Galactic Partridges

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Galactic Partridges
Battle Cry All Glory Belongs to the Partridges! Haters Shall Hate!
Number Unknown
Founding First Founding (claimed)
Successors of None
Successor Chapters Raven Guard (claimed)
Blood Ravens
Chapter Master Harry Partridge
Primarch Ollanius Partridge
Homeworld Peart'Ree/Crusader Fleet/At least 12 other Fortress Monasteries
Strength At least 1000, Codex Partridges Standard
Specialty Assault and Deep Strikes, Glory Stealing
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Blue and white foursquare, green helmet, and gold trim
A Space Partridge in all of his MAGNIFICENT GLOREH!

On the first day of planetfall

The Emprah sent to me,

The Partridges to steal gain glory.

—Codex Partridges

One of /tg/'s homebrew chapters, the Galactic Partridges go by many names. They are known as the Great Destroyers, the Thieves of Glory, the Angels of Douchebaggery. According to Greek legend, the first partridge appeared when Daedalus threw his nephew, Perdix, off a roof in a fit of jealous rage. Sticking true to mythological themes, then, the Galactic Partridges are constantly following behind the other founding chapters, stealing their glory whenever possible. They have a known rivalry with the Space Wolves; indeed, Logan Grimnar is almost constantly surveyed by the Partridge's extensive and advanced surveillance system; whenever any glory is to be had by the most prestigious Space Wolf alive, the Partridges arrive on the scene to claim it for themselves. The fact that they are an original founding Legion, and yet stricken from nearly all records as such is the fuel of their jealousy of the other chapters.

TL;DR: They're the Blood Ravens, except that they steal credit instead of relics. *BLAM* HATERS GONNA HATE

All glory to the Galactic Partridges.

The Travesty[edit]

Around M32 the Inquisition got tired of the Galactic Partridge's glory thieving and, in a misguided attempt at discouraging the Partridges, erased them from all Imperial Records, effectively making them a Lost Legion. The Partridges replied in a series of campaigns that would be known as the "Glory Reclamation Crusades." Dozens, perhaps hundreds of once well known and prestigious chapters shriveled into obscurity under the onslaught of Partridge Glory Reclamation.

Aspects of Note[edit]

  • Librarians: Called Egomancers, the Librarians of the Galactic Partridges draw psychic power directly from the massively overdeveloped collective ego of the Chapter. They are able to draw on power that instantly bends lesser wills to the belief that the Partridges are truly mighty exemplars of humanity. This power is unable to work at great range, nor does it affect Xenos and other Space Marines in any significant way.
  • Chaplains: Called Heralds, they are most commonly deployed at major population centers and in critical social situations, in order to preach the word of the Partridges, and to distribute Partridge-made purity seals.
  • John Woo Drop Pods: Upon exiting a drop pod, the ramps lower to release a flurry of beating wings and flying plumage, granting any disembarking units a +1 to their armor save as if they were in cover.
5+ cover, bitches.
  • Fortress Monastery: Their Primary Fortress Monastery on Peart'ree is made entirely of Gold and Platinum located in a part of the planet that is in a state of perpetual day in the center of the planet's largest city. The Monastery itself is miles high and a mile in diameter, almost a city in its own right. Its golden halls are lined with scrolls proclaiming the glory of the Partridges. It also has a gigantic purity seal on it. It is attached to the highest tower and nearly reaches the ground. The Space Wolves call it the Tower of Compensation. Incidentally, the wax for the giant purity seal is made from all the melted down purity seals they were 'gifted' from the Space Wolves.
  • Theme Song: The Galactic Partridges actually have a theme song that some companies blast over every possible vox channel, disorienting Imperial Forces and making it easier for the Partridges to steal their glory. There are even rumors of a squad of loyalist noise marines who use the theme song as a weapon. Link below.
  • Codex Partridges: Deep within the honoured hallways of Peart'ree's Fortress Monastery lies the original, unaltered copy of the Codex Partridges, written by Ollanius Partridge. It is word for word the Codex Astartes save for the numerous articles on partridge physiology. The Galactic Partridges to this day claim the Ultramarines stole their idea, as they were jealous of Peart'ree being prettier than Macragge. The Codex chamber is located at the top of the Most Glorious 5000 Steps of the Grand Codex.
  • Shining Star of the Partridge Flock of Supremely Infinite Glory:The most feared weapon of the Partridges is their Fortress Monastery, a gigantic starship called the Wolf Fucker. It contains at its head a psyker/ego amplifier than can bring entire worlds to their knees praising the Partridges. Xeno, heretic, space marine and human alike are affected by the glorious beam. It was once almost destroyed when it neared Fenris. The Space Wolf reaction to its presence was... extreme... to say the least.
  • Peart'Ree: The glorious primary homeworld of the Galactic Partridges, Peart'Ree is a shining cityscape free of crime and the un-glorious lower classes. Criminals are exiled to Fenris via drop pods deposited near the Space Wolves Fortress monastery. Meanwhile, anyone who loses their job/home/below a certain income threshold is exiled offworld. Even Macragge stands in awe of the Partridges homeworld.
  • The MOST GLORIOUS FLOCKS: All the fleets of the glorious Partridges are referred to as such, and are known for chasing following first founding chapters to steal the glory right before victory aid their battle brothers in Crusades. They accomplish this by planting a spy on navy ships in orbit above hotspot battlegrounds while the fleet stays just out of sensor range. Then the spy keeps them informed of the status of the battle, and when the time is right, the Partridges jump in and strike.

Dramatis Personae Partridgae[edit]

  • Primarch Ollanius Partridge: One of the Emperor's Lost Primarchs, crafted from his gene-seed and considered the personification of the Emperor's lust for glory. It was he who arrived in Horus's throne room during the final hours of the Horus Heresy, only to find Sanguinius dead and the Emperor on his last legs. However, the history of the Mighty and Glorious Galactic Partridges is murky. Some say the Ollanius gave his life for the Emperor. Others say that he went on a crusade to another galaxy after the Emperor's enthronement. Some say, as well, that it is the Partridge's lost, crusading Primarch who is driving the Tyranids into the Milky Way in fear before his great crusade. Its more than likely however (according to some suspect elements like the Inquisition and Space Wolves) that he died trying to reach Horus first and steal Sanguinus' *potential* glory.
  • Chapter Master Harry Partridge: Considered the greatest Space Marine ever to have lived, it was he who sent the great and mighty Kaldor Draigo into the warp, entombing him there for all eternity due to a debt left unpaid. It is said that he wears a suit of great, golden Terminator armour which rivals that of the Emperor himself. Of course, no one has ever seen it; it is literally covered in a swath of hard-earned purity seals, each bearing witness to the great battles and victories of the eminent commander. It is rumoured that before his induction, the Chapter Master was once a member of a band of pirates who terrified civilians with their ship shaped like a reptile/mammalian crossbreed, however this is unconfirmed.
  • The Supremely Glorious and Grand Kaiba: First Chapter Master of the Galactic Partridges and the greatest Egomancer in history. When the Galactic Partridges sallied forth to reach Prospero before the Space Wolves, it was Kaiba's massive ego that allowed him to foresee the Thousand Sons' turn to Chaos, and their attack on Fenris one thousand years later. Kaiba allowed the Space Wolves to reach Prospero first; this act earnt the Legion the everlasting enmity of the Space Wolves. To this day Prospero is one of the only Space Wolf victories in history thanks to the Galactic Partridges, although they still take credit for it. He died in 649.M39 when he fell down the Most Glorious 5000 Steps of the Grand Codex, most definitely pushed by a Space Wolf spy. He died upon striking the 342nd step becoming the sole casualty in Partridge history since the Horus Heresy.
  • Glorious High Captain Glorioso Winrar: Captain of the Partridge's Third Company.

The Saviours of Logan Grimnar[edit]

"Thanks, Logan, this gift is very acceptable."

The Magnificent Defeat of the Dark Eldar[edit]

The Dark Eldar fled across the bridge of the great chasm, Logan Grimnar smiled. They had out run his forces thus far, but he had them trapped now, the Space Wolves battlebarge had destroyed the tunnel through the mountain range.

Suddenly a beam of light came down shattering the bridge and cutting off the Space Wolves from their prey.

"WHO THE HELL FIRED!?" scream Logan flying into a fit of rage.

"It wasn't us lord Grimnar, the Galactic Partridges are here!"


Suddenly a droppod smashed into the Earth all around the Dark Eldar and the Galactic Partridges started the massacre. "ALL GLORY BELONGS TO THE PARTRIDGES!" "FOR THE EMPEROR, AND FOR THE PARTRIDGES!"

Logan raised his great axe into the air, "YOU SONS OF BITCHES!"

As soon as the Dark Eldar were dead, the Partridges left, and when Logan Grimnar returned to the hive world, the streets were abuzz with news that had been brought to them by a herald of the partridges: they were safe because the Galactic Partridges had saved them.

And so Logan Grimnar screamed his rage to the skies

The Glorious Deployment of the Fowl Array[edit]

Logan Grimnar waited, the Eldar were about to march into his carefully laid trap. He watched as they came closer to his men's positions when suddenly over the vox: "Haters gonna hate."


Suddenly numerous drop pods crashed into the ground around the Eldar, as the drop pods open light filled the forests and Partridges swarmed out of the drop pods.

As the Galactic Partridges began firing at the Eldar, the flock of birds immediately turned to the space marines and swarmed them.

"MILORD!" screamed a space wolves over the bolter fire in the valley below "I CANT SEE THROUGH ALL THESE BIRDS" Logan cut down more Partridges than he cared to count screaming litanies of fury at the Galactic Partridges.

When the birds finally cleared the Galactic Partridges were gone, the Eldar were dead and in the center of the valley there stood a gigantic banner no doubt deep striked "ALL GLORY TO THE PARTRIDGES, WE'RE NUMBER 1!"

"Milord, shall we try to claim credit before they can get to population centers?" "It's too late for that" Logan muttered "burn down that all-father damned banner."

The Battlefield Dance Party[edit]

The Space Wolves watched.

It was all that they could do.

Just watch.

They had come from seemingly nowhere, all at once in a furious torrent of blazing bolters and crackling power weapons. And birds.

So many wretched, cooing birds.

Grimnar had little choice but to simply watch as those mother fucking glory whores wiped up the last of the Tau, and started doing donuts over their corpses in a landraider.

Gleefully, in the not-far-off distance, one of the company sargents wielded a Galactic Partridges t-shirt cannon and turned to face Grimnar's direction.

"Flap your wings with glory, Brother!!"


Grimnar reeled back from the impact, realizing instantly what it was.

"DAMN YOU ALL!" He bellowed after the tank, shredding the t-shirt and scattering its remains.

The Partridges finally exited their stage of false glory, while blaring their accursed song. In their wake, brainwashed guardsmen danced to the music, many of them wearing t-shirts reading:


More Partridge Dickery Heroics[edit]

Those Blasted Partridges[edit]

(The following was written by an anonymous Guardsman after the Partridges totally stole his kill. )

Over each blasted hillside grave, on the end

Of each conflict and storied wartime campaign,

Stand heroes and soldiers fit for a legend,

And the foes they beat in the Emperor’s name!

But each man must look out, lest destiny send

A great hero’s reprehensible bane

For under each shell, and every last spent cartridge,

Lurks a backstabbing, glory-stealing Partridge!

The Pacification of the Greenskin[edit]

Max's lasgun was hot to the touch as he worked the trigger. The Orks had been fighting a tough battle, but hadn't come prepared to face two very pissed off Leman Russ crews.

They were winning this fight. For the first time in his career, Max could taste victory.

"Forward to vi...". But the Commissar is cut off by a steam of plasma fire flying past his head.

"ALL GLORY BELONGS TO THE PARTRIDGES!" The marines yell as they scream by overhead, plumes of smoke and fire pouring from their jump packs.

The remaining ten or so Orks are quickly cut down by a flurry of chainswords and plasma fire.

The guardsman watch, speechless, as the gold trimmed space marines plant a flag honoring their own epic battle against the Orks in their effort to save a fleeing guard force.

"What in the name of the Emprah do you think you are doing?". Max's Commissar yells.

"No need to thank me, good guardsman, we serve to protect.". The Galactic Partridge sergeant says dutifully before sticking a purity seal flaunting the glory of the Partridges to the Commissar's astounded face.


Creed surveyed the battlefield, the testament to his skill. His Cadians had held the line bravely against the terrifying Ork WAAAGH!, only to beat back the foe again, and again, and again. Indeed, his victory was almost complete.

He turned to his aide, issuing orders and commands. The commands spread over the vox channels, and his host performed just as planned. The Orks were given some headway into his forces, exposing their rear to the elite troops he had planted behind the field in secret.

Indeed, all was going just as he had expected it to. How could a simple Ork chieftain expect to out-maneuver the mighty Creed? He lit a cigar as the Ork host fell before him. He was a genius. A tact-

Suddenly, an array of drop pods fell from the sky. For the first time since the day began, Creed was confused. He hadn't requested any Space Marine backup, nor had he heard of any fleets in the region. What were these marines doing on his field?

The pods landed, their hatches opening to let loose a cloud of pigeons, partridges, and fowl of all nature.

Oh Emperor. Not them.

Creed hastily issued more commands, pressing his men to make a final assault and ensure their - The Imperial Guard's- victory.

Cries of "Haters Gonna Hate" and "All Glory for the Partridges" echoed from across the battlefield. Creeds lines faltered, as his own men began to cheer on the Galactic Partridge Space Marines, even as they butchered Ork and Guard alike.

Creed breathed deep from his cigar.


And They Shall Know No Shame[edit]

The Autarch drew his blade slowly, staring into the eyes of the Slaaneshi daemon prince. Their thousand year duel would end today, upon this bloody world. The ancient Eldar tried to control his hatred, his seething anger; this was the daemon whose armies had lain waste to his craftworld, burned countless maiden worlds, and had slaughtered his people for too long. Just as he was about to charge, a shadow flew over the daemon, and a land raider fell from the sky, crushing the Autarch's foe. He could only look on in confusion at the scene: a single ghastly arm visible from beneath the tank's treads, twitching in a spreading pool of blood. Suddenly several Space Marines burst from the wrecked vehicle and started launching "Partridges #1" t-shirts to the remnants of both armies. Another space marine, higher ranking by the looks of it stood atop the tank, planting a giant flag with a flourish. "GLORY TO PEART'REE! GLORY TO THE PARTRIDGES!"

The Coming of the Egomancers[edit]

The guardsmen were high in spirit and morale, the Chaos Marines were retreating! They had won!

Suddenly a huge drop pod fell in the middle of the battlefield. The sudden sight stopping the fight as both guardsman and traitor marine stop to look.

The drop pod ramp opened realizing a magnificent glow as a flock of partridges flew out like Pigeons in a John Woo movie of the Dark Age of Technology.

As the Partridges slowly walked out, they opened up, spraying Traitor Marine and Guardsmen alike.

The Traitor Marines were annihilated almost instantly, and the guardsmen fled at the unexpected change on the battlefield.

As they Partridges sprayed the Guardsmen an Egomancer let loose a blast of energy. Suddenly the Guardsmen knew that chaos had reinforcements, that hope was lost. BUT, BUT WAIT, THE PARTRIDGES WERE HERE! AND THEY HAD SAVED THEM! GLORY TO THE PARTRIDGES!

The 54th Cadian Regiment[edit]

During the 13th Black Crusade, the 54th Cadian Regiment held the line and began to drive Abbadon's forces back.

But then on the eve of their victory, the Partridges unleashed a full orbital bombardment on both the regiment and the forces of chaos.

What few men of the 54th regiment who survived were crushed beneath the Partridge's droppods. The Partridges cleaned up the remaining Chaos forces and were hailed as heroes for holding the line alone.

The few men, numbering barely a dozen who survived and rebuilt their once proud regiment passed down tales of the Galactic Partridges, the Great Destroyers, The Thieves of Glory, the Emperor's Angels of Douchebaggery.

The Partridges: Cleansers of Neferanchi[edit]

The Eldar were drawn to the tombworld of Neferanchi by the premonitions common to the best of their kind. The Eldar had been there as the Necron awakened and marched forward, slaying Eldar by the hundreds even as the Necron's own forces grew. The Farseer, however, was not unprepared for such an event. She had lain a trap: as the Necrons moved forward, the Eldar prepared a number of massive bombs that would collapse the Necron's chambers around their heads, and in their confusion the Eldar would counterattack with everything they had against the remaining forces. Her plan worked: despite waves of monoliths and warriors, the Necrons were cut down until only a few remained. The Farseer rallied her army for one final push against the last of the Necron defenses.

Suddenly, a roar above the two armies alerted the Farseer to a new force: the Galactic Partridges, largely unknown to the Farseer, but apparently renown warriors and master strategists. Their arrival was unexpected, and the Farseer withdrew her forces to observe them. Their dropships impacted in the middle of the remaining Necron warriors, and a flurry of fowl emerged to blur the Farseer's vision. As the birds and sounds of battle cleared, the Farseer noticed an odd number of Servo Skulls darting around the battlefield as the Partridges prepared to depart. The Skulls eventually finished their task, returned to their masters, and both left the world, but only after leaving a banner with a victory seal. The Farseer was stunned, but the realization that she had won blocked the incident from her mind.

The Farseer and her forces, passing through many webways in their journey home, happened upon a human world amidst great celebration. Curiosity getting the better of her, she disguised herself as a human through her powers and entered a nearby city. As she came to the center of activity, she saw the news, and her blood ran cold, then boiling hot: "PARTRIDGES DESTROY NECRON THREAT, COURAGEOUSLY FIGHT TO VICTORY AS ELDAR COWER IN FEAR".

Excerpts From the Codex Partridges Standard[edit]

  • The "storm bolter" was actually once known as the partridge pattern bolter but all the other chapters were butthurt and renamed it for their own use.
  • The Galactic Partridges are one of the few chapters to regularly use snipers. The name of the unit? The 'Killstealers Saviors'
  • The Galactic Partridges were the ones to put forth the original design for the Golden Throne. The idea was rejected after several test trials were done attempting to light the astronomicon by blasting "Haters Gonna Hate" extremely loud. It did successfully allow for warp travel, but every test ship sent in fell under the influence of Khorne.
  • The Imperial Aquila is actually a double headed Partridge. The Emperor appropriated it for Imperium-wide usage when he realized how awesome it was.
  • Years ago, a break-in was staged into the Emperor's throne room on Holy Terra. The Adeptus Custodes were panicking for days before realizing no damage had been done to anything. It was several months before anyone noticed the Emperor's body was now wearing a "Partridges #1" t-shirt.
  • It was once discovered that a tau ethereal was planning to rename the planet T'au "xeno partridge base one"

Playing the Partridges[edit]

There are two primary methods that the aspiring Glorious and Fantastic Partridge Player can employ when playing this elite force:

  1. Stop, Drop, and Troll: Find a couple of people who have a game underway. Watch them play, encourage one player or another; preferably, whoever is playing an Imperium faction. Bonus points if they're playing Space Wolves. When the game looks like it's about to be securely won, bring out your Assault Partridges and Drop Pods. Start rolling, and declare a great and mighty victory for the Galactic Partridges.
  2. Reserve the Flock: Play with an ally, and only set up minimal forces for the outset of the battle. Your HQ, and two units of scouts. Harass the enemy lines while letting your ally bear the brunt of the force. Then, when all hope seems loss and the situation turns grim, DEEP STRIKE! Deploy your massive army of Assault Partridges, and steamroll your foe. They won't know what hit them.

Agree after the game is over to allow you to take the credit. Hell, the other guy would never have made it if it weren't for you.

Rules for Horus Heresy[edit]

  • Legiones Astartes (Galactic Partridges)

Units with this special rule may always attempt to regroup regardless of casualties

Glory Seekers: Galactic Partridges with this special rule have the Crusader Rule, as long as they are moving towards the nearest objective Marker.

Hubris: Galactic Patridges may not join or use the leadership of any non-Partridge units, and at the beginning of each of the player's movement phases, a D6 must be rolled for every unit within 12" of an allied unit. On a 1, that unit may not move, shoot or assault. make a note or place a counter to indicate which units have been so affected.

  • Ollanius Partridge, Most Supremely Glorious Primarch of the Galactic Partridge, the Hound of Glory - 225

WS 4

BS 4

S 4

T 5

W 4

I 4

A 2

Ld 10

Sv: 2+/3++

Special Rules:

Primarch Lord of the Partridges: When Ollanius Partridge is in your army. The entire partridge army must have an ally and start in reserve. They cannot enter play until their ally has reduced the enemy's numbers to below 15% their original. At this point, all Partridges may deep strike onto the field and assault and shoot upon deep striking. Once the enemy is slain, take 80% of your allies victory points.

Another glorious Victory for the Partridges.

Too Good For That: If Ollanius Partridge is challenged by an model or character, he must leave combat. He may leave any combat anytime he wants to. He would style all over his foes no matter who they are, and is too nice of a guy to humiliate them like that.

The Ever Victorious - When Ollanius Partridge loses his last wound, instead of dying, he is put into reserve for the rest of the game with one wound. Your opponent is not awarded a victory point, because Ollanius Partridge was never present at that battlefield.


The Supremely Glorious Armor of the Glorious Primarch: Grants Ollanius Partridge a 2+/3++, its brilliant gold blinds any model that attempts to charge Ollanius Partridge.

Glorioso, The Supremely Glorious Sword of the Glorious Primarch: Range: melee. Str: +2 AP: 2 Type: Instant death

Winrar, the Supremely Glorious Boltgun of the Supremely Glorious Primarch: Range: 30" Str. 6 AP. 3 Type: assault 3, Glory for Peart'Ree* Glory for Peart'Ree: If any named character model within range of Ollanius Partridge is reduced to one wound, Ollanius Partridge may make one shooting phase against him before any additional wounds are dealt.

  • Glory Hounds: 140 Pts










Unit Composition:

4 Glory Hounds

1 Glory Hunter

Wargear: Power Armour

Bolt Pistol

Peart'Ree pattern Bolter

Close Combat Weapon

Frag and Krak Grenades

Dedicated Transport:

A Glory Hound Squad numbering ten models or fewer and not on bikes or wearing Jump Packs may take a Land Raider Phobos or John Woo Drop Pod as a Dedicated Transport.

Special Rules: Legiones Astartes (Galactic Partridges)

Marked for Death: From the Legion Seeker Squad rule.

Peart'Ree Pattern Bolter (counts as a Master crafted Bolter which can fire Partridge pattern shells. Range: 24" Str. 5 AP. 4 Type: Rapid Fire, Rend, Gets Hot.

Options: The squad may include up to an additional 5 Glory Hounds +22 Points

The Squad’s Sergeant may exchange his Close Combat weapon for a Power Weapon for +10 Points.

The Entire Squad may be equipped with either Jump Packs for +10 Points each, or Bikes for +20 Points each.

  • John Woo Drop Pod - 50 Points per model.

BS 4

FA 12




Unit Composition: 1 John Woo Drop Pod

Unit Type: Vehicle, Open-topped

Wargear: Twin Linked Bolter

Transport Capacity: The John Woo may transport 10 models or 1 Legion Dreadnought

Special Rules

Drop Pod Assault


Inertial Guidnance System

The Flock arrives - Units disembarking from a John Woo get a 5+ Cover save unitl the end of the opposing player's turn.

Purity seals? Purity seals(someone get a drawfag and get this there are BLANK purity seals and still room for more.

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