Fields of Freedom (Mutant: Heirs of Doom)

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The fields of freedom is the territory between the Wall of Albion and the northern border of the Soern States. Six clans of marauders live here. Most settlements are around the anicent fuel stations. There are about twenty big ones twice as many small ones. The clans fight for the ownership of the stations. A common symbol among the clans is the Wrench Emblem. The Graaaaul is a deity for the clans.


It is allowed to conquer a small fuel station declaring your intentions. However, a clan who wants to expand their territory with a big station has to declare there intentions to the other clans before doing so.

The Clans[edit]

Clan Red[edit]

The red clan is filled with passion and romance. They have a dozen zeppelongs. Which is lucky, because their graultos are sizonly slow.

Clan Orange[edit]

Clan orange are "peacy wimps" who trade with most. They have some wheezzels and even a few zeppelongs after a trade involving lots of ale must. They live mostly by the western coast.

Clan Yellow[edit]

Clan yellow is a clan composed entierly of pigs, especially a mutant breed know as snotch snoutlings. Only a handful of people who aren't snoutlings are members of the clan, and they are part of it because they looked good and were at the wrong place the wrong time.

Lives in the southwest. Pigs. Matriachy. Assiduous and successful scrap finders. Their food contains nuts, bolts and various chemicals. Seems to be made for living in unhealthy conditions. There is some in-fighting among the snoutling families. Speak ok Albionic, but have Snotch as their native language. Incomprehensible groins, gutturals and snorts. The few people who understand it say it is rich when it comes to tastes and scents.

Women have Big. Men have Flock creature. 95% men. 1t3 random mutations. CON: 2t6+6 Wil: 2t6 Per: 2t6.

Family names: Schwabber, Krubber

Clan Green[edit]

Clan green are a bit loony. They only use e-power for their choppers. And they don't eat meat. They have some zeppelongs.

Clan Blue[edit]

Clan blue only is water choppers. They Absolutely dominate the west coast. They mostly live byt the coast and the oil rigs in the eastern Kharl's Sea. When they noticed that Both Ireland and the Soern States patrolled the Isle of Kharl, they were quick to follw.

Clan Purple[edit]

Clan purple is viewed at with mixed feelings. They are easy to get an alliance with, but that is because they change side whenever they think one clan is getting to strong.

Clan Bilröst[edit]

Clan Bilröst's Flag

Clan Bilröst is a very new clan. Only seven years at most. It is led by The Baron and it's common denominator is that it wants the clans to unity against the rest of the world. To show that they want unity, their flag is made out of all the colours of the clans.