Flesh-Eater Courts

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The Flesh-eater courts are what has become of many of the mortal followers of Nagash. flesh-eaters are all delusional and believe themselves to servants of a regal king atop a golden throne attending when they are neat the ghoul king, when in reality they are all dirty naked homeless people who eat people. In a sense they are the cockroaches of Age of Sigmar. The court comes in many different types Crypt-ghouls, Crypt-ghasts courtiers, Crypt horrors, Crypt flayers, Abhorrant Ghoul King, Varghoulf courtier and Abhorrant Archregent. They also see themselves as what can only be described as "Bretonnians", rejoice brothers! We are not forgotten!

The delusions of the ghoul kings[edit]

The court is built upon the fact that the ghoul king is fucking insane and believes himself into being an glorious king atop a giant noble dragon riding into battle against invading barbarians. So pretty much king leer. The unique thing about this madness is that the illusion is shared with every follower of the king and vice-versa, so that what the king sees the court see as well. an example of this is if the king saw a demonette as a monsterous creature the court would as well and if he saw another ghoul king as a fellow king so does his followers.

This aspect gets even weirder when the ghoul king has the ability to use an imaginary telescope and for the king IT JUST WORKS! Yes much like a certain green skinned race whatever the ghoul king believes the universe says "fuck this" and lets it happen, this also works with the weapons they wield which in the kings eyes are swords made of the finest steel, which in reality are just a random bone or rock or skull they pick up. The same is said for their Armour and medals.

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