Figurine of Wondrous Power

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The Figurine of Wondrous Power is a magic item hailing from Dungeons & Dragons. Specifically, it is a type of magic item, much like the Ioun Stones; all Figurines are small images of animals worked from a specific kind of material, and with the power to be transformed from tiny figurine into a magical animal companion when activated. These companions are loyal to their bearer, and often have some unique magical abilities of their own to offer.

One of the most famous Figurines is Guenhwyvar, a female black panther whose figurine is made of onyx, and a life-long companion of the rogue Drow Drizzt. Uniquely, her figurine serves to summon her from her home in the Astral Plane, rather than directly transforming into her. This gives her an unusual level of resilience compared to some other examples of her kind.

In the Ravenloft setting, malevolent golems known as Figurine Golems present themselves as Figurines of Wondrous Power to the uneducated, but secretly work to harm and ultimately kill their "owner" and everyone around them.