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Fiora is a plane in Magic: The Gathering's multiverse, the setting for the draft- and multiplayer-centric Conspiracy expansions. It is notable for looking very much like Assassin's Creed II with Ezio fighting goblins and mages instead of Templars.

Most cards from Fiora center on a city named Paliano, and the conspiracies (see what I did there?) related to its rulership. In the first Conspiracy set, Paliano was ruled by King Brago, who was deposed and murdered by one Marchesa the Black Rose. Marchesa crowned herself Queen, but since this is Magic, Brago is still hanging around as a ghost. The full consequences of this are yet to be revealed.

It is also the home of an artificer named Muzzio, who is basically Magic's equivalent of Leonardo da Vinci.

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