Flames of the Rising Phoenix

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I return for my family.

The Flames of the Rising Phoenix is a heretical Dharmic path in the Vampire: The Masquerade campaign supplement Kindred of the East. Phoenixes believe that they were given a second chance to look after their mortal families. Its chosen Virtues are Hun and Yang.

While easily as old as the Dharmas of the Fivefold Way, the Rising Phoenix Dharma draws inspiration from the cultures of the Indian subcontinent rather than the Chinese model used by the Quincunx Dharmas. Rather than a separation from one's mortal life, the dharma stresses a continuation and strengthening of ties to a Wan Kuei's mortal family.

Cultural posturing aside, many followers of the orthodox dharmas look upon the Phoenixes as deluded fools for essentially lingering in what would normally be the first step in the Fivefold Way. By refusing to let go of their mortal attachments, Phoenixes also leave themselves open to future heartache, as they will eventually outlive their family... If they don't lose control to their Demon first.

The Dharma hasn't produced any Bodhisattvas, and many of its adherents simply disappear without a trace by the time they hit Mandarin-equivalent levels of enlightenment.

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