Eyes of the Warmaster

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This page is a work in progress, part of the Imperium Asunder project, a fan remake of the warhammer 40 000 history.

Eyes of the Warmaster
Battle Cry The Warmaster sees all!
Number XVI
Homeworld Terra
Specialty Propaganda and infiltration
Allegiance Dark Imperium
Colours Eyes Armor.png

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The Master of Mankind's primarch project was disrupted by the forces of chaos, and 18 of his 20 sons were cast into the warp, scattered among the stars. One, however, did not go as far. In the highest spires of Britannia's hives, in the northern reaches of ancient Terra, REDACTED was discovered in a pod by the Hive's bureaucratic corps. Naked, the boy had pallid grey skin and in his eye sockets there were no eyes, as though they had been gouged out by flames. They boy grew old quickly, and by the time the Emperor's Thunder Warriors came to unify the hives under his rule, REDACTED was a skilled administrator. Alba's hives proved more resistant then others, and the Master of Mankind came to the front personally to confront the spymaster of britannia. The Emperor recognized one of his sons on sight, and with joy he named REDACTED his firstfound son.

Legion Tactics[edit]

The Eyes of the Warmaster are perfectly disciplined soldiers, and often fight with the advantage of well-constructed strategic plans. Squads of the Eyes are often used in conjunction together by their commanders to divide and conquer the enemy. Specialists among the Eyes often serve as infiltrators of the enemy, using covert methods to insert themselves among human foes and manipulate enemy units as parts of grand battlefield strategems. The Warmaster is said to always know every detail of a battlefield, and while that is surely a boast, it has a foundation of truth. Battles are often rigidly timetabled so that plans can be coordinated even without vox contact.

Legion Organization[edit]

The Warmaster's legion is the standard template for Astartes, having been the first to reach full legion strength.

Space Marine Legion.jpg

Legion History[edit]

Great Crusade[edit]

Legion Equerry[edit]


Public Service Announcements[edit]

ATTENTION: FRIEND WARMASTER SPEAKS: Friends in Terrasoc, My doubleplusgoodest friends. Unfriends want our doubleplusunwellness. We must unmakeful his plans. How can? Work, friends, work. In factory work, in home work. Not to unwork. If unwork then make friends unwellful, make unloyalful. Doubleplushard work, doubleplusgood. Must makemindful: Not to look at unground. Friend Warmaster has heard unloyals say exists unTerra in unground? How can? Not can. Is untrue. Heresy. Unfriends unseen in allplace. Careful. Not to thoughtcrime.

Not to unremember, friend Warmaster, Emperor of Terra, is watching. Always. The Emperor Protect