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They're not usually this overtly feminine.

Fauns are a species of woodland spirit native to Greco-Roman mythology. Intrinsically tied up in the lore of satyrs, there is very little to differentiate the two, except that fauns are usually described as being sweeter, gentler and all around "tamer", in no small part because they don't drink themselves into a stupor all of the time. This means they are much more attractive to the local nymphs, and are often actively pursued by them.

Fauns were a playable monster race in Basic Dungeons & Dragons, where they appeared in the Creature Catalog 1: The Wee Folk.

Fauns are also a race of monsters in Pathfinder; said to be the rare results of satyrs interbreeding with mortal women with Good alignments, they are far calmer and more in tune with mortal sympathies than their fathers. Also, they have women - fewer in numbers than the men, but they're not an all-male race like satyrs are.

Because fauns are supposed to be more "effeminate" when compared to their satyr kindred/progenitors, they are slightly more likely to get the monstergirls treatment, which usually amounts to changing them from their dainty, pretty-boy male status to a shy and busty goat/deer-girl.


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