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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

A group of men approached CALU's modest defense wall.

The webfort perimeter wall opened almost immediately. Links and other news broadcasts had been unreliable at best recently, so Administrator Luann decided to let the travelers to try and get some information.

She paused for a moment. "Apologies, formalities first." A small device was produced from her pocket and she whipped it back and forth in front of the visitors as per anti-virus protocols.

"Greeting, my name is Administrator Lua ---" She suddenly went silent. Time seemed to stop and she had just realized how badly she had erred. Now the entire university was about to pay a price in blood because of her.

The men in front of her started to smile. Dressed in relatively modest casual wear from the late 90s, they didn't seem too threatening. Looks can be deceiving.

The man in front smiled so hard you could see his wisdom teeth. So hard that it seemed to pain him. The others did the same.

The administrator continued to stare at her little device. The words "GNAA" flashed repeatedly with a quiet urgency.