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Friday is the first day that doesn't totally suck ass, unless you're forced to work late, do homework or go to the doctor. Things that eat up unexpectedly a lot of time... Many parties are hosted on Fridays, as well as massive online gaming. Many people also gain pounds on this day. If you're lucky (or skillful) enough to have a host for your genetic material, you will have a good time. It is also the beginning of the awesome ritual/party/ceremony/orgy known as the WEEKEND.

Good things that happen on Fridays[edit]

  • PARTAY!!!!!!!!
  • Vidya games.
  • If you live in Australia, Friday is Pubday.
  • Lots of sex happens on Friday night (or so we are told).
  • You don't have to put up with human interaction until Monday.
  • Named after the Norse Goddess Frigg.
  • Friday Night Magic.
  • All your favorite low budget sci fi/fantasy shows are on (at least until soulless studio execs manage to kill them off).

Bad things that happen on Fridays[edit]

  • You sometimes have to work late, which sucks. Duh.
  • Lots of people are forced to do homework.
  • Many doctor appointments happen.
  • That fucking song.
  • Furry Friday.
  • As good as Fridays are, you still have to work.
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