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Fetch are a species of "half-undead" from Dungeons & Dragons. A racial template introduced in 3rd edition, Fetch represent mortals who are half-ghost. Fetch are the least common of the half-undead, since the blending of the corporeal with the ethereal is a logistical nightmare. Some fetch are born when the gods allow a woman to carry the child of her deceased love's spirit. Others are ghosts. spectres, or other incorporeal undead who were restored to life with flawed magic.

Whatever their origins, fetch are powerful yet frail creatures that tend to rely more on their special powers than on physical prowess in combat. Many become so sickly that they require almost constant care from family or friends.

A fetch resembles a sorrowful human with hair, skin, and eyes of a nearly transparent white, blue, or ash-gray color. A typical fetch appears sickly and physically weak and speaks in a soft, melodious voice.

Speed: A fetch can fly with perfect maneuverability at a speed of 30 feet.
Special Attacks: A fetch retains all the special attacks of the base creature and gains those described below.
Telekinesis (Sp): Once every and rounds, a fetch can use telekinesis as a caster of a level equal to the fetch's total HD.
Unnerving Gaze (Su): A fetch can unnerve an opponent with a glance. Any living being that meets its gaze must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + one-half the fetch's total Hit Dice + the fetch's Charisma modifier) or be shaken for the next 10 minutes. A successful save renders a creature immune to that fetch's gaze for 24 hours.
Special Qualities: A fetch has all the special qualities at the base creature and those common to all half-undead (see the Half-Undead Traits) also has the following special qualities.
Detect Incorporeal Undead (Sp): At will, a fetch can detect any form of incorporeal undead. This ability works like the detect undead spell (caster level equals fetch's HD) but it only detects incorporeal undead.
Ghost Form (Su): A fetch can create a spirit body capable of traveling about freely and engaging in combat. This ability is usable once per day and requires a full round action. At the beginning of the following round the fetch's body lies in a comatose state while a shimmering, incorporeal duplicate of it moves about freely. This ghost form glows with an eerie light whose color corresponds to the fetch's alignment - evil fetch glow crimson, neutral fetch glow a sickly green shade, and good fetch glow electric blue. The ghost form has access to all of the fetches special abilities, skills, spells and feats, but it has no weapons or equipment and can use only items that an incorporeal creature can handle. Destroying the ghost form returns the fetch's spirit to its body immediately and heals 1 point of damage for each minute that it used it ghost form ability. Otherwise, the fetch can remain in ghost form indefinitely or return to its body as a full-round action.
Immunities (Ex): A fetch is immune to ability damage, ability drain, and the special attacks of ghosts.
Unnatural Aura (Su): Animals, both wild and domesticated, can sense the unnatural presence of a fetch at a distance of 15 feet. They will not willingly approach nearer than that and panic if forced to do so; they remain panicked as long as they are within that range.
Abilities: Change from the base creature as follows: Str -2, Dex +2, Con -2, Cha +2.
Skills: A fetch gains a +4 racial bonus on Move Silently checks.
Organization: Solitary, gang (2-4 normal base creatures and fetch), or party (2-8 normal base creatures and 2-4 fetches).
Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +5.
Level Adjustment: Same as the base creature.

A Fetch has certain qualities it shares with all of its fellow "Half-Undead"; the Katane, Ghul and Ghedan. These traits are listed as the Half-Undead Super Template, meaning these special qualities are common to all four racial templates.

Half-Undead Super-Template:

Call of Undeath (Ex): A half-undead has a 3% chance per Hit Dice that it will rise as a full undead of its progenitor type upon its death.
Darkvision (Ex): A half-undead gains Darkvision 60 feet, unless it already has a better range of darkvision.
Detection (Ex): A half-undead registers as an Undead creature of half its actual Hit Dice for spells/abilities that detect the undead.
Fortification (Ex): A half-undead has a 50% chance to negate critical hits and sneak attacks. If granted Fortification from a suit of magic armor, use the superior change.
Immunity to Energy Drain (Ex)
Necrotic Life: When attacked by a spell or effect that deals hit point damage with negative energy, a half-undead takes half-damage on a failed save and no damage on a successful save.
Slow Aging (Ex): Upon reaching maturity, a half-undead ages at one quarter (1/4th) the normal rate for its living race.
Turn Kind (Ex): A half-undead Cleric gains a +2 bonus on checks made to turn, rebuke, command or bolster undead of its progenitor type.
Vulnerability to Holy Water (Ex): A half-undead takes 1d4 damage per flask of holy water it is hit with.
Vulnerability to Turning (Ex): Clerics can attempt to turn or rebuke the half-undead as if it were truly undead. If the attempt would be powerful enough to affect an undead of equivalent Hit Dice, the half-undead suffers a -4 penalty to all attacks, saves, skill checks and ability checks for 10 rounds or until the cleric who turned/rebuked it attacks the half-undead. If the attempt would be powerful enough to command or destroy an undead of equivalent Hit Dice, the half-undead is Stunned for 2d4 rounds instead.
Saves: +2 racial bonus on all saves against fear, poison, disease, paralysis and necromancy spells.