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Flash Gitz squad

Whereas the typical Ork Boy prefers to smash things up with his Choppa, some Orks get more satisfaction out of riddling an enemy fulla holes with their Shoota. These are the Flash Gitz, Orks who fixate upon having the biggest, fanciest, most dead-killy guns they can get ahold of. Unlike Lootas, who will happily pinch suitably killy guns from other races, Flash Gitz focus their attention on getting enough Teef to pay the Mekboyz for the fanciest custom Shootas they can manage. The requirement of wealth being one of the reasons why most Flash Gitz initially tend to belong to the Bad Moonz. Needless to say, other Orks think of them as big show-offs who waste time maintaining and polishing their guns (hence the name), whilst Mekboyz are quite fond of them. Flash Gitz tend to be pretty arrogant, but also quite deadly... at least, when they manage to hit something.

Because of their extravagant lifestyle, Flash Git mobs will quickly take their place to the Freebooterz life. Fighting as mercenaries allows successful Gitz to accumulate vast sums of wealth in a short space of time. Even better, they can gleefully spend it all on themselves without a Warboss around to take his cut. With teef galore flowing into their coffers, successful mobs of Flash Gitz will soon be riding through the void in their very own Kill Kroozer while wielding the kind of firearms that Deathskulls Lootas can only dream of stealing. They bedeck themselves with natty finery, even their Grot minions live in arguably the best form of lifestyle in which they get stuffed into gold-buttoned frock coats and brag loudly of their masters' wealth. Flash Gitz also sport profusions of piercings, furs, glyph-plates, brightly colored pirate garb and extravagant hats. All of this showy nonsense does absolutely nothing though to hide the hulking, muscular bulk and bestial lethality of the Flash Gitz themselves.


In Crunch, Flash Gitz aren't a very popular choice, almost always losing out to Lootas for a player's Heavy Support slot. And up until 7th Edition, it wasn't hard to see why; Lootas reliably put out more Dakka from further away at a higher S value than a Flash Git for fewer points. 7th Ed gave the Gits a much needed buff, taking them from "assault 1, buy an upgrade for assault 2" to just "assault 3 at all times". The most interesting thing that Flash Gits have always had was the fact that Snazzguns change their AP value each time they shoot by the roll of a d6; this means half the time they rip MEQs apart like so many 'roided-up pinatas. Now in 8th they lost Assault weapons for Heavy 3 and have BS 4+ which means if they stay put they’re actually as good at shooting as Grots. Unfortunately they’re still hampered by short range. If you’re dead set on bringing them, bring a unit of 5 in a Trukk with Badrukk and an Ammo Runt per git. You get 5 re-rolls to hit in addition to Badrukk allowing re-rolls of 1 to hit. And then on a 6 they have a chance to shoot again at the nearest unit. Note that this is subject to 8E’s weird perceptions and assumptions about “nearest unit”, i.e. you have to shoot at the nearest unit, but can’t actually see them (Genestealers on the other side of a building) the shot is wasted, it doesn’t just go to the nearest unit within LOS.

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