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Faen are Monte Cook's answer to the elf.

Faen were introduced in Arcana Unearthed. They come in two types: quickling and loresong. By the rule of dysmorphia so common to that book, they get a path toward not being quickling or loresong: this is the smaller and bewingéd spryte. In addition, when Arcana Evolved comes outTHE DRAGONS RETURN!, faen can take racial levels to being better faen.

By the faen, Cook aimed to restore Lord Dunsany's elfland to the fey, lost from most visions of the Elf since Tollers first decided to make them angelic parahumans. Cook generally succeeded. The faen habit of making up gods as they go along is a bit twee and precious; but a DM can rule that's a Diamond Throne trait, not intrinsic to the race.

Quicklings and loresongs can interbreed but their offspring ends up one or the other. Sprytes, unlike mojh, retain their sex but, like mojh, cannot breed.



+2 Intelligence, -2 Strength
Base speed 20 feet
Low Light Vision
+4 size and +2 racial bonus to Sneak, +2 Spellcraft checks.
Can carry 3/4 as much as a Medium.
Spell-like abilities: 1/day detect magic, ghost sound, lesser glowglobe at character level.
Favored Class: akashic, champion (magic), greenbond, mage blade, magister, runethane, witch (winter, wood).


+2 Dexterity, -2 Strength
Smaller than loresongs, even
+1 AC
Base speed 20 feet
Low Light Vision
+4 size and +2 racial bonus to Sneak checks, +1 Initiative.
Can carry 3/4 as much as a Medium.
Run: five times normal speed as opposed to other races, at four (unless armoured).
Favored Class: champion (freedom), mage blade, totem warrior (wolverine), unfettered.


An option for faen at 3rd character level, after a stint in a cocoon.

+2 Dexterity, -2 Strength - stack with loresong/quickling
Base speed 10 feet on foot, 30 flying
Low Light Vision
Racial levels
Favored Class: champion, magister, runethane, totem warrior (hawk), unfettered, witch (winter, wood).


The homeland of both faen is the great northeastern forest of Terrakal in Serran, north of the Diamond Throne. Beyond Countless Doorways tacked the quicklings onto Wolfgang Baur's Lizard Kingdoms, also, for whatever reason. (They were probably supposed to be small sentient lemurs.)

In the Diamond Throne setting they are tied in with The Green, the natural balance of life and death. They get along with all the races, especially Giants, although not having much in common with verrik. They have their own language, with a written script.

When the dramojh came out of the Bitter Peaks, most faen slipped back into their forest. They held most of it against these abominations but the southern third was contested. When the Giants came, the faen recovered that side of it, and have been working to heal it ever since.

Meanwhile some quicklings have formed a huldre cult to their north, where they recruit direwolves and whatever else to murder other faen with less purity. Those faen call the cultists "darkling", understandably.