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An indirect sequel to Deffwotch, and direct sequel to Squat Crusade: The Musical, Exelion: Anarchy Reigns is an alternative morality Rogue Trader campaign GM'd by Shas'o R'myr. The players are a mixed Tau/Dark Eldar combat detachment, this time outright working for the House of Korst'la, the most powerful criminal syndicate in the Tiji Sector. The three heads of the House - Shas'o Korst'la VI, Archon Khodexus, and Techmarine Jamal - hire the Detachment to secure a legendary power source, the Atomantic Arc Reactor, before the Ordo Xenos does, so the House can sell it to them, for their own Greater Good. From the mass poisoning of an entire feral world, to a lightning bolt slave raid over the sector's capital, evil deeds and inordinately huge paychecks abound.


The Detachment[edit]

  • Zaill: Zaill Kralic, Kabalite Warrior
  • Myrthrae Wych
  • Kais: Fio'El Fal'Shia Kais, Combat Engineer
  • Spacewind: Shas'Nel Sa'Cea Vash'Ya Sha'Is, House Fireblade

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Setting: Tiji Sector