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Support your local Store, yes even if the staff are shit. You need them, more than you know.

The Local Game Store (LGS) is whichever store a neckbeard goes to in his current locale to game in. It only becomes a Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) if the staff and patrons are actually nice people, instead of the usual sociopathic rules lawyers, preteens on Ritalin, and idiots who refuse to learn how to play the damn games.

Battle Bunkers are GW's answer to large-scale concentrations of Neckbeards. Games Workshop has two Battle Bunkers in the US. They are located in Los Angeles (Westminster) Not anymore, it's a one man store with a whole whopping two tables and a group of employees with their heads so far up their asses they don't know what edition either game is in. As far as I know, the store in Washington DC (Bowie, MD) might still be open. If you call that store your LGS, we envy you you are a lying fuck, as it has closed and been one-manned, too.

If you live in a podunk town that doesn't possess an LGS, or if you otherwise would like to play tabletop elsewhere, a few alternatives exist. Tabletop Simulator and VASSAL Game Engine have been used for playing 40k and other tabletop games.

Don't know if you have one?[edit]

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