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"I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it."

– Rita Mae Brown

"He that loves pleasure must to pleasure fall"

– Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus

"There was a point where this needed to stop and we've clearly passed it, but let's keep going and see what happens."

– anonymous

"That which causes us trials shall yield us triumph, and that which makes our hearts ache shall fill us with gladness. For the only true happiness is to learn, to advance and to improve. None of this could happen without rejecting error, ignorance and imperfection. We must pass out of the darkness to reach the light!"

– The Primarch himself, being badly mistaken

Fulgrim, "The Palatine Phoenix" AKA Prissy Little Bitch, Drama Queen, Obnoxious Brown Noser, Every Gay Anime Character Stereotype, snek man, is the Primarch of the Emperor's Children traitor legion, a daemon prince, the Pretty-Boy of the family, perennial handler of extra-fucking-cursed swords and an enormous hedonistic bitch.

Pre-heresy, Fulgrim was the HAWTEST goddamn asshole in the galaxy. Like, anime protagonist, Gary Stu self-insert HAWT. (Jury's still out on if he was hotter than Sanguinius). He was so HAWT, that his residual HAWTNESS made all of humanity the HAWTEST race in the galaxy, which is kind of ironic, because 'ful' means ugly in Swedish, and 'grim' means ugly in Danish. Anyways, point is, Fulgrim was one handsome human. Because of this, he decided that all the ugly xenos had to fucking die for the crime of not being HAWT humans. Fulgrim was also moody as hell, craving drama, and was generally the worst guy at parties. In fact, he was so edgy, that one time he met up with Perturabo to tell him he'd heard of some cool Eldar weapons they could use to kill daddy. They met on a remote planet to talk about it, and halfway through the first fucking sentence, Fulgrim decided that he couldn't just explain it out in the open. Rather, he felt he had to tell Perturabo in a magnificent amphitheater built into a meteor crater. Nothing else would do. Sadly, no such amphitheater existed in the galaxy at the time. No probs for Fulgrim, though, as he just made the Iron Warriors build one. Since there were no craters on this planet AND no meteors available, better break out the explosives! Boom went the dynamite, and the erecting of this theater began, while Fulgrim broke out the deck chair and refused to move until his brother's legion raised said theater. Funny thing is though that the Iron Warriors and even Perturabo to a certain extent seemed to enjoy the project, probably because they were building something more fulfilling than fucking trenches. When the theater was done, he finally took the stage and began prancing around, eventually getting to the point and starting his explanation. Unfortunately, he'd spent so much time dicking around that a covert ops Raven Guard had enough time to set up shop in the rafters and promptly shot Fulgrim through the head, just as he was getting to the good part of the story. If Perturabo was anything other than a humorless emo fuckwad, he'd have felt some glee at seeing his time-wasting, but still conscious brother describing the experience of getting a nine-inch titanium spike stuck in his brain after spending ten minutes, cackling hysterically at the wasted effort.

Despite all this, we should remember that Fulgrim was a pretty cool guy before he fell to Chaos. He wasn't always prideful to a fault, and in fact, many Primarchs were his friends. Ferrus Manus (oh the irony) and Horus were both extremely close to Fulgrim, and Fulgrim was the only Primarch Konrad Curze really trusted. He wasn't just handsome superficially, and actually had a decent sense of compassion, which the Imperium desperately needed at the time (heck, in his personal Primarch novel, he fondly remembers his foster parents as doing the best they could, a sentiment which is tragically at odds with the narcissistic perfectionist he'd become). Also, the past tense is necessary because Fulgrim's present circumstances seem to change way faster than GW has ever moved any plot, ever. He'd been a painting, a snake, a dude, possessed by a greater daemon, and all kinds of shit. Fuck knows which if any of these actually were him, or just dickish Slaaneshi daemons taking the piss. No one knows fucking anything anymore. No, really! For a while his soul was literally stuck in a painting a la Dorian Gray, and a greater daemon possessed his body, making him do some pretty fucked up things even by the standards of an Astartes following Slaanesh, which is saying a lot. Fulgrim now has full control of his body again, or, at least that's what he says. (Because Chaos has always been honest and trustworthy, amirite?)

Angron thinks that Fulgrim is an over-pomped dandy and regularly pays his daemonworld visits, where he pummels Fulgrim's four-armed snake ass into a bloody pulp and generally makes a mockery of Slaanesh in general... Or so Khorne fanboys would have you believe, as they constantly rant on about how Angron "GETS SHIT DONE!" and conveniently ignore that, whilst Fulgrim has KILLED TWO FUCKING PRIMARCHS KILLED ONE FUCKING PRIMARCH (Though that is still a massive achievement), KILLED A FUCKING PRIMARCH AND TURNED ANOTHER INTO A VEGETABLE FOR 10,000 FUCKING YEARS, not to mention dozens, if not hundreds of clones of Ferrus made by Fabius Bile, Angron's Primarch body count currently stands at ZERO. Though of course, what Angron does kill at least stays fucking dead. Meanwhile, Fulgrim's mark, Guilliman, came back to life as a fucking rejected DOTA/StarCraft character concept. To top it off, it's heavily implied that Guilliman managed to kill Fulgrim before his nap Guilliman got owned by Fulgrim before taking some warp dust and going into a coma. Some of the official lore cites this as a claim that Fulgrim was the best duelist amongst the primarchs, but frankly, such a claim is laughable considering who his brothers are. (If only they were around to dispute that claim.)

Anyway, Fulgrim is trapped crying in a painting while Angron's mind is his own. So, yes, Slaaneshi do indeed suck. Nevermind he got out! Also, he got fucked in the ass by a medieval torture instrument in the latest Black Library book. This is CANON! Not like he hadn't enjoyed it. Although, him retaking his body is kinda skub because turning into a daemon prince is explained in the lore and has remained consistent: your soul is removed and replaced by Warp substance. Which means if he puts his soul back in. Uh. He stops being a daemon? Gets eaten by the Warp energy anyway? Gets torn into multiple beings by the conflict?

He is the second Primarch to receive his own miniature as part of Forge World's Character Series. (Surprisingly, it's not just a set piece. It's an actual miniature!)


Even as a teen, Fulgrim resembled a Preening Bishonen Fuckboi in a horrid Yaoi fanfic.

Like his brother Primarchs, the infant Fulgrim was abducted by the four Gods of Chaos, who weren't really into the whole Primarch thing. Also, like his brother Primarchs, he was eventually thrown onto a planet of his own since the four Gods found out that raising infant Primarchs really wasn't worth the trouble, especially when you can get some other suckers to do it for you.

Fulgrim landed on the planet Chemos, whose people had been dependent on interstellar trade to make everything work. The warpstorms caused by the birth of Slaanesh made such trade impossible, meaning the planet didn't have the resources to sustain a large population. Art, culture, and recreation were sacrificed for the need to survive. By the time baby Fulgrim landed, the planet's resources had been so stretched that any orphan found was normally killed so as not to put further strain on the planets dwindling resources. Indeed, the scouts that found him during a storm debated as to whether or not they should kill the infant. Unfortunately for the scout arguing for the death penalty, the infant Primarch was equipped with a little failsafe called adorable cuteness that made most people want to protect him. Those who found him named the infant Fulgrim in honor of one of the ancient gods of Chemos. He was raised by a Chemosian family, and eventually grew up to completely turn Chemos' fortunes around.

As with all the Primarchs, Fulgrim grew up at an unnatural rate. He started off differently from other Primarchs, as he wasn't a warrior, or a freedom fighter, or an object of worship, but a simple laborer in one of Chemos' many factories. Once working, he immediately showed talent in all things, improving machines to make them more efficient, working hours that would kill a normal human, and re-discovering new technologies that had been lost since the Dark Age of Technology. He improved Chemos' infrastructure so much that people actually began to have time for other things again. Most importantly of all, with Fulgrim came a will and a drive for Chemos' people to rise up above their level of merely existing and become something greater than drab factory workers struggling for survival. Perhaps the people of Chemos would never become great, but now they could reach for the stars once more.

It was then that the Emperor arrived. As soon as Fulgrim saw the Emperor, he took a knee and swore fealty. What, no jokes about kneeling? This Website has changed. The Emperor then showed Fulgrim his Legion, now only 200 strong. It is said that upon seeing his sons displayed before him, entire companies reduced to only one Astartes, yet still proudly bearing their banner, Fulgrim knelt. He then rose and addressed his sons, saying, "You are the Emperor's chosen, his heralds, his warriors, his children, for this is only the beginning." Just as the people of Chemos were born again, so would the Third Legion's Astartes forge themselves into a new future under a new master.


Prince Sky didn't take Love Island being on TV very well.

Despite the Great Crusade being well underway, Fulgrim and the Emperor went back to Terra to reunite Fulgrim with his legion, why he didn't bring them along so they could get going is anybody’s guess. When they finally reached Terra, Fulgrim was introduced to his legion and discovered that some accident had reduced the gene-seeds of the III Legion to the point that only 200 remained. Without the Primarch, it had been a slow and laborious process of repairing the damage.

But never let it be said that Fulgrim didn't know how to bounce back from any hit, as he met his legion he made the customary speech to his legion and named them The Emperor's Children. The Emperor's already ginormous ego was pleased by this speech, so he allowed Fulgrim and his legion to use the Aquila as their symbol. Never let it be said that the Emperor doesn't reward those who strokes his ego pleasingly. As all other Primarchs, his legion quickly gave him a nickname. Since Fulgrim in their eyes had risen their legion from the ashes, Fulgrim got the name The Phoenician. As all other Primarchs, his brothers had a nickname for him too; since Fulgrim liked to dress in one outlandish costume after another (to the point that Lady Gaga would ask him to tone it down some), they named him Peacock (this name would also be used to describe the nature of his legion when not in battle).

Just how long it took Fulgrim to get his legion back on track has been forgotten but Fulgrim's Flagship was completed 160 years before the Horus Heresy, so he probably took some time as no Primarch wants to be seen dead without his flagship. Especially if that Primarch is the most vainglorious man ever to exist. Unfortunately for Fulgrim, the Emperor couldn't sit around and wait for Fulgrim to finish his work in bringing the Emperor's Children back to full strength, so Fulgrim's legion were merged with Horus's Luna Wolves until they were ready to go out on their own. As a sidenote, Fulgrim's flagship took twice as long to build as any other Gloriana-class battleship ever had because he insisted on it being absolutely perfect. We don't know how long that was but more than likely it was quite a long while.

Among Fulgrim's closest friends were Horus and Ferrus Manus, whom he nicknamed The Gorgon, and whom he shared a closer friendship with than the rest of his brothers. At the surface they seemed completely different in terms of attitude and difference. Then you realize that Fulgrim basically grew up as super-powered factory worker/coal miner and the bonding suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Their first meeting was on Terra beneath Mount Narodnya, the greatest forge of the Urals, where Ferrus Manus was busy toiling with the forge-masters who had once served the Terrawatt Clan during the Unification Wars soon after his arrival from Medusa. The Primarch of the Iron Hands had been demonstrating his phenomenal skill and the miraculous powers of his liquid metal hands when Fulgrim, the Primarch of the III Legion, the Emperor's Children, and his elite Phoenix Guard, had descended upon the sprawling forge complex.

Neither Primarchs had met each other before, but when they meet each other they immediately felt a kinship, either that or the fact that each of them were 3.5 meters tall, one a regal-looking albino and the other a muscular strongman with living metal all over his hands and that all artisans in the room immediately prostrated themselves in front of them, might have been a pretty HUGE clue. That said, Ferrus' conversations with Lorgar tended to run to about half a minute, and that was only if Ferrus couldn't help it, so maybe there is something in that story.

When Ferrus Manus later told of what had happened beneath Mount Narodnya, he said that Fulgrim had come claiming that he had come to forge the most perfect weapon ever created for The Great Crusade. Ferrus Manus, ever prideful, could not let such boast go unchallenged (if he had been less prideful, he might have been a head taller than he is today, not to mention alive). Laughing in Fulgrim's face, Ferrus Manus answered Fulgrim's boast by declaring that such pansy hands as Fulgrim's could never forge anything.

Fulgrim accepted the challenge with "regal grace" and both Primarchs stripped to the waist, making every female and male (who bent that way Primarch abs do not give a shit about your sexuality) artisan swoon in pleasure. For three months the Primarchs worked unceasingly at the forge until at last their weapons were complete. Fulgrim had forged an exquisite warhammer--Forgebreaker--that could level a mountain with a single blow, and Ferrus Manus a golden bladed sword--Fireblade--that forever burned with the fire of the forge.

Well never let it be said that both Primarchs didn't appreciate fine craftsmanship; Fulgrim declared that Fireblade equal of that borne by the legendary hero Nuada Silverhand and Ferrus swore that only the mighty thunder gods of Nordyc legend were fit to bear such a magnificent warhammer. Without a word the two exchanged weapons; unknown at the time was the fact that Fulgrim would later use Forgebreaker to beat Ferrus to a bloody pulp when Ferrus stubbornly refused to join Horus's rebellion.

It was after the whole affair beneath Mount Nerodnya that Fulgrim came up with Ferrus's nickname. Arriving at the Imperial Palace, Sanguinius of the Blood Angels had arrived bearing gifts from his home world of Baal. Exquisite statues from the glowing rock of Baal, priceless gem-stones and wondrous artifacts of aragonite, opal, and tourmaline. The lord of the Blood Angels had brought enough to fill a dozen wings of the Palace with the greatest wonders imaginable (apparently Sanguinius tried to imitate Fulgrim's trick of stroking the Emperor´s ego). Fulgrim was ecstatic over the wonders Sanguinius had brought, but Ferrus Manus had little time for such things and declared that such frivolities were a waste of time when there was still a galaxy out there to conquer. Fulgrim jokingly answered this by saying that Ferrus was a terrible old Gorgon, the nickname stuck and word had it that Ferrus became quite fond of the nickname (considering that his Legion Terminators were called Gorgon Terminators and had unique Gorgon Pattern Armor, he must have). Might have had something to do with his own legion calling him the Medusan, that or the fact his homeworld is called MEDUSA... (GW subtlety strikes again).

These anecdotes notwithstanding, Fulgrim couldn't hang around Terra all day and having already been merged with the Luna Wolves, they quickly set off on The Great Crusade along with Horus.

Great Crusade[edit]

Fulgrim's quest for perfection began as a need to live up to the honors bestowed upon his legion-- the only legion to bear the Emperor's own heraldry as its symbol. In his eyes they were a legion apart, set above their brothers by the Emperor's own hand. Indeed it is true that the Emperor's Children perhaps could not practice attrition warfare as well as the Iron Warriors, or drop assault as well as the Blood Angels, or fleet engagements as well as the Imperial Fists, instead taking a jack of all trades approach, and most importantly possessing within them the will and drive to become paragons in all things. Fulgrim saw in his children what the Emperor meant for space marines to be, not only experts at war and carnage, but noble, strong, and excelling in all matters. Because of this the Emperor's Children were noted to place an emphasis on artistic matters and physical appearance, values that to other Astartes seemed vainglorious.

By the time Roboute Guilliman had been discovered, Fulgrim was still campaigning alongside Horus and had yet to strike out independently. It seemed that there was some resistance against the Emperor's Children leaving for the Great Crusade; firstly from his brothers who felt that the Legion had not properly recovered from the genetic degradation that had reduced them to only two hundred marines. For Fulgrim's part he hated this as a form of pity and felt that his legion was being underutilized, resenting that resources were being diverted to legions which already had strong battle records. Secondly, the Courts of Terra had originally felt that the Emperor's Children, being largely of noble-stock, were one of the most internally cooperative Legions when they required military agents and had reservations against losing such troops to a different commander, even if it was their own gene-father, so Malcador sent his agents into Fulgrim's new expeditionary fleet to keep tabs on him.

Fulgrim's first fully independent action was to bring compliance to the Feudal World of Byzas with only seven marines. Arguing where if Leman Russ could conquer a world with only 800 men, and Horus could do it with 80, then Fulgrim would do it with 8 (including himself). Such a perfect victory would silence the criticisms of his brothers and his detractors at court. When he landed on Byzas, the hereditary governor of the planet was only too happy to agree to compliance, although they would first have to deal with the various factions of rebels among the nobility as well as the secret societies and revolutionaries throughout the populace. No less than ten different factions attempted to poison Fulgrim on his very first day of arrival (something he considered very rude) so Fulgrim set himself the goal of achieving compliance within one month. Although the world could not match the Astartes physically or technologically they did have a comparatively advanced form of swordsmanship and philosophy regarding the search for perfection. Even so he could not otherwise hope to wage war against so many factions with only eight men, and set about uniting all of the factions against him for the sake of efficiency (even where some more sensible factions wanted to ally themselves with him), presenting a unified front for him to behead and successfully bringing the world to compliance on time, while incorporating the world's primitive fundamentals of swordplay and philosophy into his own ideals of perfection.

As the Great Crusade went on, Fulgrim's focus on perfection became an obsession. It began to alienate their fellow Astartes as more egotistical legionaries like Eidolon ascended up the command chain. During one campaign, Horus came close to rebuking Fulgrim personally for the problems his officer caused. It's likely that this started when he found the infamous Blade of the Laer, which was more or less responsible for everything going wrong for the IIIrd (and by extension the Xth), as it was inhabited by what is assumed to be a Keeper of Secrets. Anyways, the corruption's effects were subtle at first, but eventually a lot of Fulgrim's restraint vanished, and he became a pretty huge dick. Also, he became convinced that he'd have to go beyond the Emperor's work to reach perfection (he felt this way because of the Blight that his legion suffered), leading to him approving of Fabius Bile's experiments (you can guess what that led to).

Naturally, ugly-ass Mortarion hated Fulgrim and his vanity--seems he fantasised about Fulgrim's finery rotting away in the fumes of Barbarus. Jaghatai didn't have much time for Fulgrim's boasting about his swordsmanship either and told him during a post-Ulanor meeting that "You have your prowess, but I would leave you choking on it." Fulgrim at the time did not take particularly well to this, though later he would've found this promise strangely arousing. Interestingly, the Khan also made some revealing comparisons of Sanguinius and Fulgrim (though he kept these observations to himself). While both Primarchs were absolutely resplendent, the Khan noted that Sanguinius seemed to be born to such splendor and made it look natural, while Fulgrim looked like a bit of a try-hard, and that while Sanguinius seemed willing to cast aside his finery in a heartbeat, Fulgrim would rather die. The Khan was also of the opinion that Fulgrim could be "irritatingly stupid at times". So clearly not the best of buds.

One incident of note was with the Primarch Konrad Curze of the Night Lords. Fulgrim tutored Curze and was the only primarch the Night Haunter really trusted or confided in, due likely in no small part to the fact that Fulgrim was the only Primarch Curze had met on Nostramo who he didn't see dying horribly in his visions. During one campaign alongside the Imperial Fists, Curze had one of the violent fits of future seeing that he was prone to, and Fulgrim rushed to his aid. Curze told him of visions he had of death at the hands of his father (the Emperor) and Primarchs fighting one another.

Fulgrim was (understandably) deeply troubled by this, and decided to confide in Rogal Dorn, well known for his cool head and fairness. In the end though, it turned out to be a mistake as Dorn reacted badly to Curze's visions. Angered by the very idea that someone would have visions of the Emperor killing one of his sons, he confronted Curze. We don't know what exactly he said to him, but we do know a) Dorn was brutally honest and b) that it caused Curze to freak out, attack him and then flee. This little incident helped bring about the fall of the Night Lords Legion, but how far it was Fulgrim's, Dorn's, or Curze's responsibility is largely due to Konrad's absence from Nostramo resulting in his whole Legion becoming staffed by murderers, criminals, and other scum; the very people he so loathed. This being said, Fulgrim should either have kept his mouth shut or found someone less... inflexible than Rogal Dorn to try and help Konrad.

Horus Heresy[edit]

Old lore says that during the heresy, Fulgrim tried to persuade Horus to quit his bullshit, but then Horus somehow managed to coerce Fulgrim into joining him, using "decadent pastimes". Most fa/tg/uys suspect it was a promise of untold amounts of drugs and buttsex. Black Library retconned/modify this; the reason Fulgrim turned was because of the daemon sword he found on Laer, which he became corrupted by. Ironically enough, Laer had been purged of a Slaanesh-worshipping xenos race before this. Then again, they didn't know it at the time, so, maybe this is Slaanesh's form of poetic payback? Or maybe (S)he is just a clever (wo)man. Seeking eternal peace from unknowingly murdering his best friend and brother, Ferrus Manus, Fulgrim sacrificed his soul to the daemon inhabiting that sword. The Daemon possessing the sword said sweet nothings into Fulgrim's ear, promising it would ease his pain... So, let's recap. This sword was talking to Fulgrim in his head, claimed it could do the unthinkable, and was promising not to fuck him over. So obviously he HAD to trust it! Anyways, Fulgrim gets his soul squashed, paintings get haunted, corpses get implicitly buggered, virgins are featured on /d/, drugs are taken, blood is spilled, noise is made, Slaanesh's nipple(s) get hard, et cetera...

On an interesting note, Horus promises to save his brother from his fate, which is insane, since he just spent all day fucking over everyone else.

Fulgrim claims to have exorcised the daemon from himself, however, he was later forced to admit that he was lying when Lorgar threatened to expose his possession to the other traitor Legions. Since then, he actually has exercised the daemon, and duped Perturabo into helping him become a Daemon Prince himself. What a twist! After that, Fulgrim only showed up when Horus bothered to summon him; in the meantime he was probably screwing with Slaanesh, or his/her legion, or whatever. All the drugs were probably involved.

His first appearance after becoming a Daemon Prince was in the Battle of Dwell where he, Horus, and Mortarion fought against the forces of the Iron Hands, who were still pissed about Fulgrim beheading their primarch, proving that they couldn't just let bygones be bygones. In addition, 58 Imperial legions (not those legions), the Salamanders, and the White Scars.

After having kicked the loyalist forces' collective ass and sending them skulking off, the Iron Hands commander Shadrak Meduson tried to assassinate Mortarion and Fulgrim by ambushing them in their ship with five Fire Raptors. Loe and behold, they failed and ran off again, and just to show that even Black Library doesn't know the meaning of OP, Fulgrim used his psychic powers to destroy one of the loyalists' crafts before it could escape... yeah, next time, we´ll probably have Magnus the Red perform party tricks by juggling flagships with both hands tied behind his back. (Seriously why does Black Library keep trying to build suspense by having people try to assassinate the traitor primarchs when we KNOW they don't die... yet, so obviously we already know the outcome of the attempt.)

Next time, Fulgrim disguised himself as some serpent god of the Knight House of Devine in order to corrupt them... sure, why not? Makes as much sense as anything else. (Horus Heresy updates are sure to come later... as with everything else in this god damn article.)

After Molech, Fulgrim disappeared again, to the point that Eidolon was basically running the EC's operations, with only a third of the Legion and a sudden competence. (Seriously, read Path of Heaven. He's finally a believable commander, corrupt as he is.) Horus didn't have a clue where Fulgrim was, or what he was up to, and those Emperor's Children who hadn't gone totally crazy had to admit that the Warp-infused, megalomaniac Warmaster now cared about them more than their own dad.

During the Siege of Terra Rogal Dorn kicked Fulgrim's daemonic ass hard enough that even if he couldn't die, Fulgrim was hurt so bad he ragequit the entire siege, abandoning his legion to get mauled by an embarrassingly small force of Imperial Fists. Or at least, that's what the Imperials want you to think. In reality, he mostly just fucked around (platonically) with Dorn in his pre-snake form for a while before Dorn stabbed him. At which point, Fulgrim instantly healed the wound but then got bored and left to go on a murder orgy amongst Terra's civies.

TL;DR: Fulgrim's sword fucked him in the ass; this makes him asinine, especially considering the fact that he used it to kill his best friend, a man who could punch weapons into existence with his bare (metal) hands.

Despite Because everything about him screams "flaming homo" and/or "Anime Character" (He's literally Dio Brando), he did get shit done in the heresy/post-heresy killing two other Primarchs, which is pretty badass. In fact, we all should be grateful he put Granddaddy smurf in stasis because he would have likely run off into the eye of terror never to return like half the other other surviving loyalist Primarchs. On that note, it's time to talk about the big battle. What we know is, the battle was in realspace and both primarchs had a retinue of their best marines. Fulgrim managed to out-maneuver everyone's favorite Spiritual Liege and separate Guilliman from his retinue with a giant black cloud; by the time the Ultramarines finally found Guilliman through the smog, the loyalist primarch was bleeding on the floor... Kinky... (Many Sons of Guilliman sacrificed their lives fighting Fulgrim to buy enough time to evacuate their Primarch)


In the closing years of the 41st millennium, the combined force of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Eldar have magically brought Roboute Guilliman out of stasis. The blue giant is now stretching his limbs and restraining himself from smashing his face against the wall over the state of the Imperium. Suffice to say, news spread fast, and eventually reached the daemon Primarchs. Fulgrim was shown to be——surprise!——quite alive, and to say he was Butthurt over hearing the revelation that Big Bobby Blue is up and about, possibly giving him the trollface is a colossal understatement. Not to mention he was the first to actually attack the big blue in front of a crowd, who were celebrating his return and most recent victory. Knowing that Slaanesh is alive, Guilliman could never again enjoy something without having to fear the powers of chaos were trying to corrupt him. Dang that must suck. Or, succ.

According to The Fracture of Biel-Tan, He was allegedly spotted outside the Eye of Terror for the first time in 10,000 years when the Emperor's Children assaulted the Imperial Mining World of Extremis Six, wherein they slaughtered everything. Expect more to follow, because now that Primarchs are fair game, it's hard to imagine GW passing up the chance to make a giant multi-armed serpent daemon Primarch, especially the one that turned Papa Smurf into a vegetable. Impatient gamers can now kitbash (at very high cost) the new Morathi model to get close to the effect.

Another piece of lore from the Phoenix Rising book states that a giant, snake bodied, 3 sword wielding, whip handed motherfucker is leading a traitor host known as the Grand Cacophony and slaughtering Imperial Guard and Eldar alike.

And now in Faith and Fury we have ANOTHER tease of our favorite snakeboi. Some Emperor's Children topple a planet called Yhedaris and say that the "Illuminator is coming." Yeah, it's pretty on the nose about who they're referring to.

Also, Fulgrim went to Istvaan III after a sonic beacon caught his attention. There, he met the last loyal member of Emperor's Children, the Venerable Dreadnought Ancient Rylanor, alongside some Thousand Sons. Rylanor revealed he prepared a special "Fuck You" for Fulgrim: a Horus Heresy-era Virus Bomb, which he was sitting on and then detonated.

Buuuut a Thousand Sons psyker named Akhtar contained the blast, while Fulgrim opened up the Dreadnought like a can of peaches, and offered Rylanor a chance to become like him, but Rylanor told Fulgrim to shove it up his scaly arse. Another Thousand Sons, Vistorio, impressed by Rylanor's massive balls in front of Fulgrim and not wishing to see Rylanor become Fulgrim's personal fleshlight, pulled up his Bolt-Pistol and capped Akhtar. The Life-Eater Virus was free and consumed Istvaan III and everyone there. Snakey-Boi Fulgrim survived, but his pride was wounded in a way few others possibly could.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Fulgrim: 8 6 6 6 6 8 5 10 2+/5++/3++ in CC
Fulgrim The Collector the Illuminator, Primarch of the Emperor's Children.

Fulgrim is very good at fighting both rank and file and HQ's due to his high initiative (8) granting extra attacks and his good save in close combat. Also he is really fast thanks to Crusader and Fleet, so he will have an easy time to reach combat. Fulgrim has some pretty good defense with 2+, 5++ (3++ in CC), Primarch rule, T6/W6 and whenever he passes an armor or invulnerable save in CC on a 6 the enemy takes a blind test. For weapons he has a shredding volkite charger, which is ok, and the Sword of Laer, an AP2 and rending close combat weapon, which is surprisingly weak for a Primarch weapon, striking at S 6 and with only 5 attack base. But never fear, 'cause you can always upgrade him to carry Fireblade(at least for battles set during the Great Crusade) at no additional cost! Fireblade is a Master Crafted Paragon Blade that instant kills on to wound rolls of 5+, and is so much better than the Blade of the Laer it actually hurts, so always use it. With it Fulgrim can really step up and fight other Primarch without fear, like he should. On the supporting side, he is actually one of the best Primarchs: Sire of the Emperor's Children force him to challenge any opponents who has at least WS 5 (not a real downside, as you would love to challenge almost anyone due to his Sublime Swordsman rule) and also grants him Crusader, but more importantly gives to every units with Adeptus Astartes (Emperor's Children) on the table plus Fulgrim himself +2 to Combat Resolution, meaning easy victories from your units, that will almost certainly overrun the other side thanks to Crusader and their mostly superior initiative. Also, units with Adeptus Astartes (Emperor's Children) can Reroll their reserves roll, whether successful or not. Lastly, Strategic Planning let him choose one warlord trait from either the Legion Warlord Traits or the Strategic Traits, making him able to adapt to his enemies and the situations he will face.

His cheap cost combined with his powerful force multiplier abilities conspire to make this sick fuck an excellent choice, but he'll need a transport to avoid getting shot to death before he reaches combat. Plasma in particular will just make anyone using Fulgrim cry, so keep this in mind.

He should have also had access to the MURDER SWORD (Anathame), but Forge World forgot he had it in the books. Now the books have progressed far enough to know that Erebus took the sword back and smashed it into eight daggers.

Fulgrim VS other Primarchs:[edit]

Primarch fighting, while fun to see, isn't a very competitive thing to do as it'll usually tie up both Primarchs for the entire game without either of them dying. With that in mind this section is how Fulgrim fares against other Primarchs Mathhammer wise. Please note that all the various abilities are taken into account when possible and the match-ups assume the Primarchs are the only ones involved in the fighting, so various abilities like Angron's "The Butcher's Nails" and Rampage do not provide any bonuses. In essence, the fights are supposed to be in a "Vacuum" for simplicity, but notes are added to make things clearer in particular instances. Also all of the Primarchs use their most powerful weapons (because why have a contest if you don't do your best?) so naturally Fulgrim will use Fireblade.

  • Fulgrim VS Horus
    • Horus hits 3 times (Talon), wounds 2.667 times, 0.889 after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.555 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim hits 4 times, wounds 2.667 times, 0.889 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.555.
    • Apparently, a fair fight...but taking into account the -1 to WS and S from the Talon of Horus at the first wounds that Fulgrim will receive, the scale will decisively tip in favor of Horus. Also he could use Worldbreaker to easily negate Fulgrim +2 attack for his initiative, but on the long term the Talon is more effective.
  • Fulgrim VS Angron
    • Angron Round 1: hits 5.333 times, wounds 4.444 times, 1.48 after saves, and IWND take it down to 1.148.
    • Angron Round 2 and thereafter: hits 4 times, wounds 3.333 times, 1.111 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.778 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim hits 3.5 times, wounds 2.333 times (2.722 times if his warlord trait is Child of Terra), 1.166 (1.361) times after saves, 1.069 (1.248) after Feel No Pain (remember that half of the attacks that wound cause Instant Death) and IWND will take that down to 0.736 (0.915) wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • A really close fight: Angron does marginally more damage (if Fulgrim doesn't choose Child of Terra as his Warlord Trait) but is frailer (the irony!) with a weaker save and 1 less wound (I guess that's the catch to have nails inserted directly into your brain...) so he will need 6 (6.1) rounds to kill Fulgrim, with the latter also needing 6 (5.5), but since Fulgrim has higher initiative he'll strike first and kill Angron just slightly before he's killed. Also with Child of Terra there, it's almost no contest...
  • Fulgrim vs Mortarion
    • Mortarion hits 2.5 times, wounds 1.666 times, 0.555 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.222.
    • Fulgrim hits 6 times, wounds 2.666 times, 1.333 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.778 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • The first fight against a Primarch who isn't specialised in dueling and Fulgrim (most appropriately), wins.
  • Fulgrim VS Ferrus
    • Ferrus hits 2.5 times, wounds 2.083 times, 0.694 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.361 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim Round 1: hits 5.629 (Master-crafted) times, wounds 3.284 times (Child of Terra), 1.094 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.761 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim Round 2 and thereafter: hits 3.611 times, wounds 2.107 times, 0.702 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.369 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • The infamous match! And also one of the closest, with the same outcome as the lore unless Fulgrim either has the Laer Blade or he doesn't have Child of Terra, in which case he doesn't really stand a chance. With the Hammer, Ferrus is like Fulgrim's worst nightmare, 'cause strikedown will go off even if the strike doesn't wound him, reducing his initiative to 4 and stripping him of all his advantages. In the end, Fulgrim will win on the 11th round, while Ferrus needs 12 rounds to come on top, so Fulgrim did really well to take the hammer away. Also, a really epic fight!
      • 'Its worth noting that in the fluff during this duel Ferrus was fighting with Fireblade and Fulgrim with Forgebreaker. Here's how well that goes: against a primarch Fireblade is only a little better than just using his bare hands, though against most Primarchs Ferrus still wounds on a 2+ so it's all right for him. For Fulgrim though Forgebreaker is a HUGE upgrade. He goes from wounding of 4+ to 2+ thanks to strength 10. Most importantly Ferrus will no longer have Concussive to mitigate Fulgrim's sublime swordsman rules so he still get's more attacks. Even worse is that since Fulgrim can concuss Ferrus down to initiative 1, sublime swordsman will generate SEVEN additional attacks whenever concuss hits and hitting so much means it should be every turn. And even worse is that since Ferrus is down to initiative 1 a lot of the time, Blind is much much more likely to hit. It doesn't even matter if we make Forgebreaker unwieldy in Fulgrim's hands because unwieldy doesn't actually reduce initiative, it just makes you fight at that initiative step, and putting out so much more damage means striking at the same time simply doesn't matter. In the first turn Fulgrim should get that first unsaved wound to concuss and after that it gets disgusting. Once Fulgrim concusses Ferrus he gets 12(!) attacks (since sublime swordsman doesn't limit the bonus attacks it can give) hitting on 3+ (8 hits) wounding on 2+ (5.3 wounds) which is a frankly disgusting 3.5 wounds after saves. IWND will take that down to 3.177 but holy shit is Ferrus screwed. He dies after 3 rounds of combat and quite frankly he gets wrecked like a bitch. With Forgebreaker there's a reasonable chance that Fulgrim could take on Horus simply because the combination of sublime swordsman and concussive is just so powerful (it becomes a matter of where or not Horus fails his 3+ save against stat penalties before the claw cripples Fulgrim enough - and odds are against Lupercal in it). Turns out Fulgrim WAS the better smith, after all.
  • Fulgrim VS Konrad Curze
    • Curze hits 3 times, wounds 2.25 times, 0.75 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.417 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim hits 3.5 times, wounds 2.333 times, 1.167 times after saves and FNF and IWND will take that down to 0.833 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Easy win for Fulgrim.
  • Fulgrim VS Vulkan
    • Vulkan hits 2 times, wounds 1.666 times, 0.556 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.222 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim Round 1 (And every round he is not Concussed): hits 6 times, wounds 3 times, 1 wounds after saves and 0.444 wounds after IWND.
    • Fulgrim Round 2 (And every round he IS Concussed): hits 4 times, wounds 2 times, 0.667 wounds after saves and 0.111 wounds after IWND.
    • Another really difficult fight for Fulgrim, but he should come out on top nevertheless, 'cause even counting in the 55% chance of a lower damage output he still does a little bit more damage on the whole. Still, really hard.
  • Fulgrim VS Lorgar
    • Lorgar hits 2.5 times, wounds 2.0833 times, 0.694 after saves and IWND will take that to 0.361 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim Round 1: hits 4.556 times, wounds 2.53 times, 1.265 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.932 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim Round 2 and thereafter: hits 5.333 times/4 times (Concussed), wounds 3.556 times/2.667 (Concussed), 1.778 times/1.333 (Concussed) after saves and IWND will take that down to 1.444/1 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim easy victory: even if counting in concussive, Fulgrim will do a lot more damage to Lorgar, and he also has +1 wound.
    • Note: as always, psychic powers not included.
  • Fulgrim VS Perturabo
    • Fulgrim Round 1: hits 4.5 times, wounds 3 times, 1 wounds after saves and 0.667 wounds after IWND.
    • Fulgrim Round 2 and thereafter: hits 3 times, wounds 2 times, 0.667 wounds after saves and 0.333 wounds after IWND.
    • Fulgrim Blinded: hits 1.667 times, wounds 1.111 times, 0.37 times after saves and 0.037 after IWND
    • Perturabo hits 2 times, wounds 1.667, 0.555 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.222 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Perturabo (with Fulgrim Blinded) hits 2.667 times, wounds 2.222, 0.741 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.407 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim surprisingly loses as after the first round he will be brought to I 4 (by Strikedown) and then Blinded and or Concussed pretty much every round (actually 85% of the total rounds, if my calculations are correct, that is more than enough for Perturabo to destroy him).
  • Fulgrim VS Alpharius
    • Alpharius hits 2.92 times and wounds 1.701 times, 0.567 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.234 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim hits 5.333 times, wounds 3.556, 1.778 wounds after saves and 1.444 wounds after IWND.
    • Fulgrim easily wins.
  • Fulgrim VS Rogal Dorn
    • Dorn hits 2 times, wounds 1.5 times, 0.5 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.167 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim hits 4.5 times, wounds 3, 1.5 wounds after saves and 1.167 wounds after IWND.
    • Another easy win.
  • Fulgrim VS Corvus Corax
    • Corvus hits 4 times (Scourge)/3 times (Shadow-walk), wounds 3 times (Scourge)/2.25 times (Shadow-walk), 1 wounds (Scourge)/0.75 wounds (Shadow-walk) after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.667/0.417 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim hits 4.667/3.5 times, wounds 3.111/2.333 times, 2.07/1.555 wounds after saves and 1.737/1.222 wounds after IWND.
    • Fulgrim easily win in a challenge.
    • Note: even with Hit & Run and Sire of Raven Guard Corax cannot win this fight, unless he gets lucky with Blind.
  • Fulgrim VS Roboute Guilliman
    • Fulgrim Round 1: hits 5.333 times (Fireblade is MC), wounds 3.555 times, 1.528 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 1.195 at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim Round 2 and thereafter: hits 4 times, wounds 2.667 times, 1.083 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.75 at the start of the next turn.
    • Concussed Fulgrim (cannot happen earlier than round 3): Hits 3 times, wounds 2 times, 0.75 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.417 wounds.
    • Guilliman with Gladius Incandor Round 1/2: hits 2.5 times, wounds 2.222 times, 0.74 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.407 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Guilliman with Gladius Incandor Round 3 and thereafter: hits 3.333 times, wounds 2.963 times, 0.988 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.654 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Guilliman with Hand of Dominion Round 1/2: hits 2.5 times, wounds 2.083 times, 0.694 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.361 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Guilliman with Hand of Dominion Round 3 and thereafter: hits 3.333 times, wounds 2.777 times, 0.926 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.593 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • An unsurprising loss for Guilliman. If Guilliman chooses to use the Gladius Incandor, Fulgrim will out-damage him in the long run, and if he chooses to concuss Fulgrim, Fulgrim temporarily loses his extra attacks, but Guilliman cannot put out enough damage to keep Fulgrim concussed, meaning Fulgrim gets back up to his normal initiative, gains his extra attacks back, and beats down Guilliman.
  • Fulgrim vs. Leman Russ
    • Fulgrim Round 1: Hits 2.142 (6 attacks, Master Crafted) times, wounds 1.903 times (Child of Terra), down to 0.952 after saves and 0.592 after IWND
    • Leman Russ: Hits 4.381 times, wounds 3.65, 1.217 wounds after saves and 0.884 wounds after IWND (Axe of Helwinter)
    • Fulgrim puts up a better fight than most with his 3++ save, but ultimately his damage output is totally crippled by having to hit on 5s, just like all the other Primarchs, and he is slowly ground out.
  • Fulgrim vs Jaghatai
    • Jaghatai hits 4 times, wounds 2 times, 0.666 wounds after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.333
    • Fulgrim Round 1: hits 4 times, wounds 2.333 times, 0.777 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.444 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • If Fulgrim doesn't have Child of Terra it's a dead tie as they have the same initiative (the White Tiger Dao has Duelist's Edge), with it, Fulgrim wins.
  • Fulgrim VS Sanguinius
    • Fulgrim Round 1: hits 3 times (Fireblade), wounds 2.333 times (Child of Terra), 1.167 after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.833 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Fulgrim Round 2: hits 3.5 times, wounds 2.722 times, 1.361 times after saves and IWND will take that down to 1.028 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Sanguinius Round 1: hits 4.667 times (Blade), wounds 4.148 times, 1.383 after saves and IWND will take that down to 1.049 wounds at the start of the next turn.
      • Sanguinius on the charge: hits 5.333 times, wounds 5.574 times (including HoW), 1.859 after saves and IWND will take that down to 1.525 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Sanguinius Round 2+: hits 4 times, wounds 3.556 times, 1.185 after saves and IWND will take that down to 0.852 wounds at the start of the next turn.
    • Sanguinius loses as Fulgrim has a chance of killing him in round 5 (5.94 wounds average), and even if not Fulgrim has the higher initiative in round 6.
    • Note: On the charge Sanguinius can beat Fulgrim by round 5 (5.93 wounds average) while lowering Fulgrim's own chances, but if he doesn't Fulgrim wins.
  • TL;DR version: Fulgrim is a really good challenger, having better chances against almost any other Primarch except for Horus, Perturabo (Only with Forgebreaker) and Leman Russ. He struggles a little with something that can impair his Initiative (Concussive, Strikedown), but is still a really tough Primarch and difficult to put down in a fight, like he should be.


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