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Pacman boardgame 75x75.jpg This is a /v/ related article, which we tolerate because it's relevant and/or popular on /tg/... or we just can't be bothered to delete it.

A vydia gaem frenchie publisher, relatively modest but aren't afraid or anything, in an age where every other publisher seems to be betting for MOBAs and mobile games these guys defiantly make more traditional strategy games.

They seem to be in very good terms with Games Workshop as they have worked with some of their Specialist games such as Space Hulk: Deathwing, Bloodbowl, Mordheim and Battlefleet Gothic Armada, resurrecting in digital format one of the best ages of tabletop gaming.

Some of their other jobs include the survival horror Call of Cthulhu, strategy games such as Act of Aggression, which follows some of the best traditions of Command and Conquer, and the Wargame series, a real-time tactics game (which is essentially Team Yankee: The Videogame) with one of the coolest and most extensive portrayals of the Cold War (we are talking about hundreds of options), as well as some other quite innovative titles.

Focus Home Interactive are known by both their followers and detractors to have nearly zero investment in marketing and publicity campaigns, like GeeDubs, instead they seem to prefer to use that money to keep their games patched and improve their content for free while making periodic discounts on Steam (ok, they aren't GeeDubs), for example, the last iteration of the Wargame series, Red Dragon, got 2 free DLCs which added a new campaign (The Second Korean War), new maps and lots of buffs which allowed minor NATO and Warsaw Pact nations to stand their ground against the major nations. Then they brought out the pay to win DLC nations, all hail our new IDF Overlords!

This is quite remarkable as it's well known other publishers like EA invest 3 times in advertisement what they spend in development, we can conclude that these frenchies are among the few publishers which treat their videogames not like blockbuster films but real software.

We wish these guys were in charge of more of Games Workshop IPs as it seems like they actually know what they are doing, if at least because they aren't trying to turn everything in copycats of Starcraft or appeal to the MOBA audience.

We also wish these guys had more money, seriously, while their games are pretty cool it's evident most of them have been made with very low budgets which result in obvious betas, now go buy some of them, and then buy more so they can make a decent Horus Heresy RTS!

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