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"Speed kills. You can't teach speed. Everything else in the game can be taught, but speed is a gift from God."

– Al Davis

The Evil Sunz are a simple clan. They have one color they love; Red. And they have two things they like more than anything else in the world; speed, and noise. And they will happily drown the galaxy in motor oil, dakka, and tire treads as they tear ass through the galaxy with engines roaring and guns blazing.

Overview and Traditions[edit]

A good way to think about the Evil Sunz is this: Not all Speed Freekz are Evil Sunz, but most if not all Evil Sunz are Speed Freekz. They are obsessed with going fast, causing loud noises, shooting things into gore and smoke, and plowing headlong into any and all combat that they find themselves in, and they usually find themselves getting into combat at a ludicrous speed. Even when they aren't careening at a land raider with full intentions of blowing it up, Evil Sunz are Orks that are on a perma-high of caffiene and cocaine; never staying still, and always getting into some scrapes to let off their excess energy, and the unlucky few who can't afford a bike sprint as fast as their legs can carry them to get the teef to get them on a bike. They are always on the move, and always finding their way into a new form of violence as fast as possible.

Naturally, Evil Sunz are among the most mechanically minded of all Ork-kind, with some of the more inspired Mek Boys in the Greenskin hordes happily working away on making their comrade's vehicles in tip-top shape, and are ever improving their trukks, bikes, and buggies with ever bigger engines, ever louder mufflers, and ever more impressive guns. And that work doesn't go to waste, as most if not all are natural pilots (for Orks, anyway), and are a match for any Imperial Guards driver or Imperial Navy pilot, even if the reason the Sunz do so well is that they've grown beyond such weak Humie concepts as "Self Preservation". Seriously, most Evil Sun drivers and pilots are only a twitch or a wrong move away from becoming part of a fireball careening towards a target, and that's exactly how they like it.

While like any Ork, they coat themselves in a color they believe important to them, they live for the color red. Initially coming from an ancient Ork ritual to coat their hides and gear in blood, the Evil Sunz have evolved to see the bright crimson reds of paint as most desireable, and whole manufacturing depots in the Imperium have fallen victim to their raids for a material that, even for Orks, is hard to come by, since practically every vehicle an Ork puts together inevitably ends up splashed with red paint to make it go faster, and the Evil Sunz use the most red out of all of them. Some of the older orks will use blood, but they're a minority; it's all about the red paint, to the point that "Da Red Un's Go Fasta!" is the warcry of the Evil Sunz.

As for battle, the Evil Sunz are a simple clan with simple tactics: They barrel forward at the highest speed they can, open fire while never once stopping, leave a smoking crater where a fortification/town/hive once stood, and then keep going. If the target happens to be tougher than taking the entire combined gunfire of Fury Road, then they just drive off, turn around, and then blow that shit up so hard they regret not becoming a smoking crater the first time.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Mobility, Mobility, and yet more Mobility. If 75% of your army isn't in a trukk, a buggie, one of the hotrods, or on a bike, you've already completely fucked up your army list. Pretty much every single thing the Evil Sunz get gives them at minimum an extra inch of movement, or a +1 to charge rolls. Their Clan Kultur also gives them the sweet ability to ignore the assault rule, so go on ahead! Make that War trike go faster than an Eldar jetbike! Nobody is gonna stop you unless they blow up half your forces before they get the chance to move!

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