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Disclaimer!!! This is a fan effort, none of this shit is canon beyound names and color schemes

There's surprisingly more chapters than just smurfs

This page is for minor space marine chapters who's background was created by the good ol' fa/tg/uys in an effort to flesh out the lore of all these minor Space Marine chapters which exist within the lore of Warhammer 40k but don't really have more than a name and a color scheme (or in some cases, just a name).

Angels of Damnation[edit]

"Brotherhood is not forged through blood but through the adherence to loyalty. Loyalty is repaid absolute." - Cuorius Xerxes, Chaptermaster of the Angels of Damnation

Angels of Damntaion
Angels of Damnation.jpg
Battle Cry Scorned, but Remembered!
Founding M.38
Successors of Blood Angels
Chapter Master Alsiel
Homeworld Unknown, located in the Firmamentum Belt
Strength Unkown
Allegiance Imperium, Ecclesiarchy through the Sisters of Battle
Colours Black, Red, and White

Created during the years after the legions, the Angels of Damnation were meant as a supplementary chapter to the rest of the sons of Sanguinius. Whenever a chapter required more marines than any one had on hand, they would request assistance from the Angels of Damnation, who were honor bound to answer the call of war. Because of this, the chapter became fodder, often sent in to be used as a diversion, or to take the brunt of an assault. These self-destructive tendencies were ensured by the chaptermaster, an eternally Loyal former Blood Angel commander by the name of Cuorius. After many centuries, the chapter's numbers dwindled near the brink of destruction, when, leading an assault ordained by the Exsanguinators, Cuorius was slain by mutant street-fighters. The new chapter master, seeing the folly of their honor-bound ways and resentful for the callus disregard for his chapter's numbers, now refused any and all calls to action until the chapter regained its strength.

Now bitter and isolationist, they retreated to their homeworld to allow their chapter time to reorganize and rebuild, wanting to forge their own glory. They retreated to their fortresses for a century and a half, delivering their chapter from the brink of destruction. Cuorius was well liked by the old guard and new recruits alike, agreeing with his cautious ways. By the time the chapter felt comfortable venturing out on the warpath once more, the perceived abuse of the past, while not forgotten, was somewhat forgiven, chosen to focus on the blood of Sanguinius that unites them then the deeds that separate them from their brothers. The Angels of Damnation first course of action was a preemptive one, planning a planet-side assault on a recently reawaken tombworld in their home sector, hoping their brothers would come in to assure a victory. They gave off a rally signal to nearby chapters, but none answered their pleas. Lacking the numbers to complete the attack by their lonesome, and angry that their history of service went unrewarded, they abandoned their home sector to fester under the Necron domain. On the verge of destruction and nearly turning renegade, their future seemed in the hands of the ruinous powers.

Whilst adrift in the warp, a distress signal from a shrineworld in the vicinity under Sisters' control. Cuorius, wanting to prove that the chapter is not like their kin, they answered, entering into a hard fought siege against Nurgle legions, displaying heroics fitting for the Emperor's chosen. Cuorius was slew the daemon-warmaster himself, splitting him in twine with a blade relic from the battle of Hell's Hollow, routing the enemy forces who were then bombed into extinction. The planet was saved, but horrible rotten with chaos taint and battle scars. The Sororitas, taken by their rescuer's heroism, asked if they could not abandon this backwoods former home and take to the stars with the chapter, until both found a new home. Thus, the brooding chapter gained an idealistic and earnest ally, who would steer them away from the path of the renegade time and time again. Since then, the chapter and the Sisters have begun to settle in the Firmamentum Belt, where they would share the world, and an eternal bond.


Angels of Retribution[edit]

"Weakness. Weakness, in all things, is death. Weakness in physicality, weakness in tempermate, weakness in deed, it matters not. They are all failings, and they are all no better than death. No, worse, for at least there can be glory and purpose in death." - Paestos Drachmartos, Iron Lord of the Third War Clan

Angels of Retribution
Angels of Retribution.png
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding M32
Successors of Iron Hands
Chapter Master High Concil
Homeworld Comet fields of the Crios system, Segmentum Obscurus
Strength Full Strength
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Blue Steel, Red

The Angels of Retribution are an Iron Hands successor chapter, founded some time around M32, formed from members of their predecessor legion who took a more active desire to hunt down the killers of Ferrus Manus. Much like their progenitors, they have a particular despise for the weakness of flesh, replacing their bodies overtime with mechanical augmentations. All initiates, to begin with, start with bionic hands, and a Veteran's body will be almost cloaked in wires and servomotors. They have no fortress monastery, and are instead fleet-based, though their home port is the comet fields of the Crios system in the Segmentum Obscurus. They are led, once again much like the Iron Hands, by a council of five Iron Lords, as opposed to a Chapter Master. Each Iron Lord leads a War Clan of approximately 200 Marines, divided into Battle, Tactical, Support, and Scouting arms, in a slight deviation from the Codex Astartes. Another deviation is the replacement of Chaplains and Techmarines with Iron Fathers, overseeing the Chapter's spiritual health and aiding Marines in overcoming the weaknesses of the flesh.

As stated, the Angels' primary hatred is for Chaos cultists and Traitor Marines, particularly followers of Slaanesh and the Emperor's Children, who they hold responsible for the death of their primarch. Their tactics, overall, could be described as "target the enemy where he is weakest." Their preferred battle tactic is to use their space forces to survey the battlefield before precision striking troops into points of weakness. On the ground, they use rapid mechanized assaults combining armor, air power, and Assault Marines to exploit weaknesses in the enemy's line. They are also extremely proficient in boarding actions, targeting the weakest areas of the ship and sending in Marine squadrons to disable it.

Chapter colors are blued steel hands, legs, and pauldron trim, with black pauldrons to signify their allegiance to the Iron Hands. The helmet and body are painted red for the Angels' strong friendship with the Adeptus Mechanicus, formed at the battle of Nova Stygia Tyrannos, where the Angels of Retribution defended the Forge World against a Slaaneshi incursion. As such, the Chapters' crusades often receive assistance from the Mechanicus's Skitarii legions, and Explorator fleets passing through near the Crios system can depend on the Angels for protection.

Auric Patricians[edit]

"As Astarte, we are the Emperor's chosen: superior to mortal men in all regards." - Chaplain Esultar

Auric Patricians
Battle Cry Glory and splendor!
Founding Unknown
Successors of Emperor's Children though they think they're Imperial Fists
Chapter Master Mihalo
Homeworld Aurica
Strength Unknown
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Gold, black

Aurica is a world of nearly unparalleled splendor: a hive-city of impossibly tall spires of marble and gold. Beautiful beyond compare, second only to Holy Terra, claim its inhabitant. However this beauty has a price, for the underclass of Aurica is one of the most downtrodden of all the Imperium. Beneath the facade and the spires, subhuman mutants and disease-ridden humans work tirelessly in uncountable masses to allow the beautiful city of Aurica to live in luxury. It is from this decadent upper class that the Astartes Chapter of the Auric Patricians recruit, watching over the hive-world from its moon. The best and brightest sons of the Aurican Nobility are sent to the Astartes in hope of joining their rank and bringing glory to their houses. Prone to over-estimating the qualities of their sons, many send them to their death. To test the resolve of their initiates, the Astartes send them down to the horrific underhive, where violence and mutation reign.

The Auric Patricians share the arrogance of the nobles they are drawn from. They are uptight elitist who deem all non-nobles and non-Astartes as lesser, inferior beings only worthy of contempt. Likewise, they fear mutation greatly and suspect all other chapters (except maybe their Ultramarine progenitors) to be impure and tainted. Their pompousness and decadence is, likewise, only barely dulled by their transformation to battle-brother as many wield elegantly-crafted weapons or request specially-designed armor adornments which reflect their house of origin and its history. They are proud to be Astartes, it is true, but they keep their pride as Aurican Nobility as well.


Auric Patricians characters are created using the rules for Codex Successor Chapters given in the Deathwatch Honour the Chapter Rulebook with the following modifications:

+5 Weapon Skill, +5 Ballistic Skill

Chapter Demeanor: Use the Aspire to Glory Codex Demeanor from Honour the Chapter.

Primarch Curse: Use the Divine Purity Chapter Curse using the rules given for Red Scorpions.


"The Emperor did not want humanity to turn on itself! He wanted us to be merry, and give fellowship to all mankind!" - Sergeant Yadrizi Tichondris

Battle Cry Unknown
Founding M40
Successors of Unknown
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Strength 600
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Hot Pink, with Yellow Helmet and Pauldrons

The Benedictors Chapter is regarded as one of the most friendly all loving and downright personable of all Space Marines in the Imperium only being rivaled by the Salamanders. Exactly when such a behavior manifested is currently unknown to anyone, even the Benedictors themselves are unsure. Most commonly seen taking action with the Imperial Guard in taking or retaking planets, even on occasion aiding in reconstruction of warzones. Renowned for their cheer and likable attitudes, the Benedictors have a seemingly unshakable optimism or the future of humanity despite how grim things maybe.

Their view of the Emperor is a rather mild when compared to the typical Astartes view and the mainstream Ecclesiastical view. They see the Emperor as a being to be emulated and to adore. Despite their optimism and good nature, though, the chapter has had countless losses. So much so, the chapter had scraped with extinction at least two recorded times, each in defense of imperial citizens against numerically and qualitatively superior foes. Each time, however, they would rebound, with the contributions of those that they saved, or served/fought with.

One of the most famous actions of the Chapter came in 576.M41, in which Brother Agazzi was aided in the retaking of Hive World Yionis from traitorous nobles. It was where the Yionis 1st Whiteshields were holding out against rebel guard, sacrificing themselves so that the Imperial Guard forces would be unmolested. 5th Squad of the 6th Company (In which Agazzi was a part of) found themselves lost in the ruin of the hive, seperate from their compatriots, when eventually they stumbled on the Whiteshields nearly overrun. They were weary after days of repelling wave after wave of assaulter. Brother Agazzi immediately jumped into fray without hesitation, eventually turning the tide of the onslaught through sheer determination and the efforts of his men. They were eventually defeated, after what seemed like endless hours. But when the traitors entered the marine's trenches, they found they had been fighting jerry rigged bolters and other weapons for the who knows how long, fully believing that the marines were still alive. In truth, there were only corpses. This action, however, allowed enough of the Whiteshields to evacuate, regroup, and decimate the depleted rebels. Only one marine survived, brother Agazzi.

Amidst the carnage, the only thing that was relatively undamaged was the regimental standard, with only a few las bolt holes. Filled with grief but resolute in his duty Brother Agazzi took the Standard with him as the final assault on the Rebel HQ spire was underway. In the final moments Brother Agazzi would plant the Standard through the last Traitor Nobles skull killing him, finally ending the Rebellion.

The Whiteshield Standard remains to this day in the Benedictors Hall of Glory to commemorate the youths who gave their lives for the Emperor.

Brotherhood of a Thousand[edit]

"Though we die a thousand times, a thousand more will take our place" - Brother Eruraelo Centorius, fourth cousin from the chapter master.

Brotherhood of a Thousand
Battle Cry In mille saecula misericordia !
Founding 4th Founding
Successors of Unkown
Chapter Master Cestii Centorius
Homeworld Mellena
Strength 1,000 always
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Grey and Gold

The Brotherhood of a Thousand are notable for two reasons among their fellow marines: Firstly, they actually can claim to be at full strength at nearly all times. Secondly, they are a brotherhood to a greater degree than most, for all their applicants come not just from a single world, but from a single genetic line.

Founded in the earliest foundings (The Administratum actually records a chapter by their name as being made in both the 4th and 5th foundings separately, with the Brotherhood claiming the 4th founding to be correct), the Brotherhood of a Thousand was made when information on the traitor chapters was quite hard to come by. Thus someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to make a chapter that emphasized scholarly aspects, especially regarding the study of war. And so, wholly without meaning to, the tech priests managed to create a near-duplicate of the Thousand Sons legion.

At first they were quite typical for the Codex chapters made in those early days; 1000 brothers, varied companies, but with an emphasis on studying and applying atypical tactics and strategies. They served alongside the White Scars and learned the arts of cavalry warfare, and then later would fight with the Imperial Fists to learn the ways in which a Space Marine chapter could serve in a siege capacity. But the most important part of their history would come when they found themselves assaulted by a force of Chaos Marines whose deathless automata and terrible sorcery left them nearly destroyed as a chapter.

They were saved by an unlikely ally, the planet's Planetary Defense Forces, led by their imperial governor. Though they were weak and underequipped to handle the Thousand Sons, the PDF fought bravely and gave the Brotherhood just enough help to fight back their traitorous brethren. For this act of selfless devotion, the world's governor and his soldiers would be rewarded with the chapter's eternal loyalty.

This loyalty led to an exceedingly useful bit of symbiosis. The system's three worlds dedicate a substantial chunk of their production to the Chapter's industrial needs, leaving them with an armory that would be overstocked by nearly any standard. Supposedly, the entire chapter can deploy on bikes, in speeders, or be equipped entirely as specialist devastator marines if the need should arise.

The more interesting detail comes from the loyalty of the governor's line; every cadet (2nd and later son) is given a chance to join the chapter, going through their rigorous testing process. While a great many fail, each cadet who fails can have still more sons who will apply when they come of age as well. Since this practice began millennia ago, apparently as much as 97% of the chapter is now made up of uncles, cousins, brothers, and nephews of other marines. While obviously the marines themselves cannot have children, more than one battle brother has served alongside a much-renowned uncle or family member in the same squad.

And, since they have the alliance of such a well-equipped and wealthy world, the end result is that they actually have an EXCESS of applicants, to the point that the brotherhood sometimes must put a hold on having cadets apply so that they don't go over codex-approved recruitment levels. Hence the Brotherhood of a Thousand; one thousand related marines, each descended from the same heroic ancestor.

Their scholarly pursuits leave them well-trained in various combat techniques, and they try to share their knowledge with other chapters when possible; to some younger chapters, this makes them valued allies and mentors. To more independent and older chapters, it makes them smug know-it-alls who maybe should mind their own business.


"Fear the deceiver, the underhanded, for those who fall for their machinations may lose more than can be accounted." - Ruminations of a Celebrant battle-brother

Founding M.37
Successors of Unkown
Chapter Master Chaptermaster Agricius
Homeworld Ekklisia
Strength 400~
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Red and Yellow

The Celebrants are a chapter of the Adeptus Astartes that, while serving with distinction on many worlds in many campaigns, carry with them a grim curse. While it is unknown when they were truly founded their are Imperial records recording them operating as far back as mid M.37. The Celebrants are a largely codex compliant chapter, made up of 10 companies, led by a chapter master and generally following it tenants, but they are far from accepted by others and are often seen as a bad omen. This stems from the unnervingly common place phenomena that sees fields on which they have found victory being destroyed not long after their departure.

The Celebrants themselves are a raucous and joyous chapter, their Homeworld of Ekklisia was home to many Parades, religious ceremonies and other such loud and boisterous events. The people were beholden to the Astartes and there was never a shortage of willing recruits from the populace and the Celebrants were known to once have numbered upwards of 1,500 Marines. It is not certain when their strange curse first appeared, but it has hung like a dread cloak about the otherwise successful and proud Chapter ever since its appearance.

One of the most famous instances is that of the destruction of the Crimson Consuls Chapter. After replacing the Celebrants as Garrison on the Planet Phaethon IV, both companies of the Crimson Consuls were destroyed in short order by WAAAAAGH! Wuzghal. This was followed by the eventual destruction of the entire Crimson Consuls chapter. This infamous incident was the 'grain that broke the camels back' so to speak.

Other Chapters refused to work with them or in theatres of war in which they had recently been apart of, and other Imperial organisations also began to shun the chapter as more and more of its former theatres fell.

The Celebrants themselves seemed woefully ignorant of their curse, seemingly seeing no correlation between their former conquests and the fields retaken or destroyed by the enemies of man. The Chapter remained as Proud and Gregarious as ever. It was not until their own planet came under siege that things became more clear to the Celebrants.

Shortly after a recent victory, the entire Chapter was present upon Ekklisia for a parade and grand celebration of their triumphs once more. It was during this celebration the Dark Eldar struck. A massive Raider fleet descended onto the world, apparently unaware of its status as an Astartes homeworld. The war that erupted was fierce and cruel as the Celebrants fought bravely for their home and the Dark Eldar sought to take it. Luckily, with the help of the populace and their unerring resolve, the Celebrants won out, forcing the cruel Xenos back into the webway. Although over a third of the Chapter had perished they lived to fight another day.

A mere few years later they were called once more, in full force to a new battlezone, leaving their world to rebuild. They would return to ash.

Whilst away, fighting against the Tyranid menace, a Necron Tomb world awoke within their home system. Seeking to re-connect with their dynasty, the Necrons blazed a path through the system, and turned all life on Ekklisia to not but ash

Upon their return to Ekklisia the Celebrants were met with a decimated world, where no life could be found. The cold ferocity of the Necrons had left the planet airless, all their creations torn down and atomized. It was then the Celebrants finally accepted their curse. They made a vow then, to fight only where their curse could do no more harm, where they could fight the enemies of mankind without fear of also heralding its future doom. They struck out with their fleet, choosing to fight in theatres where such disasters could not happen.

They fought in the void, bringing down the fleets of hated foes far from the vulnerable worlds of man. They were deployed in wars of extermination, to destroy worlds so utterly their curse would have no effect. The did not retake worlds they destroyed them, where the Celebrants went destruction followed, but now more directly. No longer could the curse haunt them, for they would beat it to the punch.

Begrudgingly and warily they have finally deployed to an Imperial world in desperate need, as the whole chapter has been deployed to Armageddon, intent on driving the orks offworld. If they are successful, it is yet to be seen if their curse still abounds... only time will tell now.

A once Gregarious brotherhood turned sour, they will destroy all until they themselves succumb, ensuring that never again shall they bring death to so many innocent Imperial lives.

Death Knights[edit]

"Ummm ladz? Where'd da boss get dat big 'ole in his 'ead from all of a sudden?" - final words of Gaznik, Ork Nob.

Death Knights
Death Knights.jpg
Battle Cry Life is nothing but a grace period!
Founding M.38
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Chaptermaster Esekial
Homeworld Abraham Umber
Strength 800
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Green

The Death Knights are an Ultramarines descendant chapter founded late in the 38M as a crusading chapter tasked with taking back an important Imperial sector recently conquered by the Orks. Upon arrival however, they found that the Human populace were, oddly enough, content with the Orks, even fighting along side them against the Marines. It turns out this was because the sector had grown to resent the Imperium for its heavy taxation of its agriculture over the years, and the Orkish invasion provided just the catalyst they needed to declare their independence from the wider Imperium. The Chapter, made up of ex Ultramarines, realized that it now needed to abandon some of the more revered portions of the codex Astartes in favor of more subversive measures, including using spy's and assassins to dispatch the Orkish and rebel leadership

Slowly but surely, the Death Knights managed to subjugate these worlds and drive out most of the remainder of the Orks.

They struck a deal with the Inquisition that, rather than subject these worlds populace to purges, that they would allow the Death Knights to control them directly to use as both recruiting worlds and, if they were ever to rebel against the Imperium again, as "target practice" for the Chapter. So the Death Knights now control these worlds, hated by the populace, and regularly come down to kidnap potential Astartes candidates from their parents during the night, dressed in black robes and acting silently lest they cause a mob to form.

In battle, they rely on a larger than average contingent of Scout squads, most often trained as snipers and in the art of stealth, which tactics they continue to emulate upon becoming full-fledged battle brothers. Bolt-silencers are almost universal throughout the chapter, and the importance of a simple knife or club in the use of CQC so as to eject minimum amounts of ammunition is paramount to their doctrine. The chapter operates and trains it's marines under the assumption that supplies above the bare basics are a luxury, with every resource from the smallest bullet to the most mighty Titan must be used sparingly when no other option is available. This makes them excellent infiltratiors, operating deep behind enemy lines for months or even years at a time with little complaint or expectation for back-up.

After action reports from interrogated traitors often include disbelief at the armored giants abilities to sneak up and slit the throats of numerous high ranking officers and causing total disorientation before any actual shots are fired. While this may be somewhat of an exaggeration, their exploits while fighting alongside regiments of the Catachan Jungle Fighters has earned them a surprising amount of respect among the guards ranks, some would even say there's a friendly rivalry.between the two.


"There is nothing greater than to cleanse with an righteous fury of lead" - Chaplin Ulantaar, 2nd company

Battle Cry Destruction unending!
Founding 2nd Founding
Successors of White Scars
Chapter Master Ganbaatar
Homeworld Unkown
Strength Unknown
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Yellow, Black

The Destroyers are a successor of the White Scars, created in the 2nd Founding. Though this would normally give a chapter a measure of seniority-granted immunity from suspicion, the Destroyers are no normal chapter - in operational matters and in their manner. This, combined with the instability of their geneseed, makes them pariahs.

With their early inception, they can trace their heritage to the time when Jaghatai Khan hunted across the stars, born in the unstable wake of the Heresy. In those harsh days, they chose to match brutality to brutality. With their homeworld in a backwater system, they went largely neglected for their early years. Legend has it, however, that cunning deals with the rouge traders were struck, landing a large arsenal of failing or obsolete weaponry right in their laps.

Through unknown means in the years after the battle of Yuiea X, the chapter has come by a massive cache of supposedly destroyed munitions deemed "too destructive and cruel for battlefield use" by the Administratum. These include Phosphex flamers, Rad-weapons, and various chemical weapons. Along with these, the chapter was gifted several suits of Centurion armor, one of these is the personal pride of Chaptermaster Ganbaatar, being the most functional of them all. To make the best use of these options, Tactical and Devastator squads are effectively one entity within the Battle Companies - a mix of younger Astartes fresh from training, and hardened veterans tasked with guiding them.

Put simply, the Destroyers are unfettered on the battlefield. They fight using unmatched savagery, repeatedly pounding heavy firepower against the foe until they or the enemy break. Often, these ignore any collateral damage caused as a result. Despite a sizable amount of victories accredited to the chapter, their ferocity and rouge tendencies raised suspicion on the purity of their genestock.


"As you can see here, I deal in only the finest specimens this side of Ultima Segmentum. We've taken great care in implanting these fine servants of the Emperor with extensive modifications, each body thrice anointed as we gifted these lowely creatures the Machine God's many blessings. Now gentlemen, shall the bidding begin?" - Brother Arbalest of the Dictators, addressing the Techlords of Sekar Prime before a servitor auction.

Battle Cry No mercy for the weak!
Founding 8th Founding
Successors of Iron Hands
Chapter Master Cestii Centorius
Homeworld Karons Rest
Strength 1,000 with Serviator thralls
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Black, with Red helm and Pauldrons, and Gold trim

The Dictators are a despicable chapter, formed as descendants of the Iron Hands. The Dictators are infamous for taking the Iron Hands conviction of "Flesh is weak", to its absolute extreme, forcing their bodily modifications on the innocent populace of the many planets they come across. Whole worlds populations are converted into veritable legions of servitors and servo skulls, to either serve the Dictators for the remainder of their days, or auctioned off to the many Forge Worlds, the Dictators providing these worlds protection in exchange for recruits and supplies. Needless to say they aren't liked very much by the Guard or the more honorable Marine chapters, however they have good relations with some of the more Puritan members of the Mechinicus due to both their devotion to the Ommnisiah (some would say to the point of placing it above the Emperor), and because they provide them with millions of newely minted servitors as cheap labor after each conquest.

As expected, they're well within the Mechicums good graces to have plenty of Tech Marines within the Chapter. They recruit from Mechanicus Forge worlds that they visit to resupply and sell off their servitor "stock" to unscrupulous Magos'. Some would say they're a little too comfy with the Mechanicus, and much anger has been directed their way by more honorable chapters such as the Salamanders and Space Wolves for their profiteering and the "slave trade" they help perpetuate of unwilling converts to Serivtorhood.

The Dictators themselves hold little more than disdain for un-augmented humans, seeing them as cattle whose weakness only stand to be improved via the blessed act of augmentation. This attitude even extends to their fellow Marines, though they feebly attempt to be more subtle about it. Getting the Dictators to defend non-Mechanicus worlds is a great task that the Dictators themselves only do with great resentment. Indeed, they've been known to go halfway across the Galaxy to defend a forge world rather than defend an Agri-world just 2 sectors away...unless they have room in the shop for more "goods".

While they do have a homeworld of sorts, they rarely return to it and are in essence a fleet based chapter, operating in more wild regions of the Galaxy. seeking to crush worlds that rebel against the Imperium in order to bring them back into the fold, this time with no possibility of rebellion. The people of their homeworld of Karons Rest live their lives in fear that they next will be taken, but believe that if they work hard enough that they, somehow, might be spared from the wrath of their unforgiving masters once they come again. The Dictator marines themselves hold absolute authority and control over the populace, their word is law. Despite all this, the populace love the Dictators, seeing them as their guardians who thousands of years past freed them from the clutches of Chaos. Any price, be it their infant sons or their spouse, is seen by them as being insufficient enough to repay the marines for their protection. The Dictators, of course, are more than happy with this arrangement.

Doom Warriors[edit]

"Rend and Eviscerate"

Refusal to have anything to do with the Warp.

They view the GK and Exorcist methods of deamon removals as;

Grey Knight? Lets put a bunch of psykers in a deamon heavy environment. I'm sure that's never going to backfire. Oh look they're sacrificing battle sisters in blood rituals, keeping deamons in boxes in their super secret fort to talk to, hoarding dubious artifacts, exterminating loyalist populations and one of them has a sword with a deamon in it. You know there was an all psyker legion back in the olden days as well and they did exactly this sort of thing. Those fuckers aren't in danger of falling, they've already fallen and everyone is in denial about it.

Which is only slightly more stupid than treating warp-griblies like a small pox vaccine. Yes I am looking at you Exorcist. And buy a note book or something so you don't have o write on you hands, armour and head.

These guys go full Sisters of Battle/Doomguy method of deamon slaying.

Unbendable faith, basic but sturdily made and well maintained gear and a Big Fucking Gun. Psykers on the battlefield? Nope. Sure the psychics have a place in the Imperium. High stress situations are not that place because the fuckers aren't all that psychologically stable at the best of times. Any brother that develops psychic powers goes on permanent loan to the Deathwatch.

No Librarians. Shit loads of Chaplains.

Unholy tomes get stored in cells at the bottom of deep pits. The cell is lined with lead and can be flooded with burning phosphorous if it looks like shit is going bad. The book is chained to it's shelf. You will wear the protective apron, gloves and adapted welders mask. You will be accompanied by a chaplain or veteran battle-priest.

Any deamonic artifacts are thrown into the nearest blackhole or neutron star. They will be stored for transport to such disposal grounds in vats of holy water and oil. They will be guarded by a chaplain or veteran battle-priest during transit.

Favoured allies: anyone in good standing with the Ecclesiarchy.

Favoured enemy: Chaos Cultist, Chaos Marines, Deamons, Chaos worshiping xenos, Radical Inquisitors and corrupt members of the Ecclesiarchy because fuck apostates.

Favoured strategy: Point them in the direction of the thing and the thing gets violently banished to the Warp where it will spend at least a century popping its eyes back in and it's balls back out.

Battle Cry: Whatever hymn the captain likes best.

Homeworld: Fleet based and diffused because Chaos is everywhere and the Crusade isn't over yet and fuck you all for saying it is.

Numbers: Fuck knows. Everyone is spread out to fuck and back. Could be anywhere from 500 to 2,000+. Always on recruitment drive. Always dying. Crusade is in full burn all the time, anything else is negligence and complacency. High turnover rate. Plenty of raw recruits but few over 300.

Rivalries: Ain't got no time for petty bickering or old feuds whilst Chaos still lives. (Less rivalry, but competition with gk and e)

Gene-seed: White Scars. No mutations because purity of faith has shielded their genes from the corruption of Chaos.

Even better.

Evil never sleeps. It just gets it's head stomped flat because neither do these guys.

Early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese and these are the mad bastards who spent all night setting up the mouse traps.

Has this done anything good for their attitude toward life, the universe and society? Of course not. Human brains need to sleep. Even augmented astartes brains need to sleep occasionally. These dudes don't. They meditate and very, very rarely go into a suspended animation state for a few days every six months or so for medicinal reasons. Rest of the time they fight and run and pray and train and study and fight and run and train and meditate and fight and THE WILD RIDE NEVER ENDS MR BONES AND NEITHER DOES THE CRUSADE!

Is this a curse? Hell no. If they are awake then they are crusading, and they are always awake. They are Angels of Fucking Your Shit Up and as such are beyond mortal concerns of mere rest.

Also they don't appreciate people telling them to slow down. Keep up or get off the ride because the Crusade Train has no brakes.

they have a fucked up Catalepsean Node, so they never sleep.

Dragon Lords[edit]

"The dragon has returned on wings of fire!" - The Chapter announcing its return to the Imperium

Dragon Lords
Battle Cry Hear the Dragon's Roar!
Founding Unknown
Successors of Salamanders
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Unknown, previously Erwynn's World
Strength Unknown
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Green, White

The Dragon Lords are a chapter of Salamanders successors of which little is actually known. They disappeared in the Drachenritter sector in M35 and returned to the Imperium in M40. What hapenned in those 5000 years or why they disappeared are not known. Combined with their heavy use of vicious, reptilian xeno in battle has caused the Inquisition to be quite suspicious of them. The Imperium is currently compiling all the data they can on this chapter before deciding on the final verdict. In terms of genetics and organization, the Dragon Lords are mostly identical to their Salamanders ancestors with the exception of the monstrous xeno they bring into battle:

Stardrakon: Massive reptiles with thick scales and great wings, Stardrakons are capable of somehow surviving in the void - allowing them to fly through space. Their slab-like muscles and ridiculously sharp claws make them well-suited for attacking small voidcraft.

Kraggoth: Great serpents with scorching fire-breath and mighty jaws, ridden by Veterans into battle.

Cold Ones: Mighty land-borne reptilian creatures capable of going head-to-head to Dreadnoughts, Cold Ones are a force to be reckoned with.


Dragon Lords characters are created using the rules for Salamanders given in the Deathwatch First Founding Rulebook with the following modifications:

Bonus Talent: Skill Proficiency (Wrangling), Rival (Inquisition)

Emperor's Spears[edit]

[muffled SCUBA noises]

Emperor's Spears
Emperor's Spears Muhreen.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding Unknown
Successors of Unknown
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Unknown; likely wet
Strength Unknown
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Light Blue and White

t;;dr Seafairing marines who make use of sub-nautical tactics


"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life." -Tripod Dardiolai, 2nd company

Gorgons (formerly Inductors)
Battle Cry "Per Aspera Ad Astra" ("through hardships to the stars")
Founding M38
Successors of Unknown
Chapter Master Getas Bronzefists
Homeworld Hemeosotanais, in the Laanath Rifts
Strength 900
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Green, with a black helm

The Gorgons were a chapter born in the earlier years of M38, known then as the Inductors. Being a very young chapter by the time they joined the Bellrath Crusade, without having even a proper homeworld, they committed all their forces to the campaign. They fought hard in the 300 year crusade, moving from battlefield to battlefield combating the feral tribes and insulate human empires. More abhorrent of all these though, was the Hellgramite xenos, for at least traitors were ignorant humans. The campaign had turned into a grinding slog, with the Inductors losing many a marine to their occult-infused archeotech weaponry and giant metal beasts that tore through Rhinos as if they were parchment. To this day, it is not uncommon to find battle-brothers bearing the scar's of the xeno's Aetheric Fire. The young, inexperienced chapter had a very difficult time keeping pace with their fellow marines, learning from their example. The Sons of Medusa were particularly influential on the Inductors' identity, adopting many of their battle strategies and culture, leading to the change in name. Song's of the Sons of Medusa's siege on Wormgyre are still sung in the halls of the now Gorgons' fortress monestaries.

The throneworld of Wormgyre was conquered, the Hellgrammite dispersed, the crusade concluded, and the Gorgons were without purpose, something they had not known since their inception. They were granted a world in the recently conquered Laanath Rifts, named Hemeosotanais. Remembering their scars, they vowed to protect all those humans separated during the age of strife, and bring them under Imperium fold; To journey out were the Imperium dare not go, to induct new peoples, and teach the Imperial creed to all who needed to hear its edicts. Using the skills they learned during the crusade, they have since then inducted hundreds of worlds, raising up many civilizations, and aiding several colonies that would have been doomed otherwise. Everywhere they went, they fought primitive chaos cults and the chaos daemons that would often infest these simple worlds. All the while, they rooted out what remaining Hellgrammite they could find, exterminating them with extreme viciousness. They function as a standard chapter, but with an abundance of chaplains to maintain moral in the thinly dispersed forces, and spread the Imperial Creed to its new citizens. They maintain a noteworthy naval force, and dedicated Astartes assigned to each vessel, acting with autonomy from the rest of the chapter during their mission.

Their Chapter Master Getas Bronzefists gained immortal fame for the his deeds in the Vento system. There existed a tribal empire ruling over two systems and several planets despite their technological disadvantages, with chaos worship in Tzeentch Master of Plots binding them together. They were set to commit mass sacrifice and summon a foul portal to the unholy warp by the time the Gorgons reached their sector in space. They fought, world to world, slaughtering their psykers and gathering those liberated and dominated to swerve along side the marines, brandishing naught but bronze weapons. By the time they reached the throneworld, the Gorgons had amassed quite a war-party, who were convinced that the marines were warrior-gods. A long seige was fought, as daemons came pouring out of a warpgate. As the battle raged to their final fortress, chaptermaster Getas saw a direct path up the zigorat to the mutant emperor. Getas struck down enemy after enemy, charging forward with the fury of a regiment of men, but was wounded in his arm, dropping his bolter, lost to pandemonium of battle. Not faltering for a moment, he picked up a bronze spear of the enemy and continued the slaughter. When one broke, another was picked up. When there were no more spears for him to wield, he continued with his fists until he was face to face with the false emperor. They dueled for hours, until all that was left of the traitor was a pink pulp. He received a bronze set of gauntlets to replace his damaged ones from the humans we liberated and a bronze helmet with the likeness of his bearded face. To this day, they revere Getas second to the Emperor in the Vento system.

+5 Weapon Skill, +5 Ballistic Skill. Bonus Talent: Scourge the Heretic. May start out with The Flesh is Weak for 200 XP.  

Guardians of Celeres[edit]

"The Emperor's vengeance is swift and merciless. Strike at their hearts, brothers!" - Chapter Master Sellic, while performing a raid within the Realm of Celeres.

Guardians of Celeres
Guardians of Celeres.jpg
Battle Cry For the Home we Guard, Our Lives are Forfeit!
Founding M33
Successors of Unknown
Chapter Master Acroteleutium Sellic
Homeworld Celeres
Strength 300-500
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Green, White Pauldrons

The Guardians of Celeres have their origins when a small, under-manned young chapter escorted an Imperial colonizing effort in the Segmentum Tempestus in M34. Then called the Green Blades, the chapter helped with the foundation of the settlement which would one day become the great city of Celeres. Once it was secured, the chapter left...only to find itself called back soon after as Orks were overrunning the settlements. Heavy casualties were taken but ultimately the orks were held back. On the brink of extinction, the chapter opted to settle down in Celeres and recruit from the colonists. In time, most marines eventually came from Celeres and the chapter eventually renamed itself based on the moniker given by the citizen: the Guardians of Celeres.

The Guardians are not codex-compliant. They specialize in rapid-deployment and swift surgical strikes within their domain, the Realm of Celeres. The Realm is an alliance of semi-independent planets and systems in close proximity, ruled by a Senate on Celeres. It is rare for them to deploy more than a few squads outside of large war-zones. In general they face the constant threat of alien raids which they need to respond quickly to. Larger deployments are usually done with 'Numerus Auxillia', human warriors of the Celeres Planetary Defense Forces.

The Guardians usually number around 300 and 500 and form in large companies which usually number in the hundred, like a codex-compliant chapter. When the chapter is at a higher battle strength, these companies grow in size: rarely do they split into smaller companies. Their companies are all Battle Companies, as the concept of 'Battle' and 'Reserve' companies is pointless to how the chapter operate. Scouts and Veterans are, likewise, part of their respective companies rather than organized in special ones.

The chapter specialize in various formations which make heavy use of heavy and special weapons. Squads are assembled as needed for the mission and the marines are expected to learn to master all possible weapons the chapter use and adapt to whatever tactic their sergeant for the mission might demand. Some of the formations used by the Guardians of the Celeres include:

Breacher: Like the Breacher Squads of the Legiones Astartes. Used in hazardous assault situations, such as boarding.

Crematoris: This formation has its origins in the formation of the Celeres. Crematoris Squads are equipped with Flamer weapons.

Formido: When the Guardians need to strike fear into their enemies, they form squads into Formido: terror units. These are commonly used against rebels. Because they are dishonorable, Formido duties are given to marines which are deemed to not live up to expectations. As such, marines of the Guardians strive to meet the expectations of their commanders to avoid such a punishment.

Ballistarius: In these rare moments the Guardians need to deploy their heavier artillery, such as Thunderfire Cannons, each cannon is assigned a squad for defense.

Halo Brethren[edit]

"Our Brethren are our honor. Those that have came and went, those that are, and those that will come in the days beyound, are our bulwarks against all." - Chaplain Clovis, addressing pilgrims.

Halo Brethren
Halo Brethren.png
Battle Cry "The Brothers as stars!"
Founding M34
Successors of Dark Angels
Chapter Master Chapter Master Thoedric Oous
Homeworld Herbeuse
Strength 120
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Gold, Burgundy Pauldrons, Helmet, and Robe

The Halo Brethren were unfortunate to have a defective gene-seed that takes a lot longer to be fully accepted into a neophyte's body, making replenishing their forces a very long and arduous process. The Chapter suffered more causalities than the Imperial Fists or the Sable Swords when they went to kill the Grand Master of the Officio Assasinorum, signifying the beginning of their downfall. Several key battles they took part in afterwards, victory or defeat, they lost many battle-brothers, leaving them at ~200 left. To mitigate their lack of manpower, they use highly battle serfs as auxiliaries along side their marines, as well as having two companies of Scouts, so as to have a constant stream of marines coming in. The battle serfs would be trained under members of the veteran scout and select few marines to make sure the serfs are battle-ready and well versed in chapter tactics.

The marines proper of their chapter spend most of their time in brutally intensive training on their homeworld to ensure their survival and effectiveness. The marines are incredibly skilled to make up for the fact that they'd essentially be deploying on a battlefield by themselves. As a result of the time, training, and diminished numbers of the marines, each marine is considered highly sacred, with the preservation of their battle-brothers being of the highest priority in the field, both for marines and serfs. Serfs more than often give their lives to put themselves in between a bullet and their angels, and the peasants of their home-world are raised in worship of their protectors, leaving the reserves never wanting. They are not above retreat to minimize casualties. That coupled with their uncommon structure, use of normal humans in battle, they are treated with little regard among their peers, despite the combat prowess of each individual marine.

Each Marine cares deeply about their serfs, despite their high casualty rate. The marines feel the deaths of their serfs gravely, and mark both their armor and their chapter-keep with the names of the fallen. An individual marine will either mark his armor with the name of each serf that died to protect him/in his care, or will inscribe scrolls upon scrolls with their names in his personal chambers, and meditate upon the lives of those who died. There is a strong familial bound between the marines and their human-counterparts. Each marine knows that his life is more sacred than those of his battle-family, and that weighs upon his soul heavily. In turn, they make an effort to care for their human retinue, as a stern yet caring and compassionate father would.

The humble fortress-monastery of Sala ne Anèl resides atop a grassy knoll, far removed from the rest of medieval civilization on the world of Herbeuse. The monastery is home to the fabled "wall of halos", which records the name of each fallen member, Astartes and Human alike. In each Hamlet, in every corner of the peaceful world, resides iconography of the Halo Brethren, the focus of much religious devotion amongst the population. People all across the agri-world go on pilgrimage to their most holiest of monasteries, to catch a mere glimpse of the Emperor's angels and offer up their's or their kins' service. The marines are more than happy to meet their devotees, offering up their wisdoms and blessings for the awestruck visitor. While they remain secluded and detached from the politics of the world, they are the eternal protectors of the quaint little world.

The name of the chapter itself has changed its meaning. Where as it once referred to the Astartes, now it refers to those who died for them, the true Halo Brethren.

Halo Dragons[edit]

"Silentium honore superbia humilitati misericordia iudicio" - Brother Hypirrion

Halo Dragons
Halo Dragons.jpg
Battle Cry Our words as fire!
Founding Unknown
Successors of Unknown, possibly Salamanders
Chapter Master Rauss
Homeworld Mortix IV
Strength unknown
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Black

The Halo Dragons are a Space Marine Chapter of unknown founding and Progenitor, though some within the munistorum have suggested Salamanders, aside from their badge of a Dragon there is little to support this claim and the Dragons themselves vehemently deny the claim.

Although the Dragons seem to be fleet based they are recorded as having a homeworld, named Mortix IV, however records on the world are spotty at best. They seem to suggest it is an airless mining world, but its last recorded tithe was in late M.36, yet no inquest seems to have ever been made. In addition there is no record of it ever being gifted to the Halo Dragons in the first place, despite its listing as their homeworld.

The Dragons themselves neither confirm nor deny the existence of the world or its status as their Homeworld, many giving seemingly conflicting answers when questioned. Irregardless, the Dragons seem to have a fair number of well made and maintained ships, some of which appear to be mysteriously new. The Chapter itself specializes in a combination of void combat, Ship to ship warfare, and drop pod assaults. Nothing particularly incredible, but the way they carry out these operations is highly unusual.

The Dragons are noted for seemingly materializing out of nowhere to join in a fleet combat, contacting any Admirals or other officers and asking them to pull back. Those who have worked with the Dragons claim that everything they do seems highly ritualized, from simple boarding actions and marching to the incredibly complex awards ceremonies the Marines carry out once a campaign has come to a close, one notable instance being when the ceremony took two solar weeks before being completed.

Any attempt to assuade the Dragons to pick up the pace of their rituals was met with stern defiance and silent scowls.

The Halo Dragons are by and large organized as a standard Codex Chapter, aside from their focus on void combat and a few other glaring differences. One of the most noticeable is the lack of a proper first company, instead the 'First Company' is split into several veteran 'War Parties' varying in size from three marines to several squads worth.

Inclusion in a 'War Party' is seen as a great honor amongst the Chapter, and many brothers vie for the limited positions in one. Some of the War Parties have records of deeds dating back centuries or even millennia. However, those hoping these 'records' would give insight into the chapters age are sorely mistaken.

They are told as oral legends rather than accurate records, spoken by the Chapters Librarians during times of celebration, hardship, or mourning as the stories cover a vast array of tells and genres. This oral tradition is kept by the Librarians. In this way the minimal amount of records kept by the chapter is offset by the Librarians art of storytelling. Some more powerful Librarians are even able to seemingly 'materialize' the great heroes of the tales, bringing forth seemingly astral projections of long dead marines to assist their comrades in battle. These elite Librarians are know simply as the Weavers, for reasons the Dragons refuse to discuss.

Heralds of Ultramar[edit]

"Complacency is the rot of the mind; More dangerous than any blade, more corrupt than dark heresy." - Brother Ricteon, on the Minotaur Massacre

Heralds of Ultramar
Heralds of Ultramar.jpg
Battle Cry Honour and Dignity! / 'For Macragge, we keep Vigil!'
Founding Cursed Founding, 21st founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Gallen Scorious
Homeworld Moon of Farox VI, Damocles Gulf
Strength ~500
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Ultramarine with Yellow trim

The history surrounding the Heralds of Ultramar is one of immense tragedy brought about through great treachery. Their creation as part of the cursed 21st founding was brought about as a result of Ultramar experiencing centuries of peace and prosperity, causing the population to swell with potential new Space Marine recruits around every corner, more than the Ultramarines could hope to recruit. As not to waste such an opportunity, the Ultramarines, in secret, established a successor chapter that would become the Heralds of Ultramar, their first chapter master being an esteemed duelist by the name of Gallen Scorious. The Heralds, upon their creation, ventured out deep into the wilds of Ultima Segmentum, eventually settling on a small, ocean moon on the edge of the Damocles Gulf, fighting back the occasional Greenskin Hordes and Eldar Pirates that found themselves on the edge of the Realm of Ultramar for millennia, remaining unknown to all but the Ultramarines so as to preserve their secrecy. Indeed, they would often identify as Ultramarines whenever they were encountered by Imperial observers.

Disaster struck when they encountered Astartes from the Minotaur chapter, accompanied by an Inquistor sent to survey the Gulf region for heretical activity. Encountering the Heralds, they immediately assumed them to be renegade marines and proceeded to utterly massacre the chapter, who had let their guard down and were utterly decimated, their numbers dwindling down to 500 marines of whom were away and did not participate in the battle. All petitions for aid from were Ultramar were rejected, as the Ultramarines sought to deny any relation so as not to draw the ire of the Inquisition for illegally creating a new chapter.

Scorned by their progenitors and disgraced by the Inquisition, the Heralds retreated to their ocean moons and erected massive fortifications and manufactorums beneath the planets grey oceans, retiring beneath the waves to rebuild their forces. Cutting off all contact with the outside apart from sending a company at a time out to conduct strikes at the Imperium's enemies, particularly the Tau whose empire they border. The Chapter still considers themselves sons of Macragge and hold fast to the Codex's teachings, but their isolation has made them paranoid and have, as a result, forces them to be extremely self sufficient. Somewhat unique and slightly deviant from the Codex, the Vanguard Veterans of the Heralds wield force-tridents, becoming particularly skilled in disarming their foes.

They're strongly allied with quite powerful Rogue Trader families that operate in the Damocles Gulf region. Individual Heralds have even been seen accompanying the crews of a couple Rogue trader ships. This makes them essentially accepted back into the Imperium at large, with the Rogue traders vouching on the Heralds behalf for tolerance of the Chapter

Time will tell what will become of the Heralds, as they continue to rebuild and venture forth back into the galaxy.

Imperial Stars[edit]

"There is no greater defeat than that of retreat" - Chaptermaster Yurth the Indomitable to High Lord Armentarius over his campaign strategy

Imperial Stars
Imperial stars armor.png
Battle Cry Ut castellum in astra!
Founding Unknown
Successors of Unknown, possibly Imperial Fists
Chapter Master Yurth the Indomitable
Homeworld Goethe I, Goethe II, Goethe II (Known as the Celestial Triumvirate)
Strength unknown
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Purple, with Black trims

The Imperial Stars are an Imperial Fists successor chapter founded some time in M37, and believe hard discipline is the key to the Imperium's survival. They see the downfall of humanity as encroaching and nigh unstoppable, doomed from hedonistic aristocrats, and traitors in its citizens. Despite their absolute pessimism, they continue to fight and die for the Imperium, since that is what their loyalty dictates. The connected stars on their shield refers to their domain in the far reaches of the segmentum obscurus. They see no salvation for the Imperium as they enter the newest millennium, but wish to preserve as much as they can in the coming days of Armageddon. Despite being a small, secluded chapter, they managed to wrangle three livable systems under their control, known as the Celestial Triumvirate. These worlds are harsh and strictly regimented, but through their struggles, the colonists are able to ward off continual assaults from the various despicable forces that call Obscurus home. Despite strict government regulation, the only interaction between the chapter and its people are chaplains, who make regular rounds to "ensure the peoples are pure of spirit and duty". These marines are otherwise an entirely conventional codex-adherent chapter.

Despite a constant underlying loathing for all of humanity's enemies, the chapter gets along with only a few other chapters. They have an eternal disdain for the Iron Hands and their successors, as they believe their modifications are a sign of weakness and lack of will to discipline the body. They hold the Ultramarines and their ilk on an ever so slightly lower pedestals than their own progenitors, in respect of their dedication. Of the forces of man, they refuse to fight along side the rabble that makes up the guard, and the heretics that make up the Inquisition. They only truly ever fight with the more disciplined Sisters of Battle.

Their chaptermaster is known as Yurth the Indomitable, a centuries old marine whose skin is as hard as his ceramite. The man is loyal to a fault, always fulfilling any request for aid. It was his idea for the chapter preservation efforts within the Segmentum, and personally lead the planet-side cleansing efforts in order to move in colonists. In his many years of service, he lost his left eye, half of his left hand, and two fingers off his right. Despite these inhibitors, he refuses body modification, choosing instead to cope through discipline and training. In battle, he wields an Eviscerator made from the dark irons of their homeworld, with jagged teeth and rough plating. He dwarfs his fellow marines and stature and musculature, and is attributed as the sole reason for the chapter's success. Rumors in the Triumvirate say that Yurth regularly travels to the warp to stave back the chaos gods themselves. If such talk was aloud in the chapter, more than a few brothers would be inclined to believe.

Of the chapter's few deviations, the veteran squads are assault squad.

Knights of Eternity[edit]

tl;dr version: Space Marine chapter sent to another galaxy with a bunch of colonists. Way overstrength, as in Legion strength rather than Chapter, but otherwise Codex compliant. Because they've left the galaxy, they are effectively dead in terms of being available for assistance for the rest of the Imperium, and that's why they're deamed 'lost'.


"Would to the Emperor that all his men were warriors, yet content am I with men all the same." - Anonymous Deathwatch Veteran

Battle Cry Unknown
Founding 2nd Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master High Concil
Homeworld Comet fields of the Crios system, Segmentum Obscurus
Strength 400
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Yellow, blue, black trim

The Libators Space Marine Chapter are a Fleet-Based Second Founding chapter descended from the Ultramarines. They are not found in the Apocrypha of Davio and they have taken part in the Orphean War. The Libators Chapter is a fairly codex-compliant Ultramarine successor known for its relatively small size and extensive experience fighting all sort of xeno abominations. Since the apperance of the Tyranids in the galaxy and since the Battle for Macragge they have undertaken several crusades in an effort to hunt down and eliminate splinter fleets in order to weaken the Tyranid invasion and reduce the chances of a tendril growing to full hive fleet size. Heavy casualties have been taken to several companies when doing so but the Libators continue on their quest, undaunted.

Libators send a sizable part of their chapter veterans to the Deathwatch in order to combat the Tyranid menace.

Deathwatch: Nemesis characters are created using the rules for Codex Successor Chapters given in the Deathwatch Honour the Chapter Rulebook with the following modifications:

+5 Toughness, +5 Willpower

Bonus Talent: Hatred (Tyranid)

Demeanor: Use the Favored of the Deathwatch Demeanor as given for the Crimson Fist for their Chapter Demeanor.

Marines August[edit]

“First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can.” ― Bridge Captain Horatio

Marines August
Marines August.jpg
Battle Cry "Si vis pacem, para bellum" (Latin); "If you wish for peace, prepare for war"
Founding 35th Millenium
Successors of Ultramarines, Eagle Warriors
Chapter Master Chaptermaster and Flotilla Admiral Nottington
Homeworld Fleet Based
Strength Full Strength
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Royal Red with Gold Trim and Helmet

Out of all the Eagle Warrior successors, the Marines August are the most well equipped, with the most powerful naval power. Created as a crusading fleet in the 35th millennium, it was a joint project with the Imperial Navy, as the chapter would act as the navy's enforcer near the ghoul stars. The marines saw much action since their creation, slowly but surely gaining Independence as their fame and experience grew. They eventually broke off ties with their naval commandants, allying themselves with two rouge trader dynasties to have a stable chain of supplies to afford the upkeep of their flotilla. Because of there new found sense of independence, they fell out of grace with the Imperial High Lords, and often find themselves requested to deal with increasingly unfavorable odds. Despite all these disadvantages, they keep the flotilla at full strength, no matter the cost.

They are a codex complaint chapter who specialize in boarding actions. They formally recruited from the children of navymen exclusively, but now their recent status often requires more drastic measures. The chapter is known for pressing men into service on their fleets, and for employing pressgangs to shanghai both men and children. Whatever children get kidnapped are raised to be marines, with the majority dying before they even reach the flotilla due to neglect. It has been noted on at least two separate occasions that the chapter has stolen entire vessels from the Imperial Navy after particularly damaging battles that the two find themselves in, though they are officially regarded by the Administratum as "lost". They are at roughly half strength, and contain a sizable fleet for an astartes chapter.

They do not like working alongside other forces, seeing as only other naval men being worthwhile. This arrogance is reflected in their fleet's architecture and armor, being ostentatious and overly ceremonial, with every marine dawning a golden helmet. The chapter does not believe in planetside ground skirmished unless more expedient or less costly than other measures. If tasked to defeat an overwhelming army occupying a world, they will often use orbital bombards, destroying large sections of the planets surface. Needless to say, allied forces will choose to fight a horde by their lonesome over receiving aid from the Marines August, as it is hard to say which choice will result in more casualties.

Marines Errantor[edit]

"The only cleansing any loyal Imperial requires is the Emperor's holy light'." - Battle-Brother Collybiscus, when inquired on his hygiene.

Marines Errantor
Marines Errantor.png
Battle Cry "Et in domum suam non nisi stellas in Astartes!"
Founding M34
Successors of Imperial Fists
Chapter Master Chapter Master Norton
Homeworld fleet based
Strength 600
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Unpainted Rusty armor

The Marines Errantor are a renegade chapter of Imperial fists stock, founded in Millenium 35, who harbor a longstanding grudge with the Black Templars after coming to blows with them over the fate of the unknowing families and relatives of numerous high profile Chaos cultistst, with the Templars demanding that they be purged while the Marines Errantor insisting that they be spared.

This altercation lead to the chapter being exiled from the wider Imperium for a period of 1000 years at the behest of the Black Templars. To the shock of others, the Marines took the ruling with solemn acceptance, and their fleet warped of to the halo stars, not to be seen again until almost 4000 years later, returning to Imperial Space with their previously clean, well kept armor of the marines displaying signs of wear and tear with old age , their grand robes becoming little more than rags, their hair grown to be mangy and unkempt. When asked why they appeared so dirtied by an inquisitor, the Chapter Master simply stated "The Imperium's enemies care not for appearances, only deeds." Ever since, they have been noted for their terrible hygiene, and their armor is easily identifiable bye the hue of rusted copper, the Imperial Aquila trimmed with a dirty silver. Their chapter heraldry is that of a Staff with an orb at the top, as to say that it's their burden to lead the quest for knowledge, sacrificing any attempt at appearances and ritual to do so.

In battle, the Marines are noted for being able to enter the filthiest of conditions and stand in the harshest of weather and barely flinch. They're extremely hardy and resistant, their toughness being second only to their extreme stubborness. They hold an utter contempt for advanced tactics and weapons, holding their skill with a bolter as paramount to their battlefield success. Indeed, their favored tactic is to land on the enemy via drop pods before proceeding to empty out and mop up what remains of their forces. To the Marines Errantor, the quicker the battle ends, the better.

They needless to say aren't very well liked by the Mechanicus considering how poorly they treat their gear, with much of their armor being rusted and worn, many with dents and an odd smell, implying that the marines aren't big fans of cleaning or even ever taking off their armor, for any reason. They recruit from one planet, a desert world deep within the Halo stars, where roaming desert tribes fight to survive through vicious sand storms and scrounge up what little water they can to trade for basic goods. The Marines Errantor have entrenched themselves as part of this desert ecosystem, offering a village a years worth of water should one of their young men manage to complete their tasks. These men are then recruited as part of the chapter, becoming battle brothers should they survive scout training.

The Marines themselves, while technically allowed back into the Imperium, willingly isolate themselves off in the Halo Stars and avoid all contact with outsiders, lest they are there to petition for their aid in a conflict, in which case the High council will convene in order to decide if they intervene or not. That said, they still occasionally are found roaming outside their sector, going across the Imperium as both nuisances who scavenge abandoned ships and space stations for scrap, and to protect any worlds in trouble that they happen upon in their journey. They are noted for having an extreme hatred for the Death Guard and purge all Nurglites they come across with frightening zeal, with any encounter between the two being the only time the chapters tactics are known to diverge, bringing holy flamer to bear against the vile spawn of the Plague God. It's perhaps this hatred and stubborn refusal to despair and lose hope that was honed during their mysterious exile, that steels them against corruption by the Ruinous powers.

Marines Mordant[edit]

"Never take counsel of your fears." - Common saying of Haetron the Rock-Bulwark to his marines

Marines Mordant
Marines Mordant.png
Successors of Unknown
Chapter Master Haetron the Rock-Bulwark
Homeworld Hetedelste
Strength Unknown
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Dark Green, Red Trims, White Pauldrons, and a Tan facemask

The Marines Mordant are a chapter situated near the outer reaches of the Segmentum Pacificus. They were created to act as a rapid response force for voidcraft around the edges of Imperium space. In order to fulfill this, the chapter specializes in quick ship maneuvers and heavy ordinance on voidcraft. The marines themselves are codex compliant, but often find themselves forced to use more primitive technology after failing to rescue a Forge ship. The higher numbered companies of the chapter is armed with black powder weaponry, and hacking tools native to their world are commonly carried into battle. The devastator squads of the higher companies employ large barreled, cast iron cannons, aided in reloading by neophytes, extremely rare though that be. For most of the chapter's life, they fought freebootaz, Dark Eldar corsairs, and various pirates, protecting Imperial vessels. Marines Mordant most notable action was during the tyrannic wars, when a splinter fleet was successfully countered using a combination of surprise void bombardment and ramming maneuvers.

Their homeworld Hetedelste is a primitive agri-world specializing in a crop not dissimilar to the ancient sugar-cane. Where the planet is not arid, it is boggy swampland with humid fields, which the peasants of this world toil over their crop. Outside of the villages surrounding the plantations lie viscous reptilian beasts, three times the size of man, which pray on those who stray too far from home. The crops grown on Hetedelste get exported to planets all across the Imperium, which a contingency of Marines to guard the merchant ships and rouge traders leaving the world. The Freebootaz that once occupied the system were the earliest challenge to then fledgling chapter, as they vastly outnumbered that of their own. To circumvent their superior logistics, the chapter baited the orks into entering corsair space, where the two factions came head to head, devastating both sides to where the marines could make quick work of them.

Persecutors of Darkness[edit]

"The Emperor is the LAW, and the LAW is absolute! I am the harbinger of justice! I am the mercy afforded to heretics!" - Brother-Marshal Lex, whilst giving testimony in court.

Persecutors of Darkness
Persectors of Darkness.png
Battle Cry Freedom through Law! Security in Wrath!
Founding M34
Successors of Dark Angels
Chapter Master High Marshal Fyr
Homeworld Ius
Strength 1,000
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Blue, Red Accents, White Right Pauldron

Persecutors of Darkness are stalwart marines whose specialty is dealing with the Imperium's most disgusting foe: High Traitors and the obscenely corrupt. They root out Heresy throughout the Segmentum Pacificus before it can fully rear its ugly head. While the consequences for treachery is sift and brutal, the chapter's definition is ranges greatly. Those that obstruct the Imperium in its holy endeavors is a traitor deserving of death. In this, they work closely with the Adeptus Arbites, inform the chapter on criminals too large for them to properly handle. They have put an end to many a planetary rebellion, both preemptively and in open warfare, bringing Imperial order with the butt of a bolter and the heat of a melta.

A Dark Angel successor founded in 33M, they inhabit the world of Ius, a medieval urban world with sprawling concreate mega-cities, ruled by an iron fist. Their Fortress Monastery of Raus towers over the planet's capital, where intensive study of the Law occurs inside its brutalist halls. The planet's Enforcers directly answer to the marines of Ius, acting as both a PDF and police force. Outside of the culturally primitive Mega-Cities lies only farmlands and red-grass plains, with the occasional nomad tribe forever roaming. Their chapter master, High Marshal Fyr, is an ancient marine, well seasoned on the streets of humanities warzones. He is unflinching in his dedication to the law, and heartless in his demeanor.

Each marine is completely in the Imperium's Law, being able to recite all its tomes by memory before they become scouts. Trained in the tight alleys and crowded streets of their homeworld, the marines are experts in cramped environments, being urban and hiveworld specialists. Combat shotguns are just as common as bolters in the chapter, and power mauls coupled with large combat shields are chapter favorite. Techmarines even employ cyber-mastiffs.


Penitents are good old DA offshoots, but for whatever reason they never got the memo about WHY the DA's are always going off and abandoning warzones to do their own thing. As such, while they keep the name, they actually have nothing whatsoever to do with the hunt for the Fallen. Instead, they've taken a policy of penitent crusades, serving alongside the dregs of humanity (abhumans, penal legions, mercenaries and so on), while also sending a truly absurd number of marines to Deathwatch. They see every flaw in their own actions, and this self-awareness makes them into some of the most sympathetic, caring, and honest marine chapters in their segmentum. It also makes them damn DEPRESSING, but you can't argue with the results of their constant drive for self-improvement. This is a chapter that never sits on its laurels talking about how great they are; they're absolutely sure they suck, so they work harder than anyone to make sure they don't.

Penitents could have a much higher recruitment age as their genetic quirk.

And they recruit from death row and long sentence denizens of the hive worlds.

Sort of the Space Marine equivalent of the Penal Legion.

They fight to earn forgiveness that they know they can never earn because there isn't enough forgiveness for the shit they have done and if there is then it's been sold short.

All they have left is the dream of a beautiful death.

Known for their masochistic rituals, inability to back down and humility. Even going so far as to accept orders from human commanders.

Given their pauldrons and their religious implications, self flagellation must be huge for them. Spending hours on their knees in front of an icon of the emperor whipping themselves for theirs and humanities' sins

An interesting twist might be that the Penitents have a problem with their Catalepsean Node that, during their hypno-therapy, they lose memories of their mortal past. This leads to a kind of need for redemption without any real knowledge of what they did. They're constantly fighting for redemption of crimes, and its the Marine's own psychological self doubts that force them onward. Some Marines zealously drive themselves forward believing they had a roster of crimes so heinous and black that there is no real redemption for them other than in death.

They could have something similar to the Guardiens of the Covenant where they inscribe their armor and weapons with texts holy to the Arbites, including the (probably needless long) list of sins and Imperial citizen can commit

How's power flail for special chapter weapon?

Also, maybe instead of death row adults, they can use incarcerated child delinquents? Imperium's gotta do something with them

Red Legion[edit]

"I assure you, my 'good friend' that I do everything in my power to assure the health and efficiency of my chapter's Gene-Seed. Is our Legion not strong and swelling with new blood?" - Chief Apothecary Tural when discussing with another Marine.

Red Legion
Red Legion Marine.jpg
Battle Cry The Legion fights on!
Founding M36
Successors of Unknown, possibly White Scars
Chapter Master Rashad
Homeworld Oxatan
Strength 1,200+
Colours Red

The Red Legion is a space marine chapter of unknown origins, known to have taken part in many bloody and disastrous battles. A (mostly) codex-compliant chapter, there is seemingly nothing particularly noteworthy about them safe for their history, which the people they fight with are generally unaware of. If they knew then it is likely they would not want to fight alongside the Red Legion.

Several times in their history, the Red Legion have suffered catastrophic losses which would have crippled other chapters. In spite of this, the chapter has recovered in the span of a decade, sometimes even exceeding the 'expected' strength of one thousand marines. The truth is a sinister one: the Red Legion make use of forbidden archaeotech (or maybe even xeno) biological engineering combined with mass-slavery to provide fresh bodies to speed up gene seed production. This has made their geneseed incredibly unstable and ridden their marines with genetic defect which do not appear obvious as they rarely manifest as overt grotesque mutations. Many of their zygotes are deficient and of lower quality or even missing on certain battle-brothers. Overall their marines are, on average, slightly weaker than the average marine of an healthy chapter. Their sanity is, likewise, heavily impaired and the chapter is known to harbor many depraved secret cults where the marines partake in their demented obsessions, some of which best left undescribed. This make them somewhat aloof and unwilling to fight alongside other chapters, especially the more zealous and purity-obssesed ones.

Members of the Red Legion sent to the Deathwatch are rare. These are usually those with little defects (at least by the standards of the Red Legion) and a very sharp mind.


Red Legion characters are created using the rules for Codex Successor Chapters given in the Deathwatch Honour the Chapter Rulebook with the following modifications:

+5 Intelligence, +5 Perception

Starting Talent: Meditation, Paranoia

Implants: Roll on the Missing or Inactive Zygotes chart (1-9) from Rites of Battle to represent the random implant deficiencies of the character.

Chapter Demeanor: Use the Aloof Codex Demeanor from Honour the Chapter.

Primarch Curse: Use The Secret Chapter Curse using the rules given for Dark Angels, modified at Rank 3 to 'Unless the Battle- Brother’s Kill-team is solely comprised of Red Legions, its Cohesion is reduced by 2.'

Red Wolves[edit]

"Waeles am byth" - Askladd Yydrelli, chief Librarian

Red Wolves
Red Wolves.jpg
Battle Cry Teribus ye teri Imperator!
Founding M35
Successors of Raven Guard
Chapter Master Llywelyn Eagle-Eye
Homeworld Waelas, commonly known as Bloodfall in Low Gothic
Strength 1,000
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Red, Black pauldrons

A chapter of Raven Guard successors based on the Feral World of Waelas, the Red Wolves are forest combat specialists. They make multiple raids and ambuscades on a foe, before finally striking the killing blow at last.

This specialty stems from the nature of their homeworld - Waelas is almost entirely plains, interrupted by large forests. The plains are inhabited by various breeds of large beasts. Children are taught to flee into the forests for safety, and to lose pursuers in the undergrowth - making way to their secluded home villages.

From the age of 10, every children is given a longbow made from the yew and elm trees of the forests, as to link them to their homes. Those who go on to become part of the chapter wield bows as well, having made several modifications to them - including explosive anti-personnel arrowheads and Promethan lined tips.

Devastator Squads are non-existent within the battle companies, their roles having been folded into specialized Tactical Squads who wield the same weapons- with the Devastator Company largely being composed of veterans of these squads. Thus, Scout Squads jump from their status as initiates straight to the Assault squads.

They're particularly found of hunting Tau and Kroot that occupy nearby worlds, as they often raided Waeles while the chapter is away. They circumvent the Tau's ranged capabilities by stalking in the under brush, often times spending months chipping away at their forces until they pose only a minor threat. Thanks to their exploits and mystery, they've become something of a legend in the Xenos cadre. The marines of the chapter become the pride of the tribe they hailed from. To fully represent their home, they incorporate their ancestral heraldry unto their armor. Every 50 years they're allowed to return home for a planet wide celebration of a particularly large battle against feral Ork tribes that once occupied the planet

Death Watch

Each Marine from the Red Wolves has the Astartes Longbow in their war kit, excluding techmarines. If the Astartes Longbow is used with any kind of special ammunition, it loses the tearing and crippling qualities.

Astartes Longbow: basic weapon; 1d10+SB; Pen 2; Range: 50 m; RoF: S/-/-; Clip: 1; Reload: half; Crippling(2), Tearing

Silver Eagles[edit]

"I have not yet begun to fight!" Chapter Master Periphas, addressing his serf-matelots calling for retreat after suffering extensive damage to the hull.

Silver Eagles
Silver Eagles.jpg
Battle Cry Valor and Loyalty
Founding 2nd Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Chapter Master Periphas
Homeworld Classigentum
Strength 1,000
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Silver, Blue Pauldrons, Red Aquilla

This Chapter operates from within a fleet that's made up of not only a large number of the more typical Astartes cruisers and barges, but also has a large number of more main-line Imperial ships to call on, along with ties to a group of Mechanicus forge-ships that they saved from destruction at the hands of an Ork WAAAGH! These Ships include the up-armored Lunar Class vessel Fist of Arduata, along with a number of light cruisers and escorts. This has caused no small amount of tension between the Silver Eagles and the Imperial Navy, who see this deviation from the standard fair of transport and support vessels as a potential threat to their control, what with an independent fleet moving to complete their own agendas in Navy controlled space.

The Chapter, while following normal Codex structuring, further divides its forces among their fleet of ships as a deterrent to any attempted boarding actions, and as a way to easily deploy strike forces to other worlds. With a Demi-Company already loaded up with its full complement of warriors, ammunition, and equipment in a Light cruiser, its a simple matter of a warp-jump to a system that needs aid. Larger strike forces will be comprised of multiple vessels, each contributing to the whole of the operation.

The Chapter also maintains its Fourth company and at least one Reserve company remain with the main Chapter fleet as both an honor guard of the Mechanicus factory-ships they guard, and as protection against any large loss of Marines in combat. In this way, the Chapter has endured defeats that would potentially cripple them as a fighting force otherwise.

Due to the larger number of ships available to the Silver Eagles, and the Chapter's tradition in dividing strike forces among them not only for their protection but to facilitate strike force movements throughout the galaxy, Initiates into the chapter are trained by deploying them on smaller ships and escorts as an augmentation to more numerous Armsmen aboard those ships in anti-piracy operations where Chapter Q-Ships will lure pirates into conflict with their superior forces. Scouts are therefore seen to favor Combat Shotguns and close combat weapons.

Likewise, full-fledged Battle Brothers are assigned to larger ships, usually on a basis of which ships need gaps in their numbers filled, and its rare that a company will inhabit a single ship, with the exception being Fifth Company inhabiting the Fist of Arduata as an honor to their efforts in the destruction of a Xenos armada in the Vornell Gap campaign.

Along with a penchant for close combat drills and mid range firefight equipment, the majority of leadership within the Chapter have added wargear that helps them to better operate aboard vessels and in void combat, with improved visuals, targeting, and communications equipment that enables them to better interface with a warship while still in their armor.

The Chapter's ability to deploy in wider range than most chapters has also led to an unusual connection to the Assassin temples, as much as it could be considered a connection. In reality the Silver Eagles have been requested to launch large-scale attacks across several star systems that a prominent enemy of Mankind holds in order to sap his strength and give the Assassins a chance to get close and eliminate the target, thus leading to the dissolution of his forces and victory for the Silver Eagles.


"The Sons of Sanguinius have come to take their tribute." - Captain Aybek

Battle Cry By the blood of Sanguinius we come for you!
Founding M38
Successors of Blood Angels
Chapter Master Timur the Bloodied
Homeworld Qalaw
Strength 700
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Tarnished Metal, Red and Purple-Red

The Tributors are a Blood Angels successor chapter native to the world of Qalaw, a dark industrial world choking under a constant layer of smog. Qalaw is not the original homeworld of the chapter, their previous one having been rendered unusable. The Tributors recruit from the tireless workers of Qalaw, young men used to living in utterly horrific conditions.

The relationship between the Tributors and the people of Qalaw is a complicated one, a mixture of fear, devotion and resolution. The Tributors frequently take an unfair amount of tithe from the planet to support their campaigns across the galaxy. In turn, they bring war prisoners to Qalaw to refill the ever-depleting scores of laborers which dig into the planet crust in search of rare and exotic (and often lethal) materials.

In terms of organization the Tributors are mostly identical to their Blood Angels ancestors. What set them apart from them, however, is mentality, demeanor and combat tactics: recruiting from Qalaw has left its mark on the Tributors who are rather dour and stubborn by the standards of their lineage. Likewise, they shun the more ornate and aesthetically-pleasing armors and banners of their brethren to which they see little use. Due to the cramped nature of their homeworld (which is nothing but toxic slums, factories and deep underground tunnels) they make far less use of jet packs than their fellow Blood Angels descendants.


Tributors characters are created using the rules for Blood Angels given in the Deathwatch Core Rulebook with the following modifications:

Bonus Talent: Iron Jaw, Resistance (Poison), Rival (Blood Angels and Successors).

Restrictions: Fellowship advances cost twice the normal Experience Points to Tributors characters.



"The enemies of the Imperium are as the stars: countless. Our job, our duty, and most certainly our privalege, is to keep tally." - Common sentiment among the Warmongers

Battle Cry Unknown
Founding 20th Founding (alleged)
Successors of Ravenguard (alleged)
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Corax, Segmentum Pacificus
Strength Nominal
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Blue, White, with a Red trim

Few chapters better fit their name than the Warmongers, who view their duty as Space Marines to always seek out and destroy the enemies of the Imperium whether those enemies be the mutant, the witch, the heretic, or the xeno. Alleged to be a Raven Guard successor chapter from the 20th Founding, a claim disputed by the Raven Guard, the Warmongers have gained a string of battle honors and accolades from their 5,000 years of war. The Warmongers have also gained a worryingly long list of enemies including not a few other chapters that disagree with the Warmongers’ extreme methods.

The Warmongers first major action was in the Segmentum Pacificus acting as part of a relief force for the Rigelus Sector, which had come under attack from Waaagh!! Guzbuk. Their most notable action was to deploy three full companies (the 1st, 7th, and 9th) in a lightning raid on Guzbuk and his lieutenants, shattering the Orkish command structure. Reports by supporting units of uncharacteristically ferocious fighting by the Warmongers 1st Company were dismissed by Segmentum Command as, “lies, rumors, and damn close to heresy.” It would be the first of many such complaints.

Operating always in the Segmentum Pacificus, the Warmongers reputation for bloody surgical strikes was further enhanced during the suppression of the secessionist uprising on the hive world of Amalda V. Screaming from the heavens in drop pods, the Warmongers dissected the rebel commanders in a single day, hanging the bodies from the hive spires and broadcasting the final moments of the assault across the planet.


"Beneath the might of the Emperor, of Man, of the Universe itself, we are mere dust along the road. Defend the weak, nurture the sick, beat back the wicked. These are the things that give you value. But do not delight in purpose. A man with purpose has everything--and a man with everything is nothing." - Third Company Chaplain Pilus

Battle Cry You die in vain.
Founding M35
Successors of Unknown
Chapter Master Warden Caius Galvisius
Homeworld Istodard
Strength 1,115
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Blue, Silver and Teal

In the twilight years of M35, a small penal colony was established on the far edge of the Imperium's borders on a planet called Istodard: a lonely, rocky world in the Heath system, accompanied only by a tiny moon and two monstrous gas giants floating at the threshold of the star's gravity. The colony was delegated to work the sulfur and iridium mines of Istodard, prisoners being freed after a number of years of penance. Soon after the colony got on its feet, however, a combined Death Guard and Night Lords warband and their servants swept through the region after shutting down long-distance communications and corrupting Administratum records of the area in a deft attack. Istodard was presumed lost, but the Administratum was relatively unconcerned, as the entire subsector held relatively little value and the loss of a few criminals mattered little.

Fortunately for the colonists, the Imperium was wrong in assuming their demise. For one reason or another, the warband left Istodard alone, perhaps not considering the colony even worth their time.

A short while after the criminals and their overseers realized they would be without Imperial support, a bloodless revolt was staged. The minimal PDF would not be enough for Istodard's planetary warden to maintain control without serious bloodshed (likely costing his own life), so he relented and the colonists took control, establishing a modicum of democracy based around individual civil service and self-sacrifice. In exchange for not attempting to fight the rebels, they would maintain Imperial traditions Istodard is still far from a republican utopia, however: the planet's biosphere is still in relatively poor condition, with farming limited to rocky mountain terraces. Pollution control was put into immediate effect to relegate the damage from the mines, but as those resources remain their primary export, the government still has trouble finding a balance.

The Widowmakers themselves came to Istodard twenty-odd years later, out of a nearby nebula that had hidden them for some time. The locals feared it was a return of the Chaos warband, and readied their poor militia as best they could with meager weapons they had bargained from xenos or fashioned on their own. However, the two Marine cruisers instead hailed the Senate chambers directly and struck some sort of deal that is still shrouded in mystery today. Not even the current generation of Widomakers know the full truth of the secrets shared that day, and the Senate kept no records whatsoever. What IS certain is that the Widomakers were bound in their secret treaty to serve Istodard and protect its subsector with all their might, drawing recruits from the able young men of the world.

The Imperium rediscovered Istodard in M40 when a voyaging Rogue Trader was picking through the area for valuables and data left behind by the Chaos Marines from their crusade millennia before. What he found was a strange sight indeed: a free (but struggling) planet trading its dangerous minerals with xenos, guarded by its very own Space Marine chapter, all while maintaining a majority of Imperial decrees and traditions since the time they lost contact. He quickly organized efforts to bring them back into the fold, and was rewarded handsomely by the Administratum.

Now to the truly curious matter: those Marines.

The Widowmakers are dour, not unlike the people of their world. They have no knowledge of their lineage, having passed through three generations of Marines without written records from before their arrival to Istodard. Their current Chapter Warden, Caius Galvisius, suspects that they were somehow descended from loyalist remnants of the Death Guard, though he shares this thought only to his closest confidants. Other veterans share similar theories, but likewise keep their ideas to themselves.

The chapter holds a disdain for the heraldry and pompousness of their cousin Marines, and indeed dislike most of the rest of the Imperium aside from its citizens. In turn, their brothers find their lack of respect offensive, and a few chapters outright refuse to work with the Widowmakers.

They hold no illusions about their task, and do their best to kill cleanly and efficiently. They believe that hatred and excess bloodshed leads to more violence and war, and do not delight in their purpose. Strategically, they take a classical approach: move fast and hard. Cut the head from the snake and the rest will be no threat at all. Widomakers make it a point to move offensively when on defense, and use bait and misdirection on the offensive. Tactically, they avoid getting bogged down in melee unless they know they can win--and Widomakers do utilize the intimidation such strikes can cause. Otherwise, they fight quickly, yet not at range. Bike squads and Land Speeders crush flanks while Rhinos disgorge Marines into the heart of the foe, such that they may cut it out and disrupt the enemy. Such blitzkrieg tactics enable them to take a minimum of casualties for maximum damaging effect.

Recruits are drawn from the proven men of Istodard's PDF/Imperial Guard and Stormtrooper regiments. For them, though, it is not an honour to be elected for Scout candidacy: it is a curse. In the Guard, at least, one eventually returns to his family and his home. But becoming a Widomaker means your life is destined to end in battle, an unending existence of war and strife. This problem is somewhat unique to the Widowmakers: a strange flaw in the geneseed of the Widomakers prevents them from converting younger men, and also causes them to be more susceptible to disease than other chapters. Thus, it is more mentally strenuous for citizens of Istodard to leave their old lives behind, whereas other chapter recruits never know much of a life outside the folds of brotherhood. To counteract this, the chapter officers have drawn an idea from the Salamanders and permit Marines to live freely on Istodard, at least as much as they can afford to.

However, the idea that the Marines are prisoners reaching salvation through service in their own Chapter exists even in its organization. For example, the Chapter Master is called the Warden, and Captains are instead Guardians. Even Battle Brothers consider themselves lowly servants to the higher goal--that of peace and safety for humanity. The Chaplains impress upon the warriors that not only is faith THEIR shield, but THEY are the shield of faith, protectors who cannot live without being defended by that which they serve.

Today, the Widowmakers maintain a fortress monastery on Istodard's terraformed moon, with two rotating reserve companies and half of the 10th company training there and defending the region. The rest of the chapter lives aboard their fleet, strike cruisers splitting off as needed or requested by the Imperium. They still have the first two cruisers they arrived with, though their original names were scoured and they were renamed Archangel of Heath and Shadow Savior. It is from the Savior that Caius guides his forces and vigilantly oversees the safety of the Imperium's human subjects.

Motto: Nulla Astartes (translates to "No Good Marine" in Low Gothic)

Symbol: The Widowmakers rarely wear heraldry or carry standards into battle, to the ire of more stringent Codex chapters. However, for official purposes their symbol is merely a hand, with the fingers formed from bolt-shells and the center a crucified and bleeding palm.


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