Fortress of Redemption

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Incompetently and overly designed. You are better off with an Aquila Strongpoint.
Clean-Up.jpgThis page is in need of cleanup. Srsly. It's a fucking mess.

The 'Standard' Imperial Fortress. Apparently. Used by both the Imperial Guard and, strangely enough, the Dark Angels (And specifically the Dark Angels).

Maybe there are designs for other variants such as Fortresses of Absolution or Salvation, etc. etc. But in all truth, No One Knows! Also, who would design a fortress like this? It lacks dakka, has fire points on only one side and has only one entrance/exit stock and said entrance/exit is on the side that doesn't have fire points and is hidden from most of the battlements by a giant tower(slow clap). To cap it all off the part of the fortress with the greatest vantage point and the greatest population capacity, the tower with 20 infantry slots, hasn't got a single fire point at all. '

Hay! 'Standard' does not mean 'good'.

On the Tabletop[edit]

The Fortress of Redemption is made up of four buildings, all of which are AV14 Toughness 10. There are three small buildings (one of which is the walkway), and one large building (tower). As it comes Stock, it has a Fragstorm/Krakstorm missile launcher silo and a Twin-linked Icarus Lascannon turret. The missile launcher can be upgraded to AP3 which is great for killing MEQ's

Index I, Page 126 has the 8th edition rules.

From the Stronghold Assault book - it can be upgraded with a variety of things such as

  • Up to 4 Heavy Bolters .
  • Upgrade the Missile Silo to allow it to fire Krakstorm Missiles.
  • Targeting Controls to allow the Missile Silo and Lascannon turret to be fired from the Main Tower.
  • Upgrade Auto-firing totally-not-AI to BS3.

Also you can add a lot of other upgrades that are universal to all fortifications from the Stronghold Assault book such as Void Shields, barricades, extra Quad Gun or an escape tunnel etc. but you have to purchase them separately for each part, which bloats the already high point cost even more.(tough currently ITC doesn't allow any of these)


The following tips are all now irrelevant with the release of 8th ed.

  • Because standing on top of the buildings gives you 3+ cover rather than 4+ as normal it is a great platform for putting units that have a shitty armor save, and or are facing lots of low AP weapons.
  • This can see further use in a Dark Angels army as a Ravenwing Dark Shroud will be giving everyone within 6" of it stealth. Meaning your units within 6" of it are getting a 2+ cover save.
  • If you want to really troll a enemy you can place a Vindicare Assassin at the firing controls for an AP3 and/or Skyfire Lascannon, with BS8, Precision Shot, and Ignores Cover. (Dark Angels players can use Asmodai to do this for 10 points less.) What jink save (note this tactic can be used with any building).
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