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Were you looking for FATAL? If yes, seek help.

There was a card game?[edit]

Yes. No. Sort-of.

Over in Europe, if you said F.A.T.A.L., they'd think you were talking about a medium-popular webcomic series made in Italy. Faeries, magical girls, some homemade movies even. No anal circumference checks. The German game company that makes Coloretto and some other games worth playing made a card game for this Italian fantasy thing.

So, yeah. Mostly this page is here so that someone can be a prick when /tg/ is talking about the other F.A.T.A.L. and cite sources.

German - to - English translation[edit]

A long, long time, so that neither people nor can mage remind the whole world was pervaded by magic. Even in the age of swords are the powerful artifacts of the families is still a major threat if they fall into enemy hands. And try to regain rival families of techno-wizards their lost treasures. They also do not shy away from attacks against each other back and put a powerful spell.

These spells consist of three cards, the players gradually in a series to himself interprets the. The effect of the award is determined by the combination of the cards dealt. You can directly help or hinder the player the other players. The effects range from a large hand of cards to the taking of resources or the forced ejection of cards. But since it takes some time before such a spell is finished, the other players can try to adapt. If there is no player manages to eliminate his rival family, by forcing the players to throw off the last card hand, wins in the end the player who has collected the most valuable treasures.

This exciting card trick game is the winner of the contest "Gioco inedito" in 2005, the annual occasion of "Lucca Comics & Games" takes place!

Martina Mealli create with their unusual illustration of the atmospheric background for the world of FATAL, which she and her co-author Gabriele Rabbini has created. More there is to see.

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