Fires Far Away

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Fires Far Away is a homebrew posted to /tg/ in the spring of 2018, designed to run games in the setting and style of Dark Souls. Play as hollows, fight for souls, squander your humanity, and die. Die a lot.

While the game currently includes a starting amount of enemies, weapons, and other content the stated goal of its creator is that fa/tg/guys will convert more content from the video games to Fires Far Away themselves, as well as make up their own stuff, and share it. By crowdsourcing content for the game, the list of available items and enemies and supplemental rules should become as large as anyone could ever want.

Links to the game documents are provided below, and in the event that any updates are made to these PDFs they should be listed here as well in the future.

Game Documents[edit]

Additional Content[edit]

Custom painted Dark Souls miniatures from the disappointing board game.

Usermade stuff goes here. This can be anything from enemies to items to new covenants to new rules sections entirely. Don't be afraid to make your own versions of something already in the books and share them as an alternative if you feel like something was done wrong or could stand improvement. No one's feelings are going to be hurt here.