Fire Angels

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Fire Angels
Founding Twenty-Fifth Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Consul-Master Uriaens
Homeworld Lorin Alpha
Specialty Emprah Worship, Kissing the Ecclesiarchy's ass
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Silver & Red

The Fire Angels are a Space Marine chapter listed as Ultramarine successors. They fought on the loyalist side during the Badab War. Ever wonder what loyalist Word Bearers would be like post-Heresy? These guys are what you'd get. And might be the real thing, too.


Tactical Marine in Mark VIII "Errant-pattern" Power Armour

The Fire Angels are a recently founded chapter from the 25th Founding. Though only a few centuries old, they have already won much honour for their victories in various campaigns and crusades.

Since they are so young, there hasn't been enough time for them to deviate from the Codex Astartes, and thus they have not developed any particular traits that let them stand out, though in the RPG they are above average close combatants (like literally every asskicking Chapters are) and marksmen which makes them pretty handy. Probably partly due to the fact that they focus their training on "typical Astartes" methods of war. So, a focus on maximizing the advantages of being superhuman through kicking ass with super-strength and no-scoping everyone with insane reflexes and senses. Doesn't this make them better than the Ultramarines at being Space Marines?

However, also because they are so young, they lack more specialised war machines and relics and have to make do with standard Rhino variants. The same goes for Terminator armor, and is the reason most of their 1st company is comprised of sternguard veterans.

They do not revere their ancestral primarch Roboute Guilliman as most chapters do, believing this to be a form of idolatry. Instead however they worship the Emperor as a God, making them relative oddballs amongst Astartes Chapters who rather see Him as an inspired and extremely advanced Man as well as their forefather. In fact the Fire Angels go so far as to have adopted the Imperial Creed, sharing many of its teachings and beliefs.

As a result, the Chapter has close ties with various bodies within the Ecclesiarchy and typically fights alongside the Adepta Sororitas. Battle-Brothers of the Fire Angels have received numerous citations and honours from the lords of the Ministorum, something that very few other Chapters would care to accept or even acknowledge. Since, y'know, the Ministorum isn't a sanctioned organization and therefore is actually illegal and heretical in the first place.(Uh, no. The Ministorum is since M32 a part of the Highlords of Terra and an integral part of the Adeptus Terra. They aren't illegal or unsanctioned. The Ministorum was created by the citizenry via the illegal worship of the Emperor, grew in great power despite not being sanctioned by either the Emperor or the High Lords (who don't have the authority to sanction something banned by the Emperor anyway), and then were given a seat on the High Lords due to not wanting the Ecclesiarchy to be independent of Imperial authority and running amuck on its own. It was never sanctioned nor could it legally ever be sanctioned.)

Worshiping the Emperor was forbidden by the Emperor. Which means the Fire Angels are actually heretics!

All together, these guys are as opposite from Ultramarines as you could get. Completely so if they ever stop being codex complaint.

Combat Tactics[edit]

Sternguard veteran of the 1st Company

The Fire Angels are a highly zealous chapter, though their combat tactics mirror those of the Ultramarines almost exactly due to their adherence to the Codex Astartes, thus on the tabletop they used the Chapter Tactics (Ultramarines).

They tend to rely on "basic" Imperial technology and codex equipment, such as rhinos and Predators, while their 1st Company is mostly composed of Sternguard Veterans rather than of Terminators. Perhaps due to a lack of Terminator armor (unlikely given every other Chapter has plenty of them and these guys have normal Chapter resources plus the Ecclesiarchy as a butt buddy) or they have it but choose to focus on marksmanship with special bolt shells instead of armor that is pointless or even suicidal in most combat environments.

Special Characters[edit]

The only special character for the Chapter is Tarnus Vale, captain of the 3rd company who took part in the Badab War. Although he got virus bombed, he survived and returned to the battle with mechanical lungs. On the tabletop he's a captain-sized Antaro Chronus with the ability to take over a transport vehicle like a Land Raider or Razorback, which he grants his ballistic skill and Tank-Hunters USR to. In addition all of your Razorbacks, Rhinos and Land Raiders in the army get 5+ Invulnerable saves against Glancing Hits, so he's nice but not broken.

In 8th Edition he is a default settings captain that gives a 6+ invulnerable save to vehicles within 6", and has a Damage 2 power axe.

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