Galvanic Servohauler

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Of all the vehicles from the Mechanicus, GeeDubs sure has an odd sense in picking which sort of industrial vehicle is best used as a glorified art deco than anything else. The Galvanic Servohaulers is just one of them as an example. The Servohaulers themselves are a type of construction and logistical vehicle used by the Adeptus Mechanicus. These vehicles are relics of the Dark Age of Technology. They are little more than powerful engines with tracked wheels which they’re covered in iron plating and features a hydraulic crane and a robotic arm.

There are technically three types of the Servohaulers, one is the miniature bulldozer/tractor-analogue that looks more like it belongs in a Bob the Builder toy set whilst the other is a trailer/tractor with some sort of power laser drill attached on top. The tractor also comes with the crane which is a much taller machine, a skeletal frame of iron holding a chain, three-clawed grabber and winch with a large engine block and Adeptus Mechanicus symbols on the sides.

Additionally, the trailer that the crane fits upon can instead fit a Munitorum Armored Container. Of course the two Servohaulers can be interchangeable depending on your preferences and play style. The entire assembly comes equipped with a Mechanicum approved tool box and a fire extinguisher to vanquish the vile heretical influence of motor malfunction and electronic combustion!

As mentioned before, the Galvanic Servohaulers occupy an odd niche on being both as a terrain obstacle and a vehicle. This along with the Goliath Truck is one of the few civilian Imperium vehicles usable on tabletop. The rules for all three Servohaulers can be seen below.

Galvanic Dozer[edit]

The middle child of the Servohauler family. The Galvanic Dozer is the larger of the two trailer-looking vehicles and comes equipped with a giant robotic arm/claw used for carrying heavy load or bits of machinery. Although the equipment can be swapped depending on what you want your industrial toy cars to look like. Rule wise, they are the same to that of the Galvanic Tractor.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Galvanic Dozer - - - 7 3 - - - 3+

Galvanic Tractor[edit]

The smallest vehicle of the Servohauler family. The Galvanic Tractor is the smallest of the two trailer-looking vehicles and comes equipped with a weird looking power drill arm used for creating holes and shattering rock for mechanical or minor mining uses. Although the equipment can be swapped depending on what you want your industrial toy cars to look like. Rule wise, they are the same to that of the Galvanic Dozer.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Galvanic Tractor - - - 7 3 - - - 3+

Galvanic Crane[edit]

The biggest kid on the block. The Galvanic Crane is the largest of the Servohauler family, although it lacks a main motor on its own (Since it uses most of its power to maintain the crane arm), thus depending on either the Dozer or Tractor to be moved to its designated location. It is equipped with the noticeable hydraulic crane used for carrying large and heavy materials to a high vantage point. In terms of rules, they are double the W to that of their smaller cousins.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Galvanic Crane - - - 7 6 - - - 3+

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