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Nickname: Serpents
Clan Discipline: Serpentis

The Followers of Set are a clan of Vampires that worship the ancient Egyptian deity of Set, although some factions worship other Cthonic deities in his stead, such as Typhon. The main, and most prominent denomination of the Cult believes that their Antediluvian was Set himself. The reason he became a Vampire is varied; some think he was in a position more similar to Caine, and that all other Kindred are descended from his original followers. Some say he made war with the other Egyptian gods whilst eating the heart of Apep, Serpent of Entropy, giving him and his children control over sneks (their Clan Discipline is called Serpentis). It's all very muddled and mythical.

The clan specializes in dealing forbidden things, being in positions such as the pimp, the corrupt CEO, or the evil doctor. Corruption is their forté; they're the Walter White of the Kindred world. They operate mainly in Egypt, their homeland, and have an almost ironclad grip over the land. They were also the reason the Silent Striders can't all go home (for long, at least). When they go on the warpath, their modus opperendi is to throw wave after wave of expendable mortals at a problem until either the problem goes away or the ever-growing pile of corpses starts to make the conflict unwinnable for either side.

There is a Setite bloodline of Hindu snake-charmers called Daitya.

As of V5, they have decided to rebrand themselves as The Ministry, dropping the snake theme in exchange for doubling down on the whole Corruption aspect. In addition, they joined the Anarchs for whatever reason.

Vampire: The Requiem[edit]

The Followers have a NWoD Analouge, named the Cult of Seth, a Mekhet bloodline that seeks to destabilise the world in order to uphold a “cosmic balance”.

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