Eyes of Mordred

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Eyes of Mordred
Number Unknown
Founding Unknown (32nd Millennium)
Successors of Doom Eagles
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Unknown. Founding father; Mordred of the Doom Eagles
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Fovea
Strength Nominal
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Red, dark grey and white
The current livery of the chapter.

The Eyes of Mordred are YET ANOTHER product of fat/tg/uys playing around with the Chapter Creation tables from Rites of Battle. After a lot of dice rolling, the results came in; a Doom Eagles successor chapter that, while still following the Codex Astartes, are practically loyalist Night Lords with a thing about Eldar. Not to be confused with Scary Marines.

Fluffy bits[edit]

Mordred of the Doom Eagles[edit]

During an assault on an Eldar craftworld by the Doom Eagles, a squad of tactical marines was stranded when the chapter retreated. The members of the squad were picked off one by one over the following days, leaving just one member alive; Septimus. The details of his time on the craftworld have been lost. Some say that he spent the weeks or months aboard the craftworld stalking the Eldar from the shadows, killing them in vengeance for his lost battle brothers and taking the gems attached their armour as trophies. Others say that he was single handedly able to destroy an entire aspect temple or even the seer council of the craftworld. However what is known is that despite the terrible odds against him, Septimus was able to survive alone and somehow find his way back to his chapter either by seizing an Eldar vessel or via other means.

Upon returning to the chapter he was proclaimed a great hero, the gems he had found attached to his armour by the chapter artificer. Around this time, as fortune would have it, the high lords of Terra were nearing the completion of a newly created chapter using the Doom Eagles geneseed which was to guard against the increasing Eldar presence in the [SOMETHING] sector. Septimus was chosen to be the chapter master of this new chapter. He was from then on known as Septimus no longer; he renamed himself Mordred. So they might emulate his example against impossible odds, the new chapter was named The Eyes of Mordred.

In the years that followed, the gems in Mordred's armour began whispering to him, mocking him and weeping into his mind if he attacked the craftworld Eldar, but working him into an uncontrollable fury if he were to attack their dark kin. After much secret study and private consultation with the Master of the Librarium they understood them to be Eldar soulstones. Mordred and the Chief Librarian were eventually able to attune a soulstone to Mordred himself, so that even in death he would be able to lend guidance to the chapter that bore his name.

The Whisperings of the Master[edit]

Chapter Master Mordred (Previously known as Septimus, but he changed his name after he left the Doom Eagles) didn't want to be like this. Not after so long. Those gems he plundered and attached to his armor, he could hear them screaming in rage. He always knew some men considered him mad, and he was deathly afraid their rumors would become true. He looked at the foul Dark Eldar across the battlefield and was filled with a great loathing he had never felt before. The screams became comprehensible speech as he marched closer. "slaves to their decadence" "fallen brethren" "kill them". In rage he charged up to their leader, and before he could react decapitated him with a clean cut from his power sword. With inhuman speed even for a Space Marine he quickly shot all of his escorts with his plasma pistol. Under his helmet, he grinned. He felt like hundreds, no, thousands more years of battle experience crept into him. With a mighty roar he descended upon the rest of the Dark Eldar army, the First Company following

Many years later...

Mordred had his honor guard take their leave. He sat alone with the Warlock he had captured for interrogation. "Now, Veldara, I have a single request for you." he said coldly. Veldara replied "I shall not give in to the likes of you! You have stolen the souls of my brethren!" Mordred edged closer to her, and quietly spoke "That is what I want to know about. I hear the gems in my armor. When I fight your kind, they weep. When I fight Chaos or Dark Eldar, they scream in rage." Veldara quickly responded, saying "Those gems contain the souls of those of us who have died! If your armor is damaged, it will feed She Who Thirsts herself!" Mordred took off his helmet and stared at her with black, emotionless eyes. "Good. You have confirmed my theory. Now, do you want to see your fallen brethren?" Before Veldara could respond, he quickly shot her in the head. Taking her soulstone, he left the dungeons, attaching it to his helmet.

Many years later, still...

Mordred laid on the ground, writhing in pain. A Dark Eldar poison had penetrated his armor, and he knew he would die shortly. Such a small thing as death would not stop him from serving the Emperor, though. He had a secret kept with the Chief Librarian, one that could ruin his chapter's reputation if it had gone out. He knew that one of the stones in his armor was empty, and attuned to him by the Librarian's ritual. He died with a strangely calm expression on his face.

A week later, the new Chapter Master put on the armor of his predecessor. He heard the voices, and for a moment he thought he heard a very familiar one...

Brothers of Note[edit]

Gareth the Merciless
Unlike most of the Eyes of Mordred, who are surprisingly noble under their frightening exterior, Gareth the Merciless is a complete psychopath. He is one of the greatest warriors of the chapter, yet is kept from any command position due to his cruelty. He is known as the 1001st, as to exploit a loophole in the Codex Astartes he is not counted among the Chapter's members. This is due to the fact he works best outside of a squad, as many battle-brothers claim. He wears the skeleton of a Chaos Lord on his Terminator Armor. and wields twin lightning claws. The rest of the Chapter don't like talking about him for obvious reasons, and in fact they try to keep him as much of a secret as possible from other chapters.
Brother Captain Percival
Formerly kidnapped as a child by a Dark Eldar, he was rescued and recruited by an Eyes of Mordred Space Marine. He came to prominence after killing a Hive Tyrant while still an initiate.
Agravain, fallen from the sight of Mordred.
A Chaos Lord who led a group of traitor Eyes of Mordred. He was defeated by Gareth, who took his skeleton as a trophy.


The homeworld of the Eyes of Mordred is the moon of Fovea, orbiting the larger world of Fovea Primus. This airless rock was chosen as an ideal point to base the fortress monastery of the chapter as its lack of atmosphere allowed orbital docks to be built directly into the fortress monastery and so improved reaction to hostile Eldar actions.

The fortress monastery was built in a large but naturally defensible crater known as the Occulous; this name is often also used to refer to the fortress monastery itself. Due to the highly light sensitive eyes of the chapter, the inside of the fortress monastery appears to be a dimly lit and brooding place. Most visitors find the dark echoing halls with the occasional half-seen shuffling cowled figure or shadowed statue to be disconcerting. In truth, the inside is actually well decorated with frescoes the not only depicting the missions and success of Mordred and the chapter but also the history of the Ultramarines Legion and the Doom Eagles' most valorous actions. A great many Eldar soul stones stud the walls as trophies of war, each one a worthy foe slain and consigned to forever rest in the halls of the Occulous. Due to his enhanced eye sight, a battle brother is able to view the halls of the Occulous as if they were bathed in sunlight.

Fovea Primus

As Fovea had no existing human population, the primary recruiting world of the Eyes of Mordred was chosen to be its large neighbour Fovea Primus. This temperate world is one of contrast; glittering cities of white stone and bronze sit atop the plateaus that are scattered across the continents, surrounded by a sea of trees which spans most of the habitable region of the world known only as the forest. Local superstition says that the forest is haunted; studies by Imperial adepts have shown this not to be the case, however several species of hallucination inducing plants and fungi infest the forest leading to these wild fascinations. People who enter the forest are said to be confronted by their worst nightmares made real; the Eyes of Mordred allow this idea to remain in the population so that the forest retains its terrifying reputation. In addition, this makes it the perfect testing ground for recruits. The people of Fovea Primus are simple; their world has been held in a post-feudal state for 8 millenia with advanced weaponry and ideologies being off-limits to the general population. The rule of Fovea Primus takes the form of a constitutional vigilante government; laws were laid down by the Eyes of Mordred eight millenia ago and these must be followed. Deviation from the law will be met with communal punishment should it be found, ranging from public lashing, to a week's stay in the forest, to the complete slaughter of a settlement's population. In order to avoid these outcomes, the population will punish its own; any found breaking the law will often be killed or crippled by their own people so as to avoid a punishment for the masses. This leads to a idyllic looking society living in beautiful clean cities, however there is a constant fear of failure and reprisal in every heart.


The chapter beliefs are centered around emulating their former chapter master Mordred, specifically his actions when he was stranded on an Eldar craftworld. Most notable among this is the cult of fear; the weak are subjected to fear and the strong might over come it and harness it just as Mordred did on the craftworld. When faced with insurmountable odds and completely alone, he did not give in and instead conducted terror raids and brutal acts of murder so as to make the Eldar fear him. Those who have undergone some sort of traumatic, terrifying, life changing experience are especially favoured if they are able to become recruits. They do also venerate and respect their Primarch Roboute Guilliman, however where as other successor chapters of the Ultramarines geneseed might see him as the master tactician, they view him as the tactful and lethal killer. One of the chapter's traditions is a ritual fight where both participants are blindfolded. It is usually done to determine successorship and to settle feuds between battle-brothers. Gareth was shunned by the chapter due to accidentally killing his opponent in a duel between him and a fellow battle-brother who was angered with his ignoble behavior. He was only re-accepted into the chapter's ranks as the 1001st after he went on a ten year one-man crusade. In rare cases one may usurp the rank of one above you by having a special duel where the higher ranked marine wields a staff instead of being unarmed like usual. The chapter believes that if you are skilled enough to defeat a more experienced marine when he has an advantage, you are truly deserving of his place. Otherwise, they frown upon marines getting promoted too young.


Recruit from the world next to their homeworld and / or freed dark Eldar slaves. The horrors the slaves have been to subjected to imply the strength they may have as a battle brother.

Potential recruits are tested by trial by fear. They released into the haunted woodlands of the planet Fovea Primus and then they must survive for a week. This is certainly no easy task, as they are hunted to death by the chaplains and librarians of the Eyes. In addition to this, much of the naturally growing fungus and plant life in the woodlands causes terrible hallucinations that bring a mans worst fears to life. Any who survive will not only have experienced the worst horrors he can imagine, but have overcome them and avoided capture by a superior force, just as Mordred did prior to the chapters birth.

In order for a recruit to become a full battle brother, they must collect 100 eyes taken from slain foes on the battlefield, in order to emulate the example of Mordred when he collected the gems of the Eldar. However, the nature of this task requires the scouts to be up close and personal with the foe; eyes can not be taken from a sniper's perch. This leads to a particularly high rate of death in the chapters scout company and so it is oversized to compensate.

Conquer your fear - the recruitment of Brother Percival
The child trembled. He hadn't seen his mom and dad for days, and the nasty tall men with pointy ears kidnapped him. He was kept up at night by the screams of his friends, and now only he was left. He heard something in the distance. Gunfire, and more screams. He cowered further into the corner. Suddenly, the wall broke. Standing just out of the hole was... it couldn't be... a Space Marine! "What is your name, child?" he asked calmly. "P-percy, sir!" the child stuttered. "Brother Percival, from now on you live with us. Welcome to the Eyes of Mordred."
10 years later, Initiate Percival was running for his life. The Librarians and Chaplains were hunting him down, and if they caught him he would be made into a Servitor for his failure. He remembered being told the forest bought your greatest fears to life. He sat down and hid in some bushes, and started smelling something unusual. A plant nearby was emitting spores, and everything started getting fuzzy. He remembered when he was a child. He saw the cruel Dark Eldar, how they tortured Uncle Luke to death in front of him, how he was thrown into a cell. Their cruel mocking laughter echoed through his mind, and he ran. He ran and climbed into the trees, away from them. "Conquer your fears" the Chaplain said, "and you shall pass". Percival grimaced. He jumped out of the tree and lunged at the nearest Dark Eldar. He strangled it to death and tore out it's eyes. He roared with triumph before realizing what he had done. In reality, he had killed a fellow initiate, who in his hallucinations he thought was a Dark Eldar. He got tense as he backed into a large object. Turning around, he saw the intimidating form of a chaplain. He knew what to do. He jumped at the chaplain and tore off his helmet, and starting punching his face. He however was knocked off his feet by a fist to the gut the chaplain delivered. The chaplain walked closer to him, towering over him. "By standing up and facing me, you have conquered your fear, Percival. You are now able to enter combat as a Scout."
Initiate Percival waited. Only two more eyes to add to his collection before he became a full-fledged battle brother. However, his squad was devastated by the xeno forces. He was currently with the only other remaining squad member, Scout Sergeant Tristram, and some Devastator Marines waiting for reinforcements. A Hive Tyrant led his fellow Tyranids, charging at the remnants of the battleforce. Two hours remained until more Fifth Company troops came to assist their brothers. As he waited, he heard stomping footsteps. Peeking out from behind the cover he was hiding in, he noticed the Hive Tyrant walking towards him. The foul xeno must've heard the Marines! Quickly the Devastators set up their Heavy Bolter and shoot at the greater daemon, who responded with a blast of foul bio-plasma. Percival was knocked back, severely burnt, but his brothers weren't so lucky. He picked up the sniper rifle of Tristram. Those last two eyes had to be from something special. He jumped out of cover and jammed the sniper rifle into the roaring mouth of the Hive Tyrant, riddled with bullets but not yet dead. He pressed the trigger as fast as he could, before the Tyranid could recover from his surprise. The Hive Tyrant screamed and lunged at Percival with his scything talons, but he jumped out of the way, escaping with a scar on his face. Taking out a frag grenade, he threw it while running out of the way. After the dust settled, he examined the corpse of the Hive Tyrant and plucked out it's eyes, putting them in a vial. He quietly praised the Emperor for his luck.


In order to terrify the foe once the first strike is made, most battle brothers will emit a piercing shriek or scream from their vox casters as they charge. Some officers even have enhanced loud speakers attached to their armour to strengthen the effect. While new battlebrothers often use artificially generated or pre-recorded screams, it is considered a matter of honour for a brother to collect and record a suitable scream shortly after he is recruited. Brothers will often compete and collect new screams over the years so that they might be even more terrifying.

The chapter master wears the very same armour that Mordred wore upon the chapters founding; it is studded all over by luminous and brightly coloured gems with one large gem placed over the heart. Some say that the armour imparts the wisdom of the previous masters to the bearer and in doing so raise his fighting and tactical skills even higher than they would have been. This rumour has led to a belief that by collecting the eyes (similar to the gems worked into the armour) of fallen battle brothers or enemies then a battle brother might gain their skill and learning and use it himself on the battlefield.

The eyes that a new scout collects are kept in vials and if the recruit achieves success become one of his proudest chapter trappings; many battle brothers have the vials worked into their armour, or metal studs adorned with an eye design attached to their grieves and shoulder plating so that they might always remember their success in the trial. The metal studs are also reminiscent of Mordred's very own armour.

Crunchy bits[edit]

Chapter History 
32nd Millennium Founding
Chapter Progenitor 
Doom Eagles (Ultramarines Successor)
Chapter Purpose 
Stat Bonuses 
+5 Weapon Skill, +5 Fellowship
Gene-Seed Purity 
Altered Stock
Gene-Seed Deficiency 
Oversensitive Occulobe, resulting in improved sight in the dark, but poorer sight in the light.
Codex Chapter
Combat Doctrine 
Terror tactics
Chapter Belief 
Esoteric Beliefs
Chapter Founding Father 
Mordred, a single tactical marine of the Doom Eagles who was stranded in a craftworld after a failed attack. As he could not carve his way out, he started killing Eldar and wearing their Soulstones as trophies. Eventually he managed to intimidate an Eldar passenger ship's captain to transport him to the nearest webway gate on an Imperial World. For his bravery and tenacity, he eventually became the founding father of the Eyes of Mordred.
Chapter Homeworld 
Uninhabited, Airless
Chapter Strength 
Chapter Friendship
Imperial Navy
Chapter Enemy
Dark Eldar
Chapter Battlecry 

Solo Mode Abilities[edit]

The Chapter strictly follows the guidelines for combat set down by its parent Chapter. Choose one Solo Mode Ability from the Ultramarines.

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