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WRYYYY (don’t worry, she liked it) NO THE FUCK SHE DIDN’T!

"Fear me, for I am your apocalypse"

– Eversor Temple Mondus Executus

"I am no man, I am dynamite."

– Friedrich Nietzsche


– Doomguy

Eversors (Latin: "destroyer". Truth in advertising, oh yeah) are one of the varieties of assassin utilised by the Officio Assassinorum in the Warhammer 40k universe. They are psychotic nutters implanted with extensive cybernetics and drugged up to the eyeballs on military grade bath salts then put to cold sleep, only warmed up and awake during missions, making them near-perfect killing machines. While the Eversor would theoretically be bad as an "assassin" with his nonexistent stealth skills, he compensates with his nonexistent witnesses. The official purpose of Eversors is when taking out just the high value target isn't enough and everyone around the target needs to die too, namely cults like Chaos and Genestealers where even the survival of one member can cause a revival of the cult.

On /tg/, Eversor assassins are known for their tendency to smash through walls and scream "WRYYYYY", shamelessly ripping off both the Kool-Aid man and Dio Brando, before slaughtering everything unfortunate enough to be in the room. Think "Chelios" from the Crank Films + Unlimited Adrenaline, this guy 360 noscopes everyone despite not having a Rifle and is pretty much batshit crazy with rage.

Oh, and the Assassinorum has one that they've been training and sending out since the Heresy, which they don't so much give a specific target but send into a region of space and let them kill until it eventually stops. Apparently, not even power armor can save you from these lunatics.

That said, they can function just fine in an Execution Force and utilize teamwork with, well, a team. There's also a Grandmaster of the Eversor Temple (who is an Eversor). So how crazy they really are until they actually start the fight is questionable. More or less. Or it's been subtly retconned to be that they use stasis because they are incapable of sleeping or coming down from their combat rush perhaps. Maybe only those with sufficient fortitude are permitted to take part in administrative and leadership duties in the Temple and oversee training. Who knows, 40k is contradictory and the Imperium is the Chaos God of contradiction.


As a short summary of the Eversor, think of your neighborhood drug-addict and/or serial killer, give him a chainsaw, a storm-bolter, neuro gauntlets, a Executioner Pistol and power armor. And just for extra insurance, strap a nuke to his back. Then inject him full of morphine, meth, and whatever else you can find into him in quantities that could kill a horse, hypnotize him to kill anyone everyone and everything he sees, and put him in stasis until you need him. That's a good idea of what an Eversor is. Any and every time an Eversor shows up it means that shit will hit the fan, in fact it will hit the fan so hard that the fan flies off its socket and decapitates the weeaboo communist that's waiting outside.

All Imperial Assassins are augmented to some degree or another, usually to increase agility and reaction times at the very least. However Eversors undergo a more rigorous regime of physical augmentation and organ implantation, representing the fact that they are intended to be one-man strike teams rather than elegant instruments of death. The processes used to make an Eversor are long and arduous, and much like Astartes they typically require the candidates to start their initiation at a young age. Though exactly how necessary that candidates be young may be up for debate, as Esad Wire made the transition ( more accurately, was forced to) from the Venenum Temple to the Eversor temple well after he was an established veteran in M32. Though it could feasibly be said that processes changed over time so that youth became necessary, or that Assassins from other Temples already have the groundwork in place to make the transition more easily.

In any case, the additional augmentations unique to the Eversor Assassins are as follows:

  • Endoskeletal Restructuring: This supposedly increases stamina and aerobic performance, allowing them to fight well past human limitations. While this sounds iffy at first glance, the skeleton does play a huge role in homeostasis both in the manufacture of blood cells (for aerobic circulation) and the distribution of calcium and other nutrients to body tissues. Meaning that a restructure of the skeleton could certainly have a big impact on stamina if performed correctly, especially if you are going to upset the body's natural chemical balance later by adding more organs and stimms.
    • Part of the limitations on human strength are that the limit is hit when the nerves tell the body the skeletal structure cannot contain the amount of force required, nor the stress the tendons take out in their attachment to the bone. When you hear about stuff like housewives lifting an overturned pickup off their child its because the amount of adrenaline and instinct has shut their bodies' natural limitations to "Oh shit this stress is going to shear my tendons right off the bone and cause massive muscle tears, permanently injuring me" off temporarily. By strengthening the skeletons and its ability to maintain the attachment of the tendons to the bone, thereby giving the muscles extreme leverage, the amount of force exerted by the body (through acceleration, deceleration/impact, lifting, other kinds of explosive motions) could be greatly upped safely. Coupling this with the drugs given to the Eversor actively disabling their not-destroying-themselves safety "off" switch, it allows the strength factor of an Eversor to compete with that of the metahumans of the setting, despite a more compact frame.
      • TL;DR humans are so superior that our own bodies cannot contain our incredible strength.
  • Muscular Hypertrophy: Increasing muscle mass through stimulation of tissues. Whether this is done electrically, chemically (steroids), or simply by training a lot, Eversor assassins will have more muscle tissue than normal, creating a corresponding increase in strength.
  • Secondary Heart: much like Astartes, Eversors have two hearts, meaning they can really push themselves beyond human limits of endurance and adds to their survivability if they happen to lose one to trauma.
  • Lobo Chips & Cortex Upgrades brain implants that alter an Eversor's state of mind, elevating hatred of the enemy to magnificent states of unadulterated rage and determination, meaning that if you are the target of an Eversor then they will spend every thinking moment of their existence hunting you down and killing you dead. The cortex upgrades also allow the Eversor to manage their metabolisms themselves.
  • Adrenal Ducts: Naturally, Eversor assassins have more adrenal glands than the average person, meaning their fight or flight response is increased, so their reaction times are much improved. Adrenaline also improves higher brain functions; while in universe this allows them to perform complex mental tasks in short timespans, realistically adrenaline does improve long term memory and recall so this is certainly feasible if they have all the information they require hypnotically implanted beforehand (which they do) or if the Lobo Chips and Cortex Upgrades alter how adrenaline affects their minds.
  • Counter Glands: several of the other upgrades, plus the cocktail of stimms that the Eversor imbibes combine to create fatal or debilitating side effects, and need to be managed. Therefore Eversors are implanted with detox glands simply to maintain their own physiology without crashing.
  • Terminus Gland: Last but not least, this insane cocktail of drugs masquerading as a living being is implanted with a specialized organ. At the moment the body suffers terminal damage, the gland releases a new drug into the Eversor's body that renders the blood both acidic and combustible, meaning the Eversor explodes when you kill it. So even if you do gain the upper hand and kill it, an Eversor has the last laugh. A jittery, overly loud and creepy as fuck laugh.

This is all on top of the additional combat stimms that flood the Eversor's body whenever they need from their auto-injectors as part of their standard wargear. Allowing them to rapidly coagulate wounds, increase their metabolisms, super-caffeinate their brains to remove fatigue or simply add in some Berserker-Slaught to give them one aggressive push. The sheer amount of drugs going through their system during a hunt is sometimes enough to give a contact high for anyone lucky / unlucky enough to survive physical contact with an Eversor.

Put together means that Eversors constantly live in a state of metabolic agitation and Rage, meaning that the only way to safely transport them without their bodies breaking down or them deciding that they need to murder everybody is to keep them in suspended animation until you actually require their services. Meaning their lives are spent in short bursts of pure carnage when they aren't sleeping between missions.

Implants and drugs combined, this empirically makes the Eversor the most 40K thing in 40K, closely followed by the skull-faced patron saint of always being angry, Chaplain Lemartes. It is a superhuman zealot barely held together with drugs, fueled by rage, wearing a skull helmet, and it fucking explodes when you kill it. We FUCKING DARE YOU to think of something that better embodies all that is Warhammer 40,000.

On the Tabletop[edit]

On the tabletop, Eversor assassins began life as near-invincible monstrosities; Melta Bombs made them the only assassin that could really threaten vehicles, while their combat drugs gave them the ability to do a triple-length charge or even not die until the end of the turn regardless of damage. The Neuro-Gauntlet's original incarnation halved the entire stat line of anything it wounded, including their remaining wounds, leading to combat best summarised as "oh hello Abaddon" *splat* "hello guardsman" *splat* "hello Grot."

These days, they are of debatable usefulness. With a lucky roll, they can cause incredible damage on a charge, but because of this the enemy tends to concentrate quite heavily on shooting the screaming rage-junkies before they have a chance to kill everything. If you're in a large battle, consider using one as a distraction. If the enemy kills it before it can do its thing, they've not been shooting at your other units with several heavy-hitters; if it gets into combat, enjoy rolling the most dice for a single model you'll probably ever roll. Just remember to use it to justify its points cost - whatever it does, it's an expensive piece that probably won't see the end of the battle.

The assassins have all got rapey statlines, and the Eversor is no different:

WS8 BS8 S4 T4 W3 I7 A4 Ld10

He gets the standard Infiltrate, Fearless, Move Through Cover, No Escape (-2 to enemy Look out, sir! attempts) and Lightning Reflexes (4++ and no penalty to I for charging through terrain) all other Assassins get. His standard wargear are a Power Sword (to be used along with his Executioner Pistol for that extra attack in CC) and Melta bombs in case he encounters MC or vehicles (against monstrous creatures he may get more mileage from using his other wargear but it is an amazing knockout punch against MC).

Now what sets him apart are his unique wargear.

First, he has Furious Charge so he's S5 (and AP3 with Power Sword) on the charge. He also has Feel No Pain, meaning he is less vulnerable to small arms fire next to some of the other assassins. Which makes sense given its horde-shredding duty.

His sentinel array grants him the fast shot special rule (he can fire his Executioner Pistol 4 times), and lets him overwatch at full BS (So he hits on 2s and if he rolls 1s, re-rolls and hits on 4+). Also, he can fire his Executioner Pistol's parts in any combo, but if your Eversor is getting assaulted, you've fucked up royally. Though don't forget it if it ever happens, taking out enough of a squad to cause a failed charge is often the difference between survival and death with lone operatives.

His Frenzon allows him to charge 3D6, and grants him 3 extra attacks on the charge. So, yes. A potential 18" charge range, and 8 S5 attacks on the charge.

Next is the Bio-meltdown. If he dies, all units in D6" take a S5 hit. So even if the enemy gangs up on him in CC, he still gets the last laugh.

Next is his actual Executioner Pistol. The first part is a classic Bolt Pistol while the other is the Needle Pistol which has Poison, but sadly no AP. So he can choose between shooting some average mooks or putting a high-toughness opponent in his place.

Finally, there's his Neuro Gauntlet. A weapon which is only S:User AP-, but is Fleshbane and Shred, just in case you happened to roll a 1. Used if you're up against a horde and want to go for quantity over quality of the Power Sword, or if the enemy has a 2+ or a good invulnerable save and you want to watch them try and tank saves.

Overall the Eversor is perhaps the most versatile of the four assassins. It can mow down hordes and MEQ's without too much trouble with FC and AP3 (though he can get AP3 the Gauntlet is perhaps the better option against low armour units as quantity will probably be better than quality against Armour 6+/5+). With its four shot pistol with a mixture of poison/bolt ammunition he has reasonable ranged capabilities. Can hurt vehicles and Monstrous creatures with Melta bombs and Fleshbane attacks. While also being capable of giving 2+ save and high invulnerable save opponents reasonable trouble (there is only so many saves you can make when you are throwing out 8 attacks that will almost always hit on 3's and with each hit having virtually guaranteed wounds), with this in mind the Eversor is for just plain killing but given how badly Assault has been nerfed over the past 2 Editions, placement during Infiltration is key, otherwise a 4++ and T4 isn't going to save you. He can go down to 1 turn of boltgun fire (average of 18 boltgun shots at BS4, or 36 lasgun shots at BS3 will down him), unless of course you manage to get lucky with his invul save and Feel No Pain and tank them all. So keep him out of line of sight, and make use of that triple charge range to get stuck in. Another potion is to outflank him as there will be no danger of him getting shot down due to charging as soon as he comes on, just watch out for reserve rolls and entering from a random board edge.

Now that any Armies of the Imperium are allies with each other, this guy in a Drop Pod is just... disgusting. The 7th Edition FAQ Draft put the kibosh on Battle Brothers starting the game in allied transports. Oh well, time for you to actually get creative with deployment and infiltration rather than abusing allies. THE FAQs from GW are all marked as drafts work in progress, so most TO's are not using them yet.

8th Edition[edit]

Pts/PL M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Eversor Assassin: 95/5 7" 2+ 2+ 4 4 6 6 9 6+/4++

Yeah baby, this guy's almost 50% cheaper than he used to be! Coming with the same Lightning Reflexes ability that gives him a 4++, the Eversor's still a versatile assassin who benefits from the new 8th Edition mechanics. For starters, he can charge the turn he reveals himself from concealment (basically infiltrate/outflank by a new name), and he charges 3D6 as well thanks to his Frenzon ability. Said ability also gives him 2 extra attacks when he charges in the proceeding fight phase. Finally, that one rule you know and love is back! When he is reduced to 0 wounds he undergoes a Bio-meltdown!, where you roll a D6 for each enemy unit within 6" of him when he goes down. On a 4+, they suffer D3 mortal wounds.

For starters he has Melta Bombs (a S8 AP-4 grenade which re-rolls all failed wound rolls when targeting VEHICLES), and a Power Sword (S:User AP-3). His Executioner Pistol is a 12" S4 AP-1 D D1 Pistol 4 that re-rolls all failed wound rolls against INFANTRY. Did I mention he re-rolls all failed hit rolls when he fires Overwatch? I mean that's interesting but if your Eversor's getting charged instead of charging you've royally fucked up. His Neuro Gauntlet is also amazing, being a S+1 AP-1 D D1 Melee weapon which straight up re-rolls all failed wounds.

As with all assassins, he got cheaper while basically staying the same as last edition.

With the March 2019 White Dwarf, he's got some new tricks available to him thanks to the Officio Assassinorum mini-dex. First, he can now make an extra attack for every model that he kills in Close Combat (naturally, these exploding attacks can't themselves generate new attacks). Next, he can now consolidate 6" instead of the usual 3", making him able to force a close enemy unit to fall back and prevent them from shooting! The mini-dex also gave him some unique stratagems to use; he can pay 1CP to shrug any non-mortal wound on a 4+ for a phase, or pay 1CP to fight again at the end of the fight phase with a 50/50 chance of taking a mortal wound afterward (and that's why the first stratagem doesn't let you shrug mortal wounds).

The Eversor's dynamic entry[edit]

Dynamic entry in action.

1. Scream: Oh yeah! While destroying point of entry.
2. Commence Pelvic thrust
3. Wryyyyyy...
4. Kill...KIIIIIILLLLL!!!!!!
5. ?????
6. Profit!

N.B: If nearby when said events are happening, say your prayers tough guy, as your skull be beaten with your own ass and pierced by the heavens.

Small Book.pngThe following article is a /tg/ related story or fanfic. Should you continue, expect to find tl;dr and an occasional amount of awesome.

Kýrie Eléison[edit]

Chapter One

Sick. The Officio Assassinorum drone always felt sick whenever he entered ‘the hive’. A long catwalk suspended in the middle of a cavernous hexagonal hall, the putrid green glow of endless status monitors and stasis tubes radiated an aura of death and decay. Not so unfitting for the legendary storage vaults of the Eversor Temple.

Despite his many trips to the hive, Nicolas Gilbo could never suppress the shiver in his spine that always snuck up on him when he least expected it. Shaking off his unease, he moved slowly to monitor station #4432 to finish the rites of rearming and release. He stared up into the face of death, suspended in a foetal position within its fluid tomb. The irony was not lost on him. A skeletal, barely human husk gazed vacantly back at him, its augmentics continually twitching despite being comatose. Out of curiosity, he flipped through this unit’s combat history. Unit service life three years. Number of sorties, two hundred and sixty. Estimated enemy casualties inflicted, eight thousand five hundred and twelve, half of those from a planetary governor’s dirigible brought down in the center of Falchion hive.

Biological age, twelve standard years.

But it was the list of wounds sustained in action that horrified him the most.

T3-T9 thoracic vertebrae shattered from an Ork Warboss, left arm amputated after close combat with World Eater Champion, fifty seven separate stubber and lasgun wounds. Three cardiac arrests and automated restarts, and it didn’t stop there. By the Emperor, what did it take to kill one of these things? With great trepidation, Gilbo keyed through the unit’s start up routine and assigned unit #4432 its next mission, to the planet of Kronos.

“What kind of dreams does a monster like you have?” Gilbo wondered.

Continued in Core of Brutality


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