Frazetta Man

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Frank Frazetta was one of the most prolific and popular of artists for pulp fantasy novels during the 1950s, and was frequently employed to do art for Conan the Barbarian. One common recurring figure from these paintings has come to be known affectionately as "Frazetta Man": a caveman more primitive and primal than Neanderthal, hairy ape-like subhumans who show up to battle swarthy, muscular warriors and/or menace scantly clad nubile maidens.

These grunting, Stone Age parodies have a certain soft spot in the hearts of old-school neckbeards. Frazetta Man represents one of the oldest visual depictions of the goblin, orc or even ogre, depending on how big and savage they are, and their starring role in some of the most iconic of pulp-era fantasy settings. If you want to give your Dungeons & Dragons game a different touch, or find a use for Terra Primate, you can do worse than look for inspiration amongst the ranks of Frazetta Man.