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Five green circles arranged in a circle on a blue background
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Temporal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Time)
Portfolio Family, justice
Domains Time, Law, Justice, Family
Favoured Weapon Light mace

Finidel is the Immortal associated with family and justice.


As Finidel grew in power and fame, he undertook the Path of the Dynast and found his sponsor atop Mount Grimm. He then quested for the Cap of Mala to help him later in his quest, and after several near-death situations he found it. From there he went to create his own kingdom in a land of forested hills. He slew much of the green dragons that infested the land and built his capital, the City of Five Hills, for his new kingdom. As time passed, the kingdom repelled invasions and an assassination plot by his former companions, Finidel eventually got himself a grandson, and travelled in time to ensure the safety of his dynasty, under the guise of becoming moody and withdrawn. Eventually he abdicated and returned to Mount Grimm, where he ascended to Immortality.


Finidel appears as a lean man in his 30's, with brown eyes and hair.


Finidel is normally optimistic and cheerful, but can become moody and withdrawn suddenly. He takes his responsibilities seriously, tolerates other peoples points of view.

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