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The Fuchs Transport-panzer (Tpz) is a 6-wheeled, fully amphibious, armored personnel carrier designed for a variety of roles including infantry or specialist troop transport, bomb disposal, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) reconnaissance and electronic warfare. It can carry up to eight passengers and Mounts an MG-3 machine gun to deal with enemy troops and helicopters. It can also mount a Milan anti-tank missile launcher in the event that Anti-Tank firepower is needed (by taking it away from your infantry team of course).

In Team Yankee[edit]

Die Stats

An absolutely adorable but mediocre transport, the Fuchs is the ride of choice for the recon infantry of the Armored Recon Company.

With then MG-3s constant ROF 3, the Fuchs can comfortably engage enemy infantry out to a range of 16 inches after bouncing across rough terrain or hiding in a convenient shrub. While you can sacrifice one of your Milan teams to mount the missile on the transport, it is not recommended due to the absurdly tiny West German unit size.

While the front and side armor value of two might make you feel tough (at least you're not the poor saps in a humvee), it unfortunately has no functional benefits over armor 1 due to the majority of anti-armor weaponry having more than AT7 meaning you only can only really defend against MGs and infantry weapons. Also, the top armor of 0 means you most likely get fucked by artillery and salvo weapons.

Since the Fuchs is wheeled rather than tracked, you get a stupid fast road dash of damn near four feet. If you ever need to suddenly clear an entire board in one turn, hop on the nearest autobahn and road trip it.

The Fuchs comes as a tank attachment for the Aufklärungszug platoon, in which you can get 2 Fuchs and some dudes for 3 points, and 3 Fuchs and some more dudes for 4.


Hard to take seriously when its so CUTE! It also burns some serious (but quite expensive) rubber

The Fuchs (Known as the M93 Fox in its American configuration) has been used by nations all over the world and has seen combat in everything from Operation Desert Storm to the largest waste of taxpayer dollars, Bush the lesser's crusades. It has primarily been lauded for its capacity to operate in a NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) environments and its air conditioning systems. Both things that you want if you are invading a desert state that may or may not have chemical weapons. The Fuchs 1's weapons are nothing to write home about, however the Fuchs 2 can mount a 30mm cannon 7mm machine guns and anti-tank missiles. Both versions are rather quick too, with a top land speed of 65 MPH and around 5 knots in water.

The M93 is slated to be replaced by the Stryker NBCRV so the US Army can role play Fallout. Obviously the Bundeswehr is going to replace the older APC with the Fuchs 2. Where it'll remain in service until around the mid century.

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