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One such Waifu, Little Girl in Force of Will

Force of Will is an anime style ccg that is the bastard child of Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh. However, Force of Will is a lot cheaper than both games (the most expensive card is only around twenty dollars) and it has more waifus and husbandos than either game combined. Building a tier one deck in the standard rotation (New Frontiers) can cost < $100 and will be playable for about a year and half. However, this works to the detriment of the game as when a block (cluster) rotates out the card will drop to mere cents on the dollar. The game has a story, but it's poorly written, poorly translated, and most people don't care about it. The story has something to do with various fantasy worlds (Wonderland, Lovecraft, Japanese, etc.) come into conflict, and some antagonist is destroying these worlds. What really matters is you get to build a deck around Alice in Wonderland and her army of kawaii lolis. Seriously, "Little Girl" is a legit creature race in this game.

The first official set released in Japan on December 1st, 2012, but was an incredible flop. The cluster was called "Valhalla", and only three sets were released. Each booster box was 4500 JPY and had fifteen packs, but rulers and uber-rares in the set were far too rare to where you could crack two boxes and only pull three uber-rares. Now, you can crack two booster boxes of a set and pull nearly every rare and uber-rare. This, however works against the game, as cards aren't that rare buying singles will not net you a profit, and when the set rotates out, the cards will drop in price.

The game was released to English speaking audiences in February of 2014 and have been growing in players since.




The gameplay of Force of Will is similar to Magic's Commander format, with a good number of differences to make it not feel like a blatant rip-off. You have two decks; The first deck has a minimum of forty cards containing your resonators (Creatures), your chants (Sorceries and instants), your additions (Enchantments), and anything else that isn't a magic stone. Your other deck is your magic stone deck, this deck contains what are essentially lands and produces will instead of mana. Unlike Magic, you don't have to worry about finding the perfect blend of will and cards in your deck, as well special-magic stones (Dual lands) don't typically come into play tapped, meaning you can use more special-magic stones than basic ones, or no basic magic stones at all. This allows for decks that are bi or tri colored to be easier to build and encouraged.

Another key difference between Magic and FoW is that combat can be performed as many times as you have available resonators to attack, you cannot assign more than one blocker per attacker, you can attack rested (tapped) creatures, and with a card ability called "precision" you can attack any creatures.


The other spot on your board is where your ruler sits, your ruler each turn can be rested (Tapped) to draw a card from your magic stone deck, your ruler as well can have other abilities. One consistent ability through out all rulers is "Judgment". Judgment requires you to either pay will, fulfill a certain task to flip your Ruler into a J-Ruler. Your J-Ruler essentially becomes a resonator. However, if your J-Ruler does not have Imperishable, when they die you J-Ruler flips back to their ruler side and becomes an "Astral Ruler", and cannot use any abilities except to be rested to draw from your magic stones deck.

Rulers can have a number of abilities, a common ability among several rulers is "energize" which means if your opponent starts first you get to put a "will coin" which can be cracked for whatever type of will that it says on the card. Your rulers can get a number of types of counters put on them, and can also have will-abilities, and can turn a game around.

Card Types[edit]

Keyword Skills[edit]

Type Description
Awakening You pay more will to cast a spell and it gives the resonator/chant/etc an additional ability when it resolves.
Barrier Cannot be targeted by spells or abilities.
Bestow Addition that doesn't get sent to the graveyard when the resonator it is attached to dies.
Bloodlust Must attack each turn if able
Evolution Pay x or fulfill y condition, resonator gets an evolution counter, and gets whatever abilities the card specifies.
God's Art "Ultimate ability" of a J/Resonator, basically if you fulfill a parameter an affect happens. God's Arts can only be played once per game.
Incarnation You sacrifice creatures of various colored will and when the resonator resolves it does various (or one) effect(s).
Precision Can attack recovered (untapped) J/Resonators
Quickcast The card is an instant, you can play it any time.
Remnant Can be played from your graveyard, after resolving gets removed from the game. Basically flashback minus the flashback cost
Shift A cool twist on Magic's transform mechanic, you can pay the cost of whichever side of the card and then flip them for their Shift cost while on the battlefield.
Stealth You can put a resonator into your Standby area and then play it from that spot whenever you meet the trigger. If you pay two of any will you can put it a facedown.
Torrent The card you play gets an extra effect if another card was played before it this turn.


The main object of contempt, before and after censoring

In July 2016 a controversy like the one seen in the Overwatch community would hit Force of Will. The Ruler Zero, Six Sage of Light got a promo for the summer printed. Apart from being unplayable, the titular Zero had her ass exposed on it which led to butthurt from part of the community. The Force of Will company announced it would censor the booty, then another part of the community screamed that FoW Co. was giving into the SJWs. In an attempt to split the baby, FoW Co. released both copies of the promos and left it up to game stores to decide which they give out (unsurprisingly the uncensored version is more expensive on TCG-Player). It's unknown if this is due to demand or because game stores refused to give out the uncensored version, thus making it actually rarer than the censored promo.

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