Forces of Malal

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Zep'xayxya'xpez the Daemon Lord about to have a snack. And no, that Daemonette is not going to experience the good pain.

The forces of the Renegade God has always been solitary and spread thin. But what they lack in proper cohesive force they make up for in sheer power, cunning, and hatred. The forces of both mortal and daemon alike both strive to honor their Anarchic lord through varying contradictions and staunched atheistic beliefs. Like their god before them, the forces of Malal are extraordinarily different from the usual and identifiable hordes of blood drenched Bloodletters of Khorne, to the shifting masses of Tzeentch, from the erotic Daemonettes of Slaanesh and the decaying corpses of Plaguebearers of Nurgle. The daemons of Malal are best described as masses of gnarled bones, hollowed scales, insectoid legs and color ranging from the absolute opposites of black and white. They look different, weird and bizarrely out of place against Chaos, and in many regards that is still Malal's greatest strength.

As mentioned, the forces of Malal do not believe in the existence of other gods; even their own parental god, Malal, is put into question by his followers. While the irony may prove a bit much to the eyes of the Imperium or other Chaos warbands, to the forces of Malal, one thing stands clear; kill all the believers. This in turn has put them at odds with the Word Bearers and their ilk, with an endless bloodbath being showered across the battlefields, spilling the crimson of both traitor and loyal at once.

Their anti-chaos outlook has alerted the interests of more radical Inquisitors, however the Ordo Malleus as a whole warn the dangers of using these agnostic foes as they are as easy to turn against the Imperium as they are each other. Ironically, because they worship the Emperor. If the Imperium had maintained his atheistic views and simply followed a spiritual form of humanism or something, Malal would probably be the Imperium's ally. After all, Malal is not necessarily anti-organization or anti-authority. The Book of Despair says that his followers are those who serve someone/something they hate. This may imply there was more to the Sons of Malice being condemned than their rites, actually as it implies they had to have hated the Imperium while serving as loyalists to have drawn Malal's attention. Given life in the Imperium, Malal may ironically be the real reason (or part of the reason) why the Imperium has managed to survive.

Sons of Malice[edit]

The Sons of Malice standing triumphantly on their victory against the Necrons.
The ravenous daemons of Malal.

The Sons of Malice are the main chosen followers of Malal, and have vowed to eliminate all followers of religion until only science and unbelief reigns supreme. Identifiable by their black and white color palette befitting to a god of contradictions, the Sons of Malice are ruthless followers notorious for their cannibalistic tendencies that is above and beyond even the standards of Chaos. Yet despite this, the Sons of Malice are overall neutral towards the Imperium despite the incident that involved a Inquisitor and a few Celestians if only to continue their focus of their main objective which is in the annihilation of all things Chaos.

It is widely documented that the Sons of Malice are known to only rarely be supported in battle by non-Malal daemons is also considered relevant to their religious practices. It has been noted, however, that on those rare occasions that daemons have appeared alongside the Chapter, they appear to be of those types already documented by the Imperium (Bloodletters or Plaguebearers, etc.) but have been chastised or bound, and they often wear the distinctive black and white livery of the Sons. This act of daemonic bounding is theorized by some in the Inquisition as a symbol of submission and humiliation of the particular daemon, prevented from honoring their parental gods by committing acts that many would call treasonous.

If a Son of Malice should gain Maalal's favor he is promoted into Doomed Ones. Equivalent to the more mainstream Aspiring Chaos Champions, Doomed Ones are the elites of the Sons of Malice forces. Every member of this elite coterie is granted Malice's divine gifts of untold power and sent off to walk the dark paths of the galaxy, slaying their enemies among the servants of Order and Chaos alike with cold efficiency.

Their current leading 'Anarch' is Kathal. Once the Captain of the Sons of Malice's elite 1st Company, Kathal was granted the honor of leading the Chapter in its victory rites after the successful Cilix 225 Campaign. It was these rights that led the Inquisitor Pietas to declare the Sons of Malice Heretics and ultimately to her death at the hands of the Chapter. It was Kathal who ritually sacrificed the intruding Inquisitor and ate her remains alongside his Battle-Brothers before they turned Renegade and found a new home in the service of Malice. After the disappearance of the Chapter Master Ba'kel Draak, Kathal replaced him as the Sons of Malice's new and current Anarch.

The Sons of Malice still retain plenty of wargear dating back during pre-Heresy. Some are even reported to still have functioning Titans and warmachines that have been altered to suit Malal's tastes.

Null Knights[edit]

Null Knights, also known as Null Marines, are the elite mortals who have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to Malal's course towards total anarchy and infighting. Each Null Knight is colored not unlike the Sons of Malice. They are set apart however by a bisected skull helmet to honor their patron god. Null Knights while armed with an un-conventional(as in, especially crafted to cause significant collateral like their other weapons)bolter and CQC weapon are noticeable with their aura of dread that affects all things Chaos.

As appropriate as it would be for Malal to create Blanks from those born with a soul, that ability is far beyond any entity of Chaos, of whom the most they can expect to do is still and calm the currents and storms of it. What separates the Null Knights from the other chaos god cults like plague and noise marines is their choice of weapon. They have a large-scale preference for explosives, often equipping entire squads with grenade launchers and missile launchers. These slightly imprecise weapons will both destroy their enemies and cause significant collateral damage, knocking things into disorder.

Null Knights are utterly fearless and disciplined, shocking the followers of Khorne with dread and admiration at the same time. If it was not for Malal's anarchic policy of utter destruction, then Malal would have found common ground with the Blood God.

Guardian of Contradictions[edit]

A Guardian looking for its next daemonic prey to feast upon.

The Guardian of Contradictions are the Greater Daemons of Malal and are thus, his most powerful loyal subjects. Resembling a skeletal jackal, these daemons are incredibly disciplined and methodical. Rather than going head first into battle in a blinding rage like a Bloodthirster or in ecstatic arousal like a Keeper of Secrets, the Guardians stand on the back lines forming battle plans and strategic actions against their foes.

A Guardian prowling upon the black and white void of Malal's realm.

While Guardians are few in number in contrast to the Greater Daemons of the other Chaos Gods, they make up for this with quality gear and weaponry that can break a Bloodthirster in two. Indeed it is a common sight to see a Guardian go up against several winged heralds of Khorne only to see the Guardian slaughtering Khorne's favored sons with relative ease.

Guardians of Contradictions wield the extremely dangerous and volatile Etherblades whose aura of un-Chaos dissipates any chaotic influences before slicing a daemon in two. The nature of the Guardians is to reverse the nature of whichever Daemon it faces. For example, in close combat, a follower of Khorne would suddenly lose the will to fight and the feelings of hate and anger before being slain by a Guardian. A follower of Slaanesh would lose all her orgasmic delight and be installed with immense feelings of depression, dread and fear before being reduced into a cowering and sobbing wreck. A follower of Tzeentch would lose all his cognitive and ambitious willpower and be replaced with intense idiocy and bewilderment that would infuriate the complex plans of Tzeentch. Lastly a follower of Nurgle would lose all diseases and decay after returning into a pristine and healthy body before being disintegrated by the contradicting energies of a Guardian. It is of this reason why the Guardian of Contradictions are feared throughout the realms of Chaos.

A Guardian is comprised mainly of a large bipedal, skeletal jackal, however it may 'grow' another entity via its tail under certain conditions. When a Guardian has accomplished many great deeds, or otherwise attained the attention of his patron god, a Maiden of Malal will began to grow from his tail, attached via her tailbone. The Maiden generally takes the form of a humanoid female, and it is unknown if it takes any average amount of time for her to grow. A Guardian may only grow a single Maiden, though she is not bound to him - these secondary entity possess a mind of their own. Nevertheless, they may have a sort of twisted paternal relationship, and they will often work together to accomplish a particular goal or scheme in Malal's service. While a Guardian is cold, calculative and merciless, this new female entity is manipulative, formal and has the manner of individuals from high society. These entities prefer to wear modest but regal clothing and can often be seen to ride upon the backs of their Guardians as warmounts. When not in battle, these females discuss with their mortal followers the next strategies of Malal's campaigns.

It is rumored in whispers - some excited, others horrified - that these beings, according to all things contradictory, may have mortal emotions despite their demonic birth and nature. If a mortal savant of Malal is somehow able to gain her favor and affection, their copulation could produce half-mortal, half-demonic entities of great psychic power, but which would be ultimately bound to realspace. But many among the learned savants of demonkind and the ways of the Warp dispute these unthinkable claims, insisting such a 'mating' or any offspring being produced from such a thing are impossible. Nevertheless, stories of these events and their progeny are well known among those who dare to know of such matters.

When Guardians of Contradictions are not in battle, they stand busy guarding the Eternal Mansion of Malal, or serving some goal of their master.

Maidens of Malal[edit]

A Maiden of Malal in her natural glory.

When a female entity growing from a Guardian of Contradictions matures, she may sever their connection and become a truly independent creature. These powerful beings are known as the Maidens of Malal and act as matriarchs and the Heralds of the Renegade God. Whereas the Guardians are the strategists and fearsome warriors of the battlefields, the Maidens are the priestesses of Malal. They lend their talents to areas where leadership requires a more minute and careful hand, and often intercede and interact with lessor followers long before they would see a true Greater Demon. Their motherly and maternal aspect occasionally brings out a bizarre relationship to her 'children' and they become dangerously overprotective if one of their precious followers is harmed in front of one of their number. Maidens in this respect form the polar opposition of the paternal fatherly figure of Nurgle, putting them at odds with the Plague Father.

While the Inquisition is not sure why a Herald would be so empathetic to her followers, the most likely theory is to ensure loyalty to Malal. The lack of any maternal experience has been known to drive the Sons of Malice in a quagmire of mixed emotions. Maidens of Malal are unlike the seductive and corruptive influence of Slaanesh Daemonettes. Whereas Slaaneshi followers represent the dark, twisted side of feminine lust, the Maidens of Malal represents the dark, manipulative nature of maternal trust. Indeed it is common to see a Maiden fully dressed in formal attire, never ever being seen without her clothes save during battle. She will prefer to scheme and manipulate her followers to accomplishing her goals, rather than leading them at the front.

Nevertheless, when forced into combat, Maidens of Malal quickly become one of the most powerful servants of the Rogue God. They resemble something overall human with their limbs being insectoid in appearance. While normally conservatively dressed, Maidens prefer to enter battle in the nude, armed only with a Spear of Disorder. These weapons are capable of rending the laws holding their enemies's bodies together apart, quickly disintegrating any poor foe who face their wrath. Maidens are also lightning quick and beyond graceful and acrobatic, leaping into the warzone with splits, somersaults and agility, like some sort of twisted act of ballet. Their aura of un-Chaos is so potent that it dispels the powerful spells of even a Lord of Change. In one incident, a Maiden was seen bisecting a Keeper of Secrets with a single swing of her spear.

The most potent of these Maidens are the Matrons of Malal, who are far more powerful then the average Maiden. These Maidens have become powerful and greatly respected due to their many triumphs in Malal's name, though some may simply be the Maidens born of the greatest of Guardians, inheriting their respect from their progenitor.

Maidens are often found within the Eternal Mansion of Malal acting as teachers, scholars and practitioners of the dark arts towards aspiring mortals.

Hook Horror[edit]

The ruthless carrion eaters of Malal. The Hook Horrors.

Hook Horrors otherwise known as Hooked Carrions are the Lesser Daemons of Malal. These fiendish daemons act as scavengers in the realm of the Lost God, consuming the flesh and souls of those Malal had deemed as failures. Like carrion eaters, Hook Horrors resemble a skeletal vulture with their iconic hooks for hands. Hook Horrors form the basis of Malal's army. Acting as fast cannon fodder, Hook Horrors leap from the battlefield; their hooks sharp enough to pierce the hulls of the mighty Land Raider.

While Hook Horrors are considered as 'cannon fodder', they are not to be underestimated. Like the Guardians of Contradictions, Hook Horrors leek an aura of dread that infects both Chaos and Psykers alike. They are unpredictably fast and agile, evading bullet fire and closing in on their prey. Hook Horrors are also sadistic. However, they differ from the sadism of Slaaneshi followers in that, while Slaaneshi followers indulge themselves on the physical pain on others, Hook Horrors indulge in irony. What this means is that they enjoy the frustrations and pain of a subject being prevented from showcasing his/her talents.

In this case, Daemonettes are a favored prey for the Hook Horrors. Turning the hunter into the hunted. It is common to see Hook Horrors carrying Daemonettes into their lairs, placing them in a magical cage which nullify all sensation from the maidens of the Dark Prince. The lack of sensation humiliates and starves the pink succubi daemons as they slowly reduce into nothing more than a anorexic shell of their former selves, suffering eternally from pain, and not the good form of pain that they seek. In the mean time the Hook Horrors cackle in delight at the ironic situation.

Additionally, as is their namesake, A Hook Horror is known for disarming and dismantling equipment, much to the frustration of combatants.

Pandemonic Paradox of Malal[edit]

The scrawling terror of Malal's upholders of Paradoxes.

The Pandemonic Paradoxes of Malal are the beasts that spawn from the Rogue God himself. These abominations are a horrifying mishmash of fangs, arachnids, mouths and ferocity. They are utilized as beasts of war, scurrying across the battlefield as their sharp pincers, claws and enlarged maw rip apart any poor and unfortunate soul. These beasts are sometimes confused with Chaos Spawn What? OH FUCK, MALAL SAVE MENOOOOOOOOGLARBABLAHBALHABALAHHBLBLBLBL...

As my predecessor was about to say, these beasts are sometimes confused with those which shall not be named due to their horrific appearance.

Pandemonic Paradoxes are often unleashed in swarms. Their relatively large size means that they can devour a entire Space Marine whole if it wanted to (which they mostly don't, as said Marine can rip them inside out). There have been cases where swarms of Paradoxes have ripped apart formations of Chaos Obliterators.

Within the realm of Malal, these arachnids hang around in Malal's Nest of Ironies. Here the beasts spin webs of fine silk stronger than reinforced ceramite. The webs are constructed in such a way that it can trap even the very fundamental ideas and thoughts of individuals traveling through the warp itself. In this case, followers of Tzeentch must be cautious when traversing through the warp as they are likely to be tangled and devoured by the beasts like a fly through a spiders web. This web follows them into realspace but is only visible via witch sight. Those who are physically inside the web will feel a tug at their existence which though non-fatal, will make every instinct they have scream to escape this web. This feeling when near a Paradox has been nicknamed the Voice of Banishment, even though it is not a voice in the strictest sense.

Limbo-Ticks of the Anti-God[edit]

The voracious swarm of Malal's Parasite Ticks.

Often shortened to just Limbo-Ticks, Limbo-Ticks otherwise known as Parasite Ticks are the main steeds of Malal. As their name suggests, these monstrosities resemble overgrown ticks the size of a horse. To further install its nightmarish nature, these abominations have the eery resemblances of a human skull with its legs made from human-like hands.

Despite its size, these steeds are lightning fast, outrunning even the best horses the Imperium can provide. Most often than not, these daemonic Ticks utilize its speed to hunt down and feast on the corpses of Nurglings, mulching down on their soft and plump flesh.

While this will greatly anger a Great Unclean One, they can't do much as their rot doesn't affect these steeds, if anything it further alerts the Ticks on who is a bigger target to feast upon. Limbo-Ticks infest the Moving Towers of Malal, living in every crevice and hole in the crumbling tower, striking at anything that gets too close.

Because of their ferocity and immunity to Nurgle's rot, it has been seen as a favored mount among the followers of Malal. Limbo-Ticks are considered as the 'light' steed in contrast to the Nightmare's 'heavy' steed. This is because Limbo-Ticks despite their ferocity are relatively weak, to the point where even a humble Lasgun in solitude, let alone an entire platoons worth, is enough to penetrate the light carapace of these terrors of the dark (the sanity of the wielder notwhistanding). Thus they are used in numbers to overcompensate their fragility.


The incredibly territorial Nightmares of the Rogue God.

Nightmares also known as the horses of Malal are another steed of Malal. Looking more akin to the horses employed by Imperium Rough Riders, these beasts are not to be underestimated for their appetite can only be quenched by the flesh of Malal's foes in contrast to the more benign and herbivorous horses found in the Materium. The Nightmares are as stubborn and as vicious as any inhabitants of Malal's domain and it shows. Sporting wicked talons on their hoofs, sharp jagged teeth in its maw and a weaponized tail of either a mace or a scorpions stinger, these mounts are as easily able to crush and maim their own riders as its enemies.

Nightmares are incredibly temperamental and only the most powerful heralds of Malal would have the willpower and strength to subdue the beast. In battle, Nightmares are effective long-distance runners and a more powerful alternative than the Limbo-Ticks. While Nightmares are on a whole much slower than the Limbo-Ticks, they make up for it by being as tough as a Imperial Tank. Indeed it is common to see Lascannon fire simply being deflected through the ethereal skin of a Knightmare, dissipating the photonic bursts from the Lascannon into harmless light. It is for this reason that the most accomplished of Malal's followers are given the gift of this versatile mount.

Nightmares can be found free roaming the plateaus and plains of the Barbed Forests of Doubt where every tree and even grass are warped into cruel, spiked barbs that can cut deep into a person. Anyone who upsets Malal get sent here where they will be viciously ripped to pieces by the forest if the Nightmares themselves have not torn them apart first.

Parasite Riders[edit]

The brutal Parasite Riders of Malal.
How they really look

Parasite Riders, also known as Doomriders, are heralds of Malal favored enough to be given the privileged to mount on the steeds known as Limbo-Ticks or Nightmares. These relentless Calvary of the Anti-God shows no equal, mercilessly punishing the ranks of Chaos without even a hint of stopping.

Parasite Riders often form in groups of three but can sometime form in a lance of eleven to further complement Malal. They often are used to scout a place and provide flanking attacks and supporting fire to other forces of Malal.

When a Parasite Rider becomes accomplished enough, he/she will be promoted to a Doomhunter. These Doomhunters act as leaders of a Calvary charge, often equipped with the best anti-Chaos weapons. Doomhunters are notorious for skewering multiple enemies at once, before chucking their lifeless bodies aside like mannequins. In the realm of Malal, Doomhunters and Parasite Riders often train with one another in the Great Oval of Unbelief.

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