Expedition Fleets (Hektor Heresy)

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This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

The Expedition Fleet or Expeditionary Fleet was the standard unit of interstellar conquest during the Great Crusade. These great formations fluctuated in their exact composition, but were generally based around one or two core contingents. Outside of the Expedition Fleets proper were a great multitude of semi-independent Compliance Groups who mainly fought in clean-up and support operations and thoroughly independent Rogue Traders Militant ranging ahead of the Expedition Fleets.

As noted, Expedition Fleets did not have a consistent make-up and the formations listed are only those most heavily associated with the fleet. The commander given is the officer commanding at the beginning of the Hektor Heresy.

Expedition Fleets of the Great Crusade
Number Commander Main Combat Force Supporting Forces Notes
1st Expedition Fleet The Emperor of Mankind Adeptus Custodes Imperial Army This Fleet was also known as the Principia Imperialis. It was disbanded when the Emperor returned to Terra late in the Great Crusade.
3rd Expedition Fleet Hektor Cincinnatus Heralds of Hektor Solar Auxilia
4th Expedition Fleet Arelex Orannis War Scribes
6th Expedition Fleet Leonidas Manisicus Heralds of Hektor
8th Expedition Fleet Ajax Camillus Heralds of Hektor
9th Expedition Fleet Uriel Salazar The Justicars
10th Expedition Fleet Shakya Vardhana Eyes of the Emperor Haeltoth Starguard
12th Expedition Fleet Roman Albrecht Steel Marshals The Carlisian Shock Troops
14th Expedition Fleet Inferox Sons of Fire Gethsemane Noble Guard
16th Expedition Fleet unknown Silver Cataphracts First commanded by Donal Acesson. Stood down at Rosskar during Alexandri Ibirien's reforms in 856.M30, reactivated under new commander by 860.M30.
25th Expedition Fleet Gaspard Lumey Void Angels Ciban Chasseurs Fleet assets transferred to the Fifth Legion at the end of the Al-Sherar Sector War to continue crusading efforts in the Segmentum Pacificus.
28th Expedition Fleet unknown Silver Cataphracts First commanded by Bertran Guesclion. Stood down at Rosskar during Alexandri Ibirien's reforms in 856.M30, reactivated under new commander by 862.M30.
38th Expedition Fleet Alexandri Ibirien Silver Cataphracts Rosskan Strelky
44th Expedition Fleet Onyx the Indestructible Stone Men Based around the Super-Battleship Mount Everest
71st Expedition Fleet Aubrey The Grey Eternal Zealots Lazarite Auxiliaries
98th Expedition Fleet Byk "the Tall" Silver Cataphracts
130th Expedition Fleet Fredrick Hower Carlisian Shock Troops Auron Infantries
333rd Expedition Fleet Fabrice Diallo Void Angels The Markian Corps
410th Expedition Fleet Previously Alhaus Nitzkowski Imperial Army Recently destroyed during the Harvest of Ruawch. The 410th was still slated to be reformed when the Heresy broke out.
581st Expedition Fleet Marceau Lamont Void Angels Ciban Chasseurs Activated c. 897.M30
1633rd Expedition Fleet Grand Marshal Caieton The Markian Corps Nominally under Void Angels command but did not join them in exile
2022nd Expedition Fleet Marshal Jeanne d'Orléans Ciban Chasseurs Operated under command of the Void Angels