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Reason: This is literally a furry game about raping your enemies into submission and engaging in all kinds of weird and/or gross fetishes.
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FAPP: Erotic Sexventures is an extremely NSFW furry eroRPG made by a gnoll named Kah. Worshipers of Slaanesh probably play this game. The Magical Realm of Jizzral is (in the words of the author) "so faggoty that it jizzes onto other nearby planes to make them more like itself, in a phenomenon known as the Fappening." Combat in the game mostly consists of players and NPCs trying to rape each other, as a side effect of the Fappening makes affected denizens impossible to kill (though despite this, rules for non-fetish-based combat exist, so you can play as a band of warriors cleansing their world of the unholy taint or completely ignore the furry crap and use it like a regular RPG).

This game contains rules for just about every fetish and paraphilia in existence; it has rules for healing a character by changing their diaper, taking up the DPS role by shooting excessive amounts of sexual fluids, and being impregnated by some big, horny beast as a game mechanic. All of this is lovingly detailed in a complete asset pack for MapTool, because even the author is capable of recognizing that people who want to play this shit face-to-face should be lynched. Then again they made a deal with a book-publishing company so that point has been rendered moot, but it's still whatever. The game has three different editions: Classic Fapp, Advanced Fapp, and Fapp Climax, with the former two no longer being supported. They all officially go by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Edition, respectfully. What are you, D&D? Fappfinder could technically count as another edition.


Rules (Classic Fapp)[edit]

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Rules (Advanced Fapp)[edit]

Select Age, Size, Nature (what substance(s) your character is made of - expect rubber furries), Assets (what body parts you have, such as Ass or Cock for example), Mutations, and Kinks. Your stats are Power, Stamina, Speed, Ego, Will, and Insight, and each has a cap of 5. Your SP is equal to 10 + Stamina ± Size. You start with 20 (or more) AP you can spend on stats and Actions.

During each turn, you get two Actions which can be used to either declare an Asset attack or use a Class Action. You can use a Swift Action even when it isn't your turn, but must wait until the start of your turn to reuse a Swift.

The game does not use experience points, instead you gain more AP whenever the Game Master (or GM) decides to reward you with it. Stats determine how many d6 you roll when making a check. Instead of adding the values of the d6 together, you count how many of them roll above the check. For example, if you attack the opponent's Ass with your Cock, you roll one die for each point you have in Power, and deal one point of damage for each dice that rolls higher than the target's Stamina. If you have Advantage, you re-roll all of the dice and take whichever set of rolls would do more damage. And after rolling the dice, you are encouraged by the rules to roleplay the results.

Character Classes[edit]

Character classes do not have levels. Instead, you spend points to purchase actions from a class. You may only have actions from up to two classes.

  • Beguiler: Uses various psychic powers to charm their opponents and invoke new kinks.
  • Cumslinger: Basically a Gunslinger or Ranger who fights by shooting enemies with ridiculous amounts of semen or other fluids.
  • Fiend: Wielder of demonic magic. Capable of applying multiple conditions and natures.
  • Fleshcrafter: Taps into the power of the Fappening to warp their own body or the body of others. Can add/remove assets and mutations to self or others.
  • Matron/Patron: You are a MILF or a DILF. Abilities include healing, nature magic, and pregnancy.
  • Rektyl: Focuses on swallowing enemies whole and grossing them out.
  • Stud/Amazon: Fights enemies and fucks them raw, all with their brute strength.
  • Tantrist: Practitioner of mystical martial arts and resisting temptation.
  • Technomancer: Only usable in modern or sci-fi settings. Fights with the power of technology. Useful for fighting against or supporting digital/metallic creatures.
  • Twink/Mynx: Submissive but agile and sneaky.

Rules (Fapp Climax)[edit]

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Unlike the last edition but similarly to the first one, Fapp Climax does not have any real classes, unless you count Backgrounds but they're mostly for fluff. Instead Skills are what determine your character's capabilities, and you can have as much as your Level can afford! And yes, you can become a literal Skill Monkey.

  • Absorption - You know the Fusion Dance technique from Dragon Ball Z? This is mostly that but furrier and kinkier.
  • Bottoming - Giving "smart ass" a whole new meaning.
  • Breeding - If the thought of becoming a mother and/or father doesn't squick you, then this is the Skill for you. Tailored towards pregnancy fetishists (who might or might not be rabbits).
  • Bukkake - Just how productive are your balls!?
  • Carnage - For those who are into gorn or playing vampire. Or just want to make the horny furballs drown in their own blood.
  • Charm - 🎵 I'm sexy and I know it. 🎵
  • Cold - Use the power of ice to perform cool tricks... Pun not intended.
  • Corruption - Go all Warlock on your enemies as you use the power of demonic magic to turn the competition in your favor.
  • Curses - Play a Necromancer and start a Thriller parody but with furry zombie dicks. Or play a sexy Witch and use your body to do the spells, even better if you have a minion and a patron to worship through said minion so you can go full-on Pathfinder.
  • Domination - Bend them to your will as you bend them over.
  • Engineering - Use the power of science to fight against your enemies. It just works.
  • Filth - Weaponized toilet fetishes. Need we say more?
  • Finesse - Using natural flexibility as a sexual weapon, now featuring foot fetish!
  • Growth - Every macro fan's wet dream.
  • Hacking - Build an army of sex slaves to do your bidding. May involve Pokémon and Digimon.
  • Heat - Use the power of fire to aid in your hot bod image... Pun not intended.
  • Hypnosis - "Look into my eyes. You are getting veeeeery horny."
  • Illusion - Troll your foes into thinking that they're going up against a well-endowed dragon as you and your party sneak past.
  • Nursing - Essentially for healer archetypes, but with tits and dicks instead of magic.
  • Oral - Perfect for cock-hungry fags!
  • Physique - Crush your enemies under the weight of your muscles (figuratively speaking anyways, but then again...they may be into that).
  • Psionics - Fight pervy magic with pervy magic, they always say.
  • Purification - The exact opposite of Corruption where you make everyone stare at your majestic cock like the angelic douche you are.
  • Revelry - Only in Fapp can drunkenness be beneficial.
  • Scent - Using your nose to track down enemies? What are you, a dog? Hahaha! ...Wait.
  • Shapeshifting - Change your own appearance like your going clothes shopping...if clothes translated to bodies.
  • Shrinking - The direct opposite of Growth but just as fetishy as usual. ("Fetishy" is a word, right?)
  • Submission - Also a direct opposite, this time for Domination. Certainly the yin to its yang, and by that we mean the yin is getting happy fucked by the yang.
  • Tantrism - If kung-fu fused with BDSM.
  • Topping - Once again a direct opposite, this time for Bottoming. What's a good furry-focused RPG without a some dicking after all!
  • Transformation - Instead of transforming yourself, you transform others. Another classic staple in furfaggotry.
  • Transmutation - Manipulating materials into other ones, like food! (Wait, what?)
  • Trickery - Sneaky fucky~.
  • Vore - Every vore fan's wet dream.
  • Wrestling - Probably gets its name from the fact that its Abilities focus on grappling, but we all know the real reason for its name: HARDCORE SEX WRESTLING!


Note: This section is not 100% accurate to Jizzral's lore and will most likely be fixed at some point.


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Jizzral is the main setting of FAPP and likely is the source of the Fappening. It connects to many other planes through invisible portals that usually are one-way leading to Jizzral, making it easy to stumble into but rare for anything to leave without divine assistance.



  • Abhoth: The mandatory Cthulhu expy. A dreaded god of water, slime, and corruption that no sane person dares to worship but whose influence is felt in the form of the horrific monsters he regularly spawns and the dark secrets he whispers in people's dreams. Abhoth is by far the most powerful of the gods and could easily devour all of Jizzral but for unknown reasons is content with sitting patiently at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Abraham: Believed to the creator of Jizzral. A badger god of abstinence, purity, and bondage who was bound in BDSM gear in the center of the planet by Belial and Cheeky. He helplessly watches while his world is fallen to depravity. Real subtle commentary about your parents and their beliefs during your childhood, FAPP writer.
  • Bahamat: The dragon god of justice, sky, and wealth. A combination of Bahamut and Tiamat. An oddball considering the setting, and definitely a lazy fuck considering that he is not burninating the realm for their injustices.
  • Belial: FAPP's version of Slaanesh. The demon god of pain, pleasure, and servitude who is Abraham's nemesis. They once ruled over most of Jizzral and are believed to have shaped its laws of reality into what they are today, which would make them the cause of The Fappening. They now seek to conquer Jizzral again with their armies of demons. Totally no relation to Belial or Belial (D&D).
  • Cheeky: The demon cat god of transformation, trickery, and youth. Making a bargain with him for a larger penis will probably result in him turning you into a giant penis.
  • Circa: A cow god of battle, health, and strength. The first mortal from Jizzral to achieve godhood and younger sister of Salem.
  • Malkei: The god of travel, musk, and feasting. A morbidly obese and incredibly smelly monster who visits his followers personally more often than any other Jizzral god. He parties with them, shares his wisdom, and eats all of their food before he leaves Jizzral again to continue exploring other worlds and seeking out more food.
  • Mother: A half-animal, half-plant goddess of nature and fertility. But she is also the goddess of disease because she loves all lifeforms including microbes, making her a slightly nicer mommy GF version of Nurgle. Worshipping her could cause you to turn to a plant monster or just as easily turn you into the furry version of a Plague Marine.
  • Salem: A cow god of bounty, family, and wisdom. The second mortal from Jizzral to achieve godhood and older sister of Circa.
  • Yeenoghu: The Gnoll god of beasts, hunting, and revelry. Slightly nicer than his counterpart in D&D since this is a world where nobody dies but still very savage.



  • Fapp Primer - Only contains the rules for character creation and combat in Classic Fapp. Very simple rules with no character classes.
  • Advanced Fapp - Contains rules for a brand new system with character classes and more complex rules.
  • Fappfinder - A fan creation with character classes designed to be compatible with Pathfinder.
  • Filth Folio - A book of dirty and disgusting characters.
  • Zanthrone - A book set in the nation of the aforementioned name, containing potions of various bodily transformations.


  • Fapp: Core Rulebook - Contains the rules for Classic Fapp and introduces the setting of Jizzral. Later remade into Rotgut Rampage and compatible with Advanced Fapp instead.
  • Fapp: Balls Deep In Duat - The Fappening spreads to a new world based on ancient Egypt.
  • Fapp: Ass Effect - Science fiction (or sci-fi) setting.
  • Fapp: Hard Heroes - Superhero setting. Takes place in a different universe from Jizzral, set in a Fappened location called Babylon City.
  • Fapp: Landsmeat - Returns back to the world of Jizzral for an adventure involving an important meeting between barbarian tribes.
  • Fapp: Endgame - Modern day gamers get trapped in Jizzral by playing an MMORPG.
  • Fapp: Monster Balls - Pokémon, Digimon, and other types of Mons leak into the world of Jizzral and are collected by the gamers trapped in Jizzral, which was explained in the previous book.
  • Fapp: Dragon Layer - As you may suspect, you get to fuck dragons here. Most likely the biggest reason why you're interested in this furry trash of an RPG in the first place.
  • Fapp: Yiff in Hell - Probably the closest thing to a traditional RPG adventure as you're gonna get as you run around fucking demons to try and prevent an all-out invasion from Hell.
  • Fapp: Fuck U - School setting. Takes place in the same location as Hard Heroes.
  • Fapp: Cyberjunk - Cyberpunk setting. The world of Babylon City takes on a darker and edgier look due to the preceding events explained in the book.
  • Fapp: Cursed Compendium - A book about raiding some temple to indulge in your greedy fantasies about hoarding treasures. Most of them are cursed however, sooo...
  • Fapp: Hyper Space - Sci-fi setting. Again.
  • Fapp: Yokai Hentai (coming soon) - A weeaboo's wet dream. Literally.

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