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This is my flammenwerfer, with which I will werf flammen

While the Mk IV Steam Tank is a somewhat unwieldy weapons platform due to its colossal size, that same size has allowed the Ordinance Department and the designers at Baldwin to install new and interesting weapons to take on the Martian Invaders.

After experiencing the might of the Martians first hand the Tank Corps submitted a request for a roughly equivalent weapons system to the Heat ray. Captured heat rays proved impossible to duplicate despite exhaustive studies, so a more indigenous solution had to be devised. The DuPont Chemical Company proposed a weapon that would spray a two part fuel onto the tripods that once ignited would burn at a temperature hot enough to roast the Invaders where they stood. Due to the size of the storage tanks required to maintain a jet of flame long enough give the tripods trouble, and the actual size of the weapon itself precluded its installation on any vehicle smaller than a MK IV and thus the MK IV Flame Tank was born.

The Flame Tanks towering superstructure is needed to raise the Flame Gun to the level of the Tripods to give the weapon a greater chance of damaging the alien machine. While somewhat bizarre looking, commanders in the field have reported a surge in moral whenever the Flame Tank is deployed, its superstructure rising in defiance of the towering tripods.

In All Quiet on the Martian Front[edit]

The Flame Tank is one of the more iconic units in AQMF and oh boy is it good on the table top. With the turret you can engage Martians in every direction so you don't have to worry about whether you have the right facing to start purging the Xenos in flame. Due to the unique nature of the Flame Gun, you get the FLAMEGUN special rule when firing it. When you make an attack with the flame gun roll a D10 and divide by two and round up to the nearest whole number. The result is how many attacks you can make for this shooting step. Oh, it also gets +3 power and ignore cover modifiers, Hellfire indeed. The only limiting factor is a somewhat short range of 15 inches.

More mundanely you get a pair of forward mounted 4 inch guns which allow you to take some potshots at martians outside of your flame guns range or kneecap tripods up close so that you can more easily burn them. These have the standard range of 30 inches and a +2 power.

As for defenses the flame tank has a defense of 4 and an armor rating of 10. While you will take hits more than 50% of the time its going to take a bit to put you down. However once a heat ray does penetrate your armor you must immediately roll a D10. On the result of a 10 the tanks containing the volatile flamer fuel explode, tearing the Flame tank apart and turning everything within 6 inches in a raging inferno. All units within 6 inches of the flame tank automatically take D5 hits with the same stats of the Flame gun, so +3 power, yikes. So you might want to consider not stacking up your units near the Flame Tank (not that you should have in the first place, given the Martians Sweep rules).

The Mk IV Flame Tank will cost you 180 Points to add to your US force.

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