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Franken Fran is guro fapmaterial guro-themed comedy manga for sickfucks clever people with twisted sense of humour. Most often the plot circles around Fran, her clients and "operations".

The world of Franken Fran is a somewhat the same as our world with a batshit crazy version of the natural laws. People can reincarnate inside the bodies of others in the form of sentient tumors. Microcellular parasites that makes people die by bleeding explosions. Ancient curses can make you live forever by having living colonies of insects take the place of your organs. Immortal, psychopatic, absurdly lucky criminals whom somehow might have been great conqueror in times past All this while having access to ridicoulously advanced medical science capable of merging bodies together, and have them function indivually, even after being blown to small, unrecognizable bits. Also, most of the times, you're not in for the ride to being with.

Fabulous Bile and Urien Rakarth talk with her about their latest exploits and swap tips over tea and a friendly card game every few months. They also fap to her picture.


Fran- Mad scientist, loli frankenstein, though a pretty kawaii one. She also has crush on her father, being singular proof that incest is wincest. Does everything in the name of "SCIENCE" and love. Has lots of stitches and is considered to be Madaraki's masterpeice, also has lots and lots of arms and can self-repair even when her head is lopped off. Note: Her values and her patient's values might differ. Be warned.

Veronica- Flatso killing machine (also Fran's younger Sister). When she does not kill, she tsunderes. Luckily, she likes killing.

Naomitsu Madaraki- "The Professor", "father" of Fran, Veronica and presumably a few other not-so-pretty freaks. Been around since the first World War, so he's pretty old, but still the best biotechnic in the world.

Okita- "The Professor" might be the best biotechnic in the world, but Fran wants to give a try too. And most often, the result is something like this. Cat with man's head (a cat is fine too). Still, maybe the most sane character in the whole series. Yeah, it's pretty mental.

Gavril- Fran's older sister that likes killing people, but mostly eating people. She is a shapeshifting teenage rebel 'transformer' that wears a pair of headphones. Said headphones are like kitchen timers that may or may not determine just what monstrosity she turns into. Also has surprisingly good teaching skills.

Adorea Her job is to collect and store as many organs as possible for Fran's use. Constantly wrapped up in bandages. Forgotten/tricked by her boyfriend after convinced her to donate her organs to save his own ass. Fran's twisted sense of morality/romance turned her into a writhing mass of God knows what capable to gobble up people out of insecurity-induced stress. It's very creepy when you think about a walking, wriggling mass of a cannibal in the shape of young girl.

Rumiko Kuhou obligatory female investigator, also an airhead but somewhat competent, probably Fran's favorite, unwilling test subject. Got herself cloned, unwillingly. Said clones were made capable of reproducing via meiosis, unwillingly. Were conscripted and made to battle Gavril 24/7 until the army chose to nuke the crap out of the island they were all trapped in instead of dropping more supplies. Then, later they were sold as "extras" for a rich guy's personal anime-themed park, until the original Rumiko got mixed up with the clones, and forced to undergo even more, unrequested surgery (unwillingly) until her sanity snapped.



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