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This is a /v/ related article, which we tolerate because it's popular on /tg/... or we just can't be bothered to delete it.

The Protector of the Free World/Evil Corporate-Funded Tyranny that appears in the series of PC games of Command and Conquer franchise. The Global Defense Initiative begun as a direct-action counter-terrorist group that was funded by United Nations. Then it became an army of its own, and ended up absorbing UN into its power bloc, producing a world-wide military superpower. Technically, it runs peacekeeping/oppression operations throughout the world. In all actuality, it controls most of the stable world/corrupt government, providing protection for/domination over most of the civilization.

Supposedly based off of G.I. Joe, but is cool due to the post-apocalyptic grimdark, actually cool technology, and being 50% less about lasers. After all, GDI has Mechs for fuck's sake! They also have awesome VTOL airforce, giant tanks, repainted AT-AT's, and a KillSat that can hit anywhere on Earth. And so it fucks up the Evil Terrorists/Brave Freedom Fighters of Nod in every game, canonically. And Nod always ends up surviving by hiding in dark corners of the world/awaiting for another glorious return of Kane! This happens so much that Kane apparently gave up on trying to beat them, seeing as even with GDI reducing funding to its military, it still beat Nod and the Scrin harvesting force.

Thanks to Electronic Arts, gone are the days when the GDI was awesome enough to have James Earl Jones (that's the voice of fucking Darth Vader, you ignorant scum!) as a General in their higher command echelon. Now they have fat Lando with a Light Bulb. Oh, how mighty have fallen. Well, except that C&C 3 was actually quite awesome...unlike the next game that came afterwards and quite possibly killed the franchise.