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"Secretive and spiteful warriors, the Fallen fight with furious determination as they try to avoid defeat or capture. Ever on the run from the inexorable vengeance of the Dark Angels and their successor Chapters, the Fallen have become as relentlessly merciless as those who pursue them. Some prefer to take the fight to their enemies at close quarters, while others eliminate from afar – in either case, the Fallen make lethal foes, who do not flinch from dark acts and terrible hardship."

– Games Workshop

The most common troops of the Fallen Angels, the Fallen are the descendants of those who have followed Luther's cause during the Horus Heresy. As such, they are hunted down and reviled by the deepest inner circles of the Dark Angels. Unfortunately for the Dark Angels, the Fallen are a tricky bunch to catch, often twisting the Unforgiven's nipples to no end. They are often lead by a Fallen Champion to guide them on where the best place is to be so they can remain hidden from the sons of the First Legion.

During the events of Gathering Storm, Cypher and his cohorts of Fallen and their superiors, freed Grandpa Smurf from being turned into Kairos Fateweaver's personal bitch on board a Blackstone Fortress. They along with the Harlequins escorted the Primarch and his forces into Holy Terra itself. Unfortunately for the Fallen, Big Bobby G actually double crossed Cypher's forces cause Girlyman was suspicious on the mysterious sword that Cypher was holding. Suffice to say, Cypher and his forces somehow managed to escape one of the most heavily defended planets in the entire galaxy, a planet filled with the Emperor's finest, making him the 40k version of Houdini.

A group of Fallen is seen strolling through an Imperial city.

The Fallen are equipped with a multitude of weapons to assist them in combating the varied threats in the Galaxy. In some ways, they are the equivalent of the Space Marine Tactical Squad. Up to four Fallen may replace his Bolter with either a Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Meltagun, Plasma Gun, a Combi-Weapon, or Power Weapons. While one may take a weapon from the Heavy or Special Weapons lists. All in all, the Fallen are well trained to fend off innumerable threats to compensate for their much smaller forces. The only real downside is that the Fallen have no way of taking Dedicated Transports... In the Chaos Space Marine Codex anyway, you can just use the vanilla Space Marine Codex and replace <CHAPTER> with <FALLEN>, thereby having an entire force with the Fallen keyword, letting you use a Dedicated Transport with them and fucking with Dark Angels everywhere. Though you can't use anything DA exclusive if you do this or Cypher as an HQ. As him and the Fallen have the <CHAOS> keyword. While holding no advantages over the First Legion. With that in mind. It would make more sense to play them as Dark Angels successors.

Not to be confused with the Demons from Demon: The Fallen.

Forces of the Fallen
Command: Cypher - Fallen Champion
Troops: Fallen
Flyers: Stormtalon - Thunderhawk
Spacecraft: Drop Pod
Allies: Chaos Space Marines
Space Marines (Dark Angels Exempted)