Finder Wyvernspur

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Finder Wyvernspur
A white harp on a grey circle
Aliases The Nameless Bard
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Art, Saurials, Cycles of Life
Domains 3E: Avarice, Chaos, Charm, Pride, Renewal, Scalykind, Sloth
4E: Change
Home Plane Great Wheel: Fermata (Arborea)
World Tree/World Axis: Gates of the Moon
Worshippers Bards, Artists, Saurials
Favoured Weapon Sword of Songs (Bastard Sword)

Finder Wyvernspur is a sort of oddball within the Faerunian pantheon, in that he inherited his divine status from a former god, but not the portfolio; making him a sort of deity by accident. It's long and complicated.


Starting out as a mortal, "Finder" was born a noble in the Wyvernspur family of Cormyr. He was member of the Harpers, follower of Tymora and a Bard, but a very arrogant and presumptuous one at that and hated how his compositions were being reproduced by other performers. Finder resented how they would add their own variations and twists to his work, feeling that his creations were already perfect.

So Finder learned a bit of forbidden, dangerous magic and created a clone of himself called "Flattery", who he filled with all the knowledge of his music, but none of the wisdom and maturity that comes with age and experience. Flattery was emotionally stunted from the beginning, an imperfect clone who would never be able to live up to his creators expectations. So when Flattery failed to perform to Finder's exacting standards, his creator beat him.

Considering that Flattery had only lived for short while, that was akin to beating a mentally handicapped person, who would have no understanding of why. So it was inevitable that Flattery would snap: going on the rampage and destroying the Harper headquarters and fleeing. Finder was placed on trial and locked in stasis for centuries because of his actions.

In the mean time, sorcerers found his notes and experiments and attempted to recreate them, eventually leading to Finder's release from imprisonment and the creation of another humanoid construct with Finder's memories who also twisted and revised his works. Though this time the songs were prophetic and led into a plot regarding Moander - God of Corruption, who the adventuring party managed to slay during the Time of Troubles. Whereupon Finder took the divine spark of Moander and became a god himself, but did not assume the portfolio and left it up for grabs.

Worshippers and Relationships[edit]

As a new deity, Finder Wyvernspur had few followers and a lot of enemies. Some Saurials that he freed during his quest took to worshipping him as their lord and saviour, making him an unintended patron of Scalykind, but that puts him in direct opposition to Set and Tiamat.

Lolth took over from Moander and acts under his guise, sponsoring his remnant cultists to find a way to destroy Finder. Additionaly, Talona and Gargauth want to claim Moander's lost portfolio over corruption, but struggle to do it while Finder Wyvernspur still exists. After all that, Moander himself still exists after a fashion, in a sort of vestigial state and is trying to consume powerful creatures to regain enough power to get his revenge.

Finder never really gave up on his music and tried to insinuate himself as god of music and art. But Milil and Oghma already have those portfolios and aren't keen on allowing someone else to muscle their way into their domains. He eventually became patron of the transformative arts rather than inspiration for new art, which is deeply ironic given his history and resentment at having his own works transformed.

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