatoi are moderates who view death in moderation as a necessity for a healthy Wheel of Ages, their extremist analogues are the Nephandi.

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