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Another of Gamemaster Shas'o R'myr's campaigns in the Tiji Sector, Excelsus: A Midsummer Knight's Dream is a Dark Heresy game that succeeds Exelion - and by extension, Squat Crusade and Deffwotch. Following a fireteam of the Shattered Suns mercenary guild from the hive world of Nemi as they tackle the job of a hundred lifetimes hunting down an ancient archeotech cache, it's packed with R'myr's trademark madness, comedy, and firefights.


The Fireteam[edit]

  • Lucius Mojaro, Agri World Guardsman: melee specialist/ heavy weapons guy. Spends his downtime with his wife.
  • Bekowski, Mind-Cleansed Guardsman: grenadier/ educated guy, and the group's only conventional adherent of the Imperial Creed.
  • Ophilia, Underhive Assassin: scout sniper/ stealth specialist, with an unhealthy fondness for violence. Likes to collect trophies and other interior decor.
  • Triarius Alistair Vathrek, Venator Crimson Guardsman: tech support/ archeotech gunner. Spends his time doing Techpriest things with Techpriest stuff.
  • Wolfhound, Volg Hive Guardsman: heavy weapons guy/ power armoured meat shield quit with the beginning of another semester of school
  • Meghaera, porter slavesquire: a quiet little girl who carries around Ophilia's golfbag full of rifles, since the stunted Assassin is physically weaker than a child.

War of Kings[edit]

A 3-episode epilogue to A Midsummer Knight's Dream, entitled Excelsus: War of Kings, follows the party as they are called upon by a Crusade in the Emperor's name to cleanse Chaos from the quarantined world of Euclisine.


This rediscovered Knight World, a swampy moon orbiting a gas giant, serves as House Excelsus' base of operations. The nobles live their daily lives of paperwork, firing practice, and the consumption of genuine food from their base in Adtonitus Compound on the planet's surface. Around the compound, a shantytown Bekowski poetically dubbed 'Hvergelmir' has grown as immigrants come with hopes of one day joining the House and piloting a Knight.


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