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The Fleshworld is a pretty yucky Daemon World found only in the Maelstrom. During Robot Gullytan's merry pilgrimage to Terra following his resurrection, his forces encountered forces from the Emperor's Children.


As its name implies, the Fleshworld is an entire planet made out of fleshy shit. We ain't sure whether this is Nurgle or Slaanesh shenanigans, although the Emperor's Children laid a stake on the planet, nevertheless this world is fucking E-W-W. During Bobby G's time in the Maelstrom, his scout fleet encountered the Fleshworld. The planet is a twisted, fleshy world that hung amidst a cloud of huge crystalline skulls.

Feeling fucking grossed out, Papa Smurf ordered a ground attack. Why he thought sending in ground forces on a planet with teeth and tentacles was a good idea, rather than nuking it from orbit, we have no clue. It ended as well as you would expect. Roughly several Mechanicus ships got nommed and stuffed into a continent-sized maw that unpuckered at the planet’s northern pole.

After that fiasco, Bobby G finally decided to do orbital bombardment via sustained torpedo launches which severed the world’s ironclad tentacles. Bobby G promptly fucked off from that planet.

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