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One pint sized powerhouse.

Ork Fightas are one of the smallest if not THE smallest type of aircraft produced by Ork Mek Boyz and are thus used for dog-fighting and ground attack. They are built primarily for speed and firepower in order to salivate the thirst of Ork Flyboyz, a Fighta can only carry a small wing-mounted payload of bombs or rockets, but carries multiple big shootas producing a lethal hail of bullets and shameless firepower masturbation at close range.. Ork Fighta Pilots love nothing more then to fly in close to enemy aircraft and tear it apart with hail of dakka.

Despite its crude design, when flying in a straight line a Fighta is easily a match for any Imperial Navy fighter and its engine is remarkably effective, capable of producing a huge amount of thrust. It retains its maneuverability by using two thrust nozzles angled sideways to change the aircraft's trajectory. Using these engine nozzles tends to throw the aircraft violently into its new directions, giving the appearance that the Flyboy is wildly out of control, a feature that strangely appeals to the crazed pilot as he careens through the sky. Of course like all Ork designs, the Fighta favors high rate of fire than actual accuracy, so the chances of actually hitting anything still remains low.

Unfortunately the Dakkajet with its bonuses of being equipped with different weapons has essentially replaced the Fighta is almost every category. Pretty useless now since the damned Dakkajet does everything it did better. The only thing going for the FIghta is that it can be upgraded to BS3 and can be offered as a cheap cannon fodder to shield enemy anti-air fire from the more important flyers and annoy the living hell out of enemy flyers.

Its bigger and more nastier brother is the Fighta-Bommer so if you see a squadron of Fightas, you can bet that a Fighta-Bommer or two is right behind them.

It was originally available in Forgeworld but it was unfortunately removed for reasons unknown.

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