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Warrior without its skirts
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While the rest of the world was working on their own equivalent to the BMP, the Brits were busy with The Troubles. Funding was focused on the development of small arms, infantry and special operation forces doctrine, leaving projects like the challenger and FV510 in the dust.

Eventually, the Brits would release the FV510 Warrior to the world in 1988. Like other British vehicles, this was a heavy vehicle with the mobility of a crumpet, the armour of an egg carton, and enough firepower to level a small village before morning tea.

In Team Yankee[edit]


The FV510 Warrior is an infantry fighting vehicle designed to engage and destroy enemy IFVs with its 30mm autocannon while having enough armour to survive a peppering of autocannon fire.

British players may note the similarities to the Scimitar: this is a small-ish vehicle that can threaten almost anything on the field besides tanks. Essentially, you're trading the ability to spearhead and scout for some armour, transport capacity and filling out troop slots. Spearhead is key to the threat range of the Scimitar; allowing a platoon of Scimitars to immediately threaten your enemy's artillery and command units. This means your Warriors would usually be used on the defensive, given that most players would use spearheads to entrench infantry on the flanks.

As with other IFVs, the Warrior can take a Milan mount if you wish to turn a stationary, nigh-indestructible missile team into a fragile moving metal box of tank explodey goodness.


It's like an FV432 with confidence issues.
British Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Chieftain - Challenger 1
Transports: Spartan Transport - FV432 Transport - FV510 Warrior - Lynx Transport
Infantry: Mechanized Company - Milan Section (Mechanized) - Airmobile Company - Milan Platoon (Airmobile) - Support Troop
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