Flesh Hound

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Flesh Hounds are Khorne's personal attack dogs and are unleashed towards certain enemies of the Blood God whom he sees as painfully insufferable.

Flesh Hounds are tireless predators that possess a crimson skin as durable as mesh armor, massive claws and teeth, as well as amazing speed. Flesh Hounds are also amazingly big (Don't let their model size fool you). Each Flesh Hound is larger than a fully armored Space Marine, and is capable of outrunning a horse at full gallop. Each Flesh Hound has a Collar of Khorne growing out of its neck. These protect the Daemon from psychic attacks, making them highly efficient against those mind-bullet spamming psykers; more so if it is a Sorcerer of Tzeentch. The collars said to be forged from the very heat of Khorne's rage at the foot of the Blood God's throne of brass, these collars have the power to draw the energy from the Warp around it, strengthening the Daemon as well as its immunity to all forms of psychic attack. How Khorne manage to rage so hard as to make a glorified dog collar is both a source of mystery and Lulz.

Though vaguely canine in form, Flesh Hounds are more a blatant cross between a dog and a reptile. Covered with thick scales, Hounds mount large horns and usually feature a series of spikes down the spine. Frills grow from various locations, such as the back of the skull, on the throat, or the rear of the jaws.

An interesting point of information is that Imperial Navigators have even reported hearing the cry of Hounds on the hunt while guiding ships through the Warp, such as the possibly apocryphal tale of The Ready Brace and Rogue Trader Meical Rede. Rede was unlucky enough to have a Hound manifest on board his ship, apparently seeking one of his passengers. The Hound raged through the vessel and slaughtered hundreds before finally being brought down by the ship’s Arch-Militant and masses of Gun Servitors.

Chaos forces often use them to track down and eliminate specific targets such as enemy commanders or hidden foes. Large packs of Flesh Hounds are known to prowl the wastes outside the Blood God's Realm where they pose a threat to any other Daemon who crosses their way.

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