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The Formatting Guidelines detail how you should style proper content pages. Introductory paragraph goes here.

Main body goes here. You don't bold the page title which is Formatting Guidelines every place it appears in the article god.

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This is a header[edit]

Use these to break the article down into component parts. For example, if the article is about a video game, sections might be "Gameplay" or "Characters".

Level one headers (i.e. only one "=") should never be used in articles. They are used for article titles only.

This is a lower header[edit]

Use this to further break down a component. For example, detailing individual characters of a game inside the larger Characters section.

Points are made by simply putting a star in front of something:


  • Point

"Quotes should go inside the double quotation marks, not single quote marks." - Carcer on quote formatting

"If the the quote is so massive it needs its own paragraph, it can be separated from the text by placing a colon at the beginning of the line."

Titles of shows, books, systems. etc. that do not have/need their own page on this wiki should be in italics to aid reading comprehension.

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  • Check out Help:Editing for more advanced page elements and more thorough explanation of what they do.

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