Furioso Dreadnought

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Furioso Dreadnoughts are super-special Blood Angels exclusive Dreadnoughts designed for ripping and tearing the anal region of the enemies of mankind. Orks shit themselves when these things comes rolling lumbering across the battlefields.


The Blood Angels Master of the Forges conceived this pattern in M35 (don't ask where or how the Blood Angels came up with this innovation, less so if it's a member of the Mechanicus, who are still butthurt over not getting their grubby metallic tentacles over this tech), although others believe that these warriors earned their scars in the Battle of Terra. Reflecting his chapter's preference for fisting and causing severe rectum damage, the Furioso pattern enters battle with two Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons (Blood Talons or Furioso Fists) and forgoes any heavy weaponry, although one arm may be replaced with a Frag Cannon as an assault weapon. It also has one built in Storm Bolter or Heavy Flamer to deal with large numbers of light infantry, as well as a meltagun for anti-armour duty.

For an equally more lulzy variation, mortally wounded Librarians are sometimes interred in a suit of modified furioso armour and are equipped with a force weapon and close combat weapon. Dreadnoughts inducted into the Death Company are solely comprised of Furioso variants and Librarian Furiosos may also be found in use by the Blood Angels and their successors.

Contemptor-Furioso Dreadnoughts[edit]

RAW! The Furioso Dreadnought's bigger and badder brother.

Yet another Dreadnought exclusive to the bishonen vampires. The Contemptor-Furioso is the Furioso counterpart to regular Contemptor Dreadnoughts. As you can imagine, these things make regular old Furioso Dreadnoughts look like unused and rusted piles of metal boxes (The hilarious thing is that the 7th edition Blood Angel rules makes this more true than you would expect).

Like their little brothers, the Contemptor-Furioso is armed with two close combat weapons and is better than the regular Furioso in almost every way. It is unknown whether the Blood Angels still have their stockpiles of these sweet, sweet paintrains in their armory. Although it is highly likely that they still do when one considers the amount of STC the space vampires have found underneath their homeworld.

In a similar sense to the Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnoughts, after 10 millennia since the Horus Heresy, the numbers of actual usable Contemptor-Furiosos are rare and beyond ancient. It is unknown whether the Blood Angels still have a stash of these guys hanging about underneath the surface of Baal. Though, if so they probably pulled a few out of storage after the Devastation of Baal.


Contemptor-Furioso Dreadnoughts as mentioned are superior than the Furioso Dreadnoughts in almost every way save for price, obviously. Benefits include Atomantic Shielding, 13/12/10 armour, fleet, S7, WS5, The Red Thirst, two DCW's with storm bolters, and that's just to start! You get the option for both Contemptor fun (trading a DCW for Kheres Assault Cannon, other standard dread guns, etc) and Blood Angel goodies (Blood Talons, upgrading a storm bolter to a meltagun to break people out of their metal bawkses, the Frag Cannon arm replacement, and the chassis-mounted Magna Grapple). There's not much of a reason to take Blood Talons on Contemptor unless you know you're facing lots of 2+ saves, otherwise anything else is better. Keep in mind that taking Blood Talons restricts the ranged weaponry to the in-built weapon systems only, so if you use them you may want to consider taking a Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod as well to assist getting it into combat.

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