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A rumour site for anything Warhammer 40,000, and to a lesser extent Warhammer Fantasy and Dropzone Commander, Faeit 212 is the place to go to get your daily rumour fix, or have a heated discussion, take your pick. Mainly visited by US neckbeards, the UK having Atia rumour-mastering.

Faeit 212 is a long-lived blog for rumour about our favourite game, among other contributions and rumour for other games. It is governed by one dude by the name of Naftka, a swell enough dude who are reasonably bro for a mod: He will rutinely break out discussions or off topic discussion in the comment section or write about the rumours in the comment section. He also loves Dropzone Commander and has converted many to the game through the rumours on the site. The blog is well known for being inaccurate and very, VERY open to any and all rumour, made up or not, which has lead to many complaints and much rage - Which is one hundred percent bullshit, as Naftka himself have made it clear that he collects anything he can find and delivers it to the community, so they can sort out the goods and discuss it. Thankfully, most people get that on the site, though it occasinally get lost in the discussion.

Faeit gets most of its stuff from other sites, such as 4chan, and has their postings in turn replicated on sites like BoLS, which serves to help people get their rumours from one place, rather than searching the web to get them all. It is updated very frequently, with three to six posts per day as standard.

The community is generally nice, though some personae just can't let that be - If you ever visit the site and write in the comments, it is recommended to no concern yourself with these delinquents. Overall, they have the same colourful cast of haters and fanboys any site has, and as such is pretty straight forward. (Commenting on the site was temporarily disabled, which totally wasn't because a person responded to a comment written very poorly with a link to a youtube video of Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction. I'm sure you can figure out what scene it was). Recently Natfka introduced a new concept to the site, where people can send in their projects for the rest of the site, for great glory.

/tg/ and Faeit are usually on good enough terms, though pointing to anything posted on Faeit as pudding is likely to cause a minor shitstorm (a shit-shower, if you will) about whether it's trustworthy or not.

It's pretty great. Much better than that other nest of mewling fucktards.

Generally, a rule of thumb is to occupy yourself with something time- and/or mind-consuming until something you are so goddamn longing for actually (officially) comes out. If you have the same problem as heroin addicts or just lack that good ol' self-control, you have to thank people like the one above for being insightful and tips(y).

Right now Faeit 212 is creating a new wargame called The Genesys Project.