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One of the revered ships of Battlefleet /tg/. Technically a part of the Imperial Navy...

History [Classified by Ordo Xenos: Deemed too fucktasticly AWESOME for mortal eyes]

Armaments -Based on the Apocalypse-Class design, the Flankitus mounts a massive Nova cannon on the bow with secondary primary weapons on the wings. It has a total of eighteen lances for secondary weapons; four on the dorsal and seven on each broadside. The Flankitus has a huge number of smaller weapons.

Notable Victories

Battle of Ulvis: The archenemy heavy cruiser LAWLFAIL, and seven smaller escorts, were destroyed.

The Purging of Deathworld Yiffy Yiff: Part of a massive task-force, the Flankitus played the prominent role of flagship for the fleet.

Battle over the Chaos Shrineworld Zarribicus: The Flankitus was the only survivor of the four-ship battle group, but completed its mission, disposal of the Lord Marshal's holy pr0n collection. The Chaos legions suffered massive casualties from the bombardment.

The Hunt of Chaos Lord Volmanth: The Inquisition used the revered battleship as a base of operations for the hunt of this evil lord. Eventually caught, the head of this hated menace was mounted on the wall of the captain's head.

Indomitus Crusade: Upon the resurrection of Roboute Guilliman and his declaration of the Indomitus Crusade, the Flankitus served as one of the command ships for the century long campaign and destroyed hundreds of enemy vessels, including a possessed Apocalypse battleship. It also assisted in hundreds of orbital bombardments.